Fanaa 22nd March 2022 Written Update Agastya’s clean lie

Fanaa 22nd March 2022 Written Update Agastya's clean lie

Fanaa 22nd March 2022 Written Update Agastya’s clean lie Drunk Agastya makes Pakhi meet Sameer (Pakhi’s father). Sameer is seen tied in chains with his mouth taped. He gets shocked and worried seeing Pakhi’s hairline filled with vermilion and a nuptial chain in her neck. Sameer asks Pakhi to come towards him. Pakhi stands shocked. Sameer thinks it’s good that Pakhi got to know Agastya’s reality that Agastya has held him captive for many days. Agastya tells Pakhi that he did all this for love. He asks Pakhi if she is feeling good after meeting her father.

As Pakhi moves forward towards Sameer, Agastya tells Pakhi that he did all this being helpless. Agastya tells Pakhi that he never wanted to hold Sameer captive. Later, it is revealed that Pakhi is also drunk and not in her senses to know what is going on around her. Sameer loses his hope seeing Pakhi’s condition. Flashback shows Pakhi drinking the spiked thandai. Sameer tries to reach Pakhi and bring her back to her senses. Under the effect of hemp (bhang), Pakhi tells drunk Agastya that she is feeling very sad and missing her father a lot suddenly.

Pakhi reveals to Agastya that she used to apply color to Sameer first on every holi. She says she used to get angry if someone else used to apply color to Sameer before her on holi. Pakhi also says that because of her anger, Sameer used to come to her first to get color applied to him on every holi. She further says she used to apply a lot of color to Sameer. Drunk Pakhi tells drunk Agastya that she is missing her father a lot. Drunk Agastya tells Pakhi that her father is in front of her eyes. Pakhi says it would have been fun if Sameer would have been with them on this holi as she would have applied color to her father.


Helpless Sameer in his thoughts requests Pakhi to once see towards him as he is near her. Drunk Pakhi repeatedly tells drunk Agastya that she is missing Sameer a lot. Drunk Agastya asks Pakhi to open her eyes and carefully see that her father is here. Drunk Pakhi says she knows that her father will always remain with her. Neelima, Prema and Shanaya are seen walking inside Raichand house. Drunk Pakhi asks drunk Agastya to take her away as she is not feeling good here and wants to play holi. Drunk Agastya tells Pakhi that her father is here. Drunk Pakhi pushes drunk Agastya to move out and in this the painting board falls down.

Hearing this, Prema asks Neelima what voice is this. Neelima leaves to see what voice it is asking Prema to wait. Drunk Pakhi cries and tells Drunk Agastya that she got hurt. Drunk Agastya apologizes to Pakhi. Tied Sameer tries to stop Pakhi but fails. Drunk Agastya moves out with drunk Pakhi. Neelima walks towards Agastya’s secret room in search of the voice source. Drunk Pakhi and Agastya are seen hiding from Neelima and laughing silently. Shanaya and Prema also walk in behind Neelima. Prema asks Neelima what happened. Sameer feels a little hopeful hearing Prema’s voice.

Neelima tells Prema that she asked for this room’s cleaning many times as there is much stuff kept here. She says something would have fallen down. Prema starts returning with Neelima. Hearing this Sameer starts making noise using the chains he is tied with. Prema stops hearing the noise. Neelima tells Prema that it must be a mouse. She says she will get the room cleaned by asking someone. Prema feels Sameer’s presence nearby. She thinks that she must be missing Sameer because it’s holi today. Neelima sees some light coming from the secret room and feels suspicious. She leaves with Prema and Shanaya.

Drunk Pakhi and Agastya come out of their hideout. Pakhi stops Agastya from closing the secret room door. She throws secret room keys near the room and takes Agastya away. In the living room, they collect pink and yellow colors and hide behind entrance doors. As Mona enters the house, drunk Pakhi and Agastya apply color to her wishing her Happy Holi. Mona gets angry and scolds drunk Pakhi. Drunk Pakhi tells Mona that she was trying to get saved since morning but now she (Pakhi) applied color to her. Shanaya and Naveli laugh seeing Mona’s condition. They also laugh seeing drunk Pakhi and Agastya’s cute banter.

