Anupama 21st March 2022 Written Update Leela’s madness

Anupama 21st March 2022 Written Update Leela's madness

Anupama 21st March 2022 Written Update Leela’s madness Anupama asks Anuj to get quiet now. Anuj points at Baa, Vanraj and Kavya and calls them toxic. He tells Anupama because of these three toxic people, he doesn’t like her staying at Shah house. Anuj requests Anupama to return home with him. Rakhi tells Baa that toxic means venomous. She also tells Leela that she calls her a witch but her to-be son-in-law is calling her toxic. Rakhi laughs and makes fun of Baa. She thinks that though she doesn’t like Anuj a bit, today’s drama was worth it.

Anuj refuses to drink lemonade when Bapuji tries to make him drink. Bapuji asks Anupama to make Anuj drink lemonade. Anupama hesitates in front of everyone. Bapuji understands Anupama’s hesitation and asks everyone to freshen-up. Rakhi leaves to freshen-up in a nearby hotel saying that she will return as she can’t miss the ongoing drama. Everyone else also goes to freshen-up. Anupama sits near Anuj and asks him if he is fine. Anuj tells Anupama that he doesn’t like the Shah house. He tells Anupama that initially Shah house snatched her identity from her; and is now snatching his life (Anupama) from him. Anuj says first Shahs kept her away from him; and are now keeping him away from her.

Anuj tells Anupama that he misses her. Anupama tells drunk Anuj that they will talk about all this after returning home. She makes Anuj drink a little lemonade. Anuj tells Anupama that Shahs are trying to snatch her happiness using every trick possible. He asks Anupama when she left the Shah house and family, then why they aren’t leaving her. Seeing Anupama crying, Anuj asks Anupama to not cry. Anupama wipes her tears and makes Anuj drink lemonade. Anupama tells Anuj that she has called GK to pick him up and asks him to return home. Anuj tells Anupama that he won’t return home with GK. he requests Anupama to come home with him.


Anupama tells Anuj that she will return home after changing clothes. Anuj keeps on requesting Anupama to return home with him. Anupama requests drunk Anuj to not be stubborn for her sake. Anuj tells Anupama that he will leave his stubbornness; but will not change his decision of marrying her. Anupama signs okay to Anuj, making him happy. Later, Rakhi excitedly returns to Shah house. She sees everyone silent and gets sad thinking that she missed the drama. Dolly asks Rakhi what rubbish she is talking about. Rakhi says she talks truth, which nobody does at Shah house. Baa glares at Anupama and Rakhi feels thankful that she didn’t miss the drama.

Seeing everyone silent, Rakhi thinks to break the silence. Rakhi questions Anupama where her values vanished. She tells Anupama that candy floss romance has an age and she has gone past that age. Rakhi tells Anupama that a woman going to become a grandmother can’t get married. She tells Anupama that neighborhood people are expressing disgust at her and the Shah family. Rakhi also tells Anupama that all this brings disgrace to her. On the other hand, GK makes Anuj drink tea to relieve his headache. Anuj asks GK what happened, if he is angry with him. He also asks GK to tell him if he has created any big problem.

GK hesitates in telling Anuj what he did at Shah’s neighborhood holi celebration. After Anuj’s insistence, GK tells Anuj that he confessed his love for Anupama and revealed his plan of marrying her in front of everyone by standing on the water tank. He also tells Anuj that all this looks cute in movies and tv shows but is very embarrassing in real life. GK further tells Anuj that they can’t even think how the situation would have gone embarrassing for to-be grandmother Anupama, as he (Anuj) said everything in front of a middle class locality and people. Anuj says he created a big problem for Anupama. GK asks Anuj why he had the hemp drink (bhang).

Anuj says he was clueless. GK says what taunts poor Anupama must be facing now. Angry Baa, staring dancing in circles around Anupama. Everyone gets shocked but Rakhi enjoys the drama. Anupama stops Baa and asks her what she is doing. Baa tells Anupama that people taunt even a mother for doing a second marriage but now will pass bitter taunts seeing a grandmother getting married. Bapuji reminds Baa that earlier she herself asked Anuj to fill Anupama’s hairline and marry her. Baa says back then Anupama was just a mother and she said all that because people would have raised fingers if Anuj and Anupama would have wandered unmarried. She tells Anupama that people will raise fingers on her marriage if she will get married being a grandmother.

Bapuji says people even get married at this age. Baa says not people, only men marry at this age. She also says men can do anything even after growing old as people don’t object to it. Baa further says that there is an age limit for all that a woman does; be it acquiring education or for getting married. She says women have to do everything at a particular age. Baa also says that marital alliances at this age will bring only agony. She further says girls get married, not grandmothers. Baa says that grandmother can’t fall in love and thus they can’t get married. She also says that grandmothers command a respectable position in the family and society.

