Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2022 Written Update Karan arrested

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Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2022 Written Update Karan arrested Prithvi cleverly frames Karan and fails Preeta’s plan very badly. He finds the file in Karan’s room. He tells Preeta that it’s the same file which contains the documents of the Luthra property and business. He asks her to check it and confirm if the papers are the same. He tells that Sherlyn’s doubt on Karan was right. Preeta is shocked when the police finds the file in Karan’s room. Prithvi accuses Karan for the theft. Sherlyn smiles in a evil way. Karan asks Prithvi to stop the nonsense, he didn’t steal anything. Inspector arrests Karan for the theft. He tells that Karan has to prove his innocence in the court. He arrests Karan, much to Preeta’s shock. Preeta wanted Prithvi to get arrested for the theft, and her plan backfires. Prithvi gives a big defeat to Preeta. Who is the culprit behind the theft? Will she stop Karan’s arrest? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, the police arrives home. Preeta asserts about the property papers which got stolen. She tells that she got the papers home to keep it safely, but the papers got stolen from her room in the morning, nobody wants her to stay as the house owner. She asks Inspector to search for the papers and punish the culprit. Sherlyn tells that she knows who has stolen the papers. Preeta asks who is it. Sherlyn tells that she has seen Karan leaving from the room. She accuses Karan for stealing the papers. Karan and the entire family are startled by her words.

Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2022 Written Update Karan arrested:


Preeta tells the family that Sherlyn has accused Karan when she was questioning everyone, like Sherlyn is saving herself. She tells that Sherlyn might have stolen the papers. Sherlyn asks Preeta not to accuse her to save Karan. Karan tells that Preeta isn’t saving anyone, she has called the police to find the papers. Kritika tells that Preeta is dying to get the papers. Bani asks Kareena to return the papers and stop this fight. Everyone questions Kareena about the papers. Kareena tells that she didn’t steal the papers. She asks Bani if she has stolen it.

Bani asks them if they lost their minds to accuse her. Prithvi tells that its better to search the house than accusing each other. He blames Preeta also. He tells that maybe Preeta misplaced the papers. Preeta tells that its possible, so they will search the house. She asks the police to check her room in the end, because she has already checked her room well. She asks the police to start the search from Sherlyn’s room. Sherlyn tells that she didn’t steal the papers. She adds that she had seen Karan leaving from Preeta’s room, he would have stolen