Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st March 2022 Written Update Rudra Prisha moment

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st March 2022 Written Update Rudra Prisha moment

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st March 2022 Written Update Rudra Prisha moment Prisha uncovers the chairs and says the new game is musical chairs. Rudra says the musical chair is an ancient game. Everyone laughs. Prisha says this is not an ancient game as there is a twist to it. She also says it’s not regular musical chairs but dancing musical chairs. Ruhi asks Prisha what she means. Prisha explains that in this game, they need to dance as well as run when the music starts; and stop dancing when the music stops and claim their chairs.

Sharda praises the game. Rudra asks what’s new in this game. Sharda says the outdated people won’t find this game remotely new. Ruhi asks Prisha to start the new game. Prisha says music and everybody takes rounds around all the chairs while dancing. Sharda gets out in the first round. Everyone starts taking rounds and dancing again. In the second round Saaransh gets out of the game. Prisha, Vaijayanti, Ruhi and Rudra get left and start playing the third round. Vaijayanti gets out of the game in the third round. Ruhi, Rudra and Prisha continue with the fourth round.

Ruhi gets defeated in the fourth round. Prisha and Rudra give each other competitive glare. Only one chair is left between Rudra and Prisha for the fifth and final round. Ruhi supports Prisha. Vaijayanti says Rudra can also win. Ruhi asks Prisha to win. Prisha asks Ruhi to not worry as she will win. Rudra asks Prisha if she thinks he won’t do anything. Both Rudra and Prisha challenge each other. Fifth and Final round of the dancing musical chair starts. Rudra and Prisha take rounds of the chair while dancing as the music starts. Everyone cheers for them. Music stops, both Rudra and Prisha sit on the chair together.


They argue with each other saying that he and she sat first. Both Rudra and Prisha ask each other to move/get up. Everyone enjoys Rudra and Prisha’s funny argument and banter. Rudra and Prisha ask everyone to tell who sat on the chair first and won the game. Rudra asks Prisha to get quiet. Both Rudra and Prisha ask Ruhi to tell who won amongst them. Ruhi says the winner is the one who took more place on the chair is the winner and who took lesser place is the loser. Prisha tries to move Rudra and says she is the winner because she is occupying more space. Rudra says he is occupying more space as he has bigger bums and thus he is the winner.

Prisha asks Rudra to scoot over. Everyone Laughs seeing Rudra and Prisha pushing and funny banter. Prisha falls off the chair with Rudra’s push. She stands up and Rudra laughs calling himself as the winner. Prisha calls Rudra a cheater for shoving her. Rudra says he did what he Ruhi said and he is not any cheater. Both Rudra and Prisha get into an argument and continue calling each other a cheater. Ruhi stops Rudra and Prisha from fighting further. She tells Prisha that there are other games too and she can win them. Ruhi announces that Rudra won the dancing musical chair game. Rudra jumps in joy hearing this.

He picks up Ruhi and twirls her in the air. Everyone smiles seeing this. Prisha gets upset with her defeat. Rudra calls Prisha a loser. Prisha tells Rudra that she won’t forget what he did and says that she will win the next game. Both Rudra and Prisha again challenge each other. GPS reaches Khurana house. Servant takes Prisha’s father (GPS) inside. Everyone gets surprised and emotional seeing GPS at Khurana house. Sharda greets GPS and asks about Vasudha. GPS tells Sharda that Vasudha couldn’t come. Ruhi tells GPS that she remembers meeting him at school. Saaransh tells Ruhi that GPS is his maternal grandfather. He asks Ruhi to call GPS grandfather. Ruhi calls GPS grandfather, making him happy.