Baa further says Grandmothers will face humiliation, the day she starts living for herself instead of her grandchildren, like Anupama is facing humiliation. She says she won’t ever agree for Anupama’s (grandmother) marriage ever. Baa tells Anupama that she won’t let Anupama get married even over her dead body. While others feel bad for Anupama, Rakhi and Vanraj enjoy Baa’s objection towards Anuj and Anupama’s marriage. On the other hand, GK tells Anuj that he doesn’t say anything wrong but at the wrong place and in a wrong way. He also tells Anuj that Anupama will support him as he is right. Anuj tells GK that Anuapam gets stuck when it’s about her family.

GK tells Anuj that family sustains on love. He says Anupama will never let the love diminish. GK also says that Anupama will stand for love and relations. GK tells Anuj that Anupama shares the strongest bond with him. He says if he knows Anupama, then she will give a befitting reply to every taunt and accusation. GK tells Anuj that today Anupama will support him like he has always supported her. At Shah house, Baa tells Anupama that she knows that she will say that Vanraj also got married a year ago and it’s not a big deal if she gets married too. She asks Anupama to not forget that she is a woman and a woman is supposed to follow a different set of rules according to the world.

Samar stops Baa and says that they don’t care about the world. Baa asks Samar why, if he lives in himalayas. She tells Samar that he lives in this world and must follow its norms. Baa says that they must fear facing ridicule in this world. She also says she accepts that the world has advanced but is a man’s world. Baa further says that the world has not progressed for a woman at all. She says the woman must stifle her desires now like she used to do in the past. Baa also says that a woman’s family will fall apart if she doesn’t stifle her desires. She further says that family, society and every creation exists because of women’s sacrifices. Baa says that God with careful thinking gave attitude to men and sacrifice to women. She also says that the day women will nature her nature, the universe will stop.

Dolly tells Baa that she has an answer to all her logic. Rakhi angrily asks Dolly to let Baa talk as traditions exist for a reason. She asks Dolly to listen and try to understand Baa’s point of view. Baa asks Anupama’s supporters to keep their grandmother in Anupama’s shoes and then think about how a grandmother’s marriage, boyfriend and honeymoon pictures look. Bapuji tells Baa that she can’t take any decision about Anupama’s life. Baa says though she can’t take any decision for Anupama but can at least insist Anupama take the right decision. She asks Anupama to tell Anuj that she won’t marry him.

Baa also asks Anupama to live nearby Anuj but their marriage will ruin Shah family’s reputation, which nobody would be able to rectify. She again asks Anupama to refuse Anuj’s marriage proposal. Anupama stands stunned. Vanraj, Kavya, Baa, Pakhi and paritosh leaves. Rakhi leaves saying entertainment was worth it. Gk stops Anuj from going to Anupama by telling him that Samar, Bapuji and Kinjal are there for Anupama. He tells Anuj that Anupama could handle everyone all alone. Anuj says he is clueless what he will do if anyone would say anything wrong to Anupama. He also says that he won’t let Anupama suffer for his mistakes.

At Shah house, Kavya and Vanraj discuss Anuj and Anupama’s marriage. Kavya asks Vanraj why he has an objection towards Anuj and Anupama’s marriage. Vanraj asks Kavya what will she benefit from Anuj and Anupama’s marriage. Kavya tells Vanraj her benefit is that his and Anupama’s connection will break forever with Anuj and Anupama’s marriage. Vanraj tells Kavya that even if Anuj and Anupama will get married he and Anupama will get together for their children in need. He asks Kavya to not have any unnecessary expectations as Anupama won’t marry Anuj ever. Kavya asks why? Vanraj says as per their society’s norms Anupama (to-be grandmother) will never go for a second marriage.

On the other hand, GK tries to calm a tense Anuj. Anuj tells GK that he can’t keep calm as Anupama is not replying to his calls and messages. Anuj says he gave a chance to Baa to rebuke Anupama. He asks what if Anupama denies marrying him by getting influenced by Baa. Anuj leaves saying he can’t let this happen. GK requests God to not test Anuj and Anupama’s love anymore. At Shah house, Dolly, Bapuji, Samar and Mamaji ask Anupama to think from her mind and not let Baa’s words and low thinking affect her. Dolly tells Anupama that she will not change her decision of marrying Anuj at any cost. Anupama recalls Baa and Bapuji’s words.

In the next episode, Vanraj will indirectly tell Anupama that she can’t go for a second marriage as she is going to be a grandmother and is a woman too. Anuj will witness Anupama dancing in anger at the academy. He will tell Anupama that he knows that at present questions and answers are tougher. Anuj will also tell Anupama that he will always support her even being far away. Anupama will get shocked when Anuj will tell her that he will go away from her this time, if she will leave his support.

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