Prema apologizes to Neelima on Pakhi’s behalf. She says Pakhi doesn’t ever behave like she is behaving presently. Neelima asks Prema to not feel worried or apologetic as someone may have fed hemp (bhang) to Pakhi and Agastya because of which both are behaving weird. Prema and Neelima wonder who might have fed hemp to Pakhi and Agastya. Mona gets angry when drunk Pakhi and Agastya leave outside, teasing her. She leaves angrily seeing Naveli and Shanaya laughing. Early in the morning, Agastya feels his head heavy and decrypts that someone spiked the thandai he drank.

He caresses a sleeping Pakhi and also kisses her forehead. Pakhi wakes up with a heavy head. Agastya tells Pakhi that he is even feeling a headache. Pakhi tells Agastya that she is seeing only butterflies in her dreams. Agastya asks Pakhi if she doesn’t remember what happened between them last night. This scares Pakhi and she asks Agastya what happened between them last night. He indirectly tells Pakhi that they did what couples usually do. He asks her to see the condition of their room. Pakhi gets scared and worried seeing her and Agastya’s room and clothes scattered. Agastya tells Pakhi that he tried to stop her but she failed to control herself. He also tells Pakhi that she doesn’t listen to anyone.

Agastya further asks Pakhi to not make faces as she herself compelled him to do it. Pakhi says this can’t happen and she can’t do this. She asks Agastya who changed her clothes. When Agastya doesn’t say anything and expresses helplessness, Pakhi hides her face and starts crying a little. Seeing all this Agastya starts laughing. Pakhi notices this and Agastya stops laughing. She starts beating Agastya with a pillow. Agastya reveals to Pakhi that she herself changed her clothes. Pakhi again starts beating Agastya in anger for teasing her. She tells Agastya that for once she thought that they truly came closer as husband and wife.

Agastya holds Pakhi to stop her. He asks Pakhi if she thought that her Dodo (best friend) will take advantage of her in her drunken state or deceive her. Agastya tells Pakhi that he will never take advantage of her or deceive her. Later, Pakhi and Agastya wish morning to Naveli and Mona. Mona stops Pakhi and Agastya from leaving and asks them if they got out of their drunken state. She tells Agastya and Pakhi that they should feel embarrassed of creating a drama in their drunken state. Agastya asks Mona what they did that made her angry and embarrassed. Naveli tells Pakhi that it’s fine as she and Agastya may have drank hemp drinks yesterday.

Pakhi apologizes to Mona saying that if she would have said something hurtful to her in the drunken state. Agastya says Naveli is right that someone must have mixed hemp in his and Pakhi’s thandai. He and Pakhi wonder who would have spiked the thandai. Naveli asks Agastya and Pakhi where they left in between the party as they missed the rain dance. Pakhi and Agastya wonder where they were. Pakhi says that she just remembers that butterflies were flying and nothing else. She again apologizes to Mona and leaves with Agastya. At the office, Pakhi tries to remember what she did with Agastya last night. She recalls seeing Sameer yesterday and tells Agastya about it.

Agastya gets shocked hearing this and disconnects his call. Pakhi tells Agastya that she saw Sameer in her dream yesterday. She says Sameer was sitting between butterflies in her dreams. Pakhi tells Agastya that she always saw Sameer happy in her dreams but yesterday’s dream of hers was weird. She says Sameer was looking tense, worried and in some trouble and was also trying to tell her something. Agastya wonders if he took Pakhi to the room where he held Sameer captive in their drunken state. He feels worried thinking what he did. Pakhi thinks that she is overthinking and asks Agastya to not overthink like her.

Agastya wonders what he showed Pakhi last night in their drunken state. He wonders if he even closed his secret room door or not. Pakhi gets busy with a call. Agastya thinks to check the secret room door quickly by going home. Pakhi thanks someone on call and tells them that she will wait for their call. She stops Agastya and tells him that she got an event belonging to the US. Pakhi tells Agastya that she is very happy and thanks the universe. Agastya congratulates Pakhi. Pakhi tells Agastya that she wants to take him for a lunch being happy and for getting such a big contract/event. Agastya tells Pakhi that his head is spinning. Pakho convinces Agastya to have lunch with her. Agastya reaches a restaurant with Pakhi to have lunch together. Pakhi tells Agastya that the best south indian food is served here. Agsstya feels restless and tense. A man signs Pakhi to come to him. Pakhi ignores the man. She tells Agastya that she is waiting for the person’s call, who is going to give her the US event/ contract. Agastya worries that someone may see Sameer if he had forgotten to close/lock the basement door leading to one of his secret rooms. He thinks about leaving for his house immediately to check on the basement, secret room door lock anyhow.

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