Everyone takes GPS inside. Saaransh tells GPS that he arrived at the right as they were going to start a new game named, “Dare and Dare”. Saaransh explains that the person on whom the bottle will stop and point will have to perform a challenge. Saaransh spins the bottle. The bottle first points at GPS. Saaransh tells GPS that he will have to dance to a south indian song. Everyone requests and encourages hesitating GPS to dance. GPS agrees and performs a dance on a south indian song. Everyone claps for GPS. Next the bottle points in between Vaijayanti and Sharda. Saaransh says both Vaijayanti and Sharda will have to perform a dare together. Ruhi asks Sharda and Vaijayanti to do a catwalk together.

Sharda says she can’t do this. Ruhi tells Sharda that she looks better than a model and can do the ramp walk. Saaransh and Ruhi convince Sharda to do the ramp walk. Vaijayanti and Sharda start a ramp walk. Rudra praises Sharda. Next round starts. This time the bottle stops and points at Prisha. Saaransh gives Prisha a dare to eat 10 green chillies. This dare shocks and worries everyone. Sharda asks Saaransh what type of dare it is. Rudra says it’s possible and Prisha will have to eat at least 20 chillies as 10 is very less for her. He says if Prisha fails, she will be out of the game and considered a loser. Rudra asks Prisha to make a decision.

Prisha accepts the dare. In a low voice and secretly, GPS questions Saaransh’s dare for Prisha. Saaransh tells GPS that he gave a dare to Prisha after thinking a lot. He asks GPS to see what happens next. Prisha starts eating green chillies while glaring at Rudra. Sharda and Vaijayanti ask Prisha to stop. Rudra asks Sharda to let Prisha eat chillies and win the challenge. Yeh Hai Chahatein title sad song plays in the background and Prisha continues eating chillies. Ruhi and Saaransh feel worried for Prisha. Rudra gets worried when Prisha coughs in between.worried Sharda, Vaijayanti and GPS runs to Prisha. Rudra too feels worried but stays at his place. Sharda asks Prisha to stop.

Prisha continues having chillies. Rudra runs and brings water for Prisha. He worriedly stops Prisha from having chillies and makes her drink water. Vaijayanti worries about Rudra’s care towards Prisha. Saaransh smiles seeing this. Servants bring honey as per Rudra’s orders. Rudra makes Prisha have honey. Vaijayanti gets worried about her position in Khurana house as well as Rudra’s life. In a low voice, Saaransh tells Sharda that he gave Prisha chili eating dare, to make Rudra care for her. Sharda smiles feeling happy. Prisha feels good seeing Rudra’s care for her. Rudra wipes Prisha’s tears, making Vaijayanti worried. Vaijayanti asks Prisha if she is fine. Rudra moves away from Prisha and asks to continue the game.

This time the bottle points at Rudra. Ruhi and Saaransh ask Rudra to dance by picking up Prisha in his arms. This makes Vaijayanti feel bad but she remains silent. Rudra says he can’t pick up Prisha as she is heavy weighted. Prisha makes a face. She tells Rudra that it’s his choice, if he wants to win or lose. Rudra doesn’t accept his defeat and forwards his hand towards Prisha. Prisha gives her hand to Rudra. Both of them start dancing. Rudra picks up Prisha in his arms. Both Prisha and Rudra get indulged in a romantic dance forgetting everyone around them. Vaijayanti feels bad for herself.

Both Rudra and Prisha confess their love for each other in a low voice and also hug each other. They come back to reality on hearing claps. In a low voice, Rudra tells Prisha that this dare wasn’t less than a punishment for him. He also tells Prisha that they can’t be together ever after how she deceived him in real life. Prisha feels bad and Rudra pushes her away from him. In the next episode, Vaijaynati will tell Prisha that everything will get better after a week, when she will be proven innocent. As Vaijayanti will leave, Saaransh will ask Prisha to stay away from Vaijayanti as per their plan. Prisha will ask Saaransh to not worry and let’s execute their plan. Prisha, Saaransh and GPS will be questioning Vaijayanti under the truth serum effect. Prisha will ask Vaijayanti who murdered Venky. Vaijayanti will be seen revealing Venky’s murderer’s name.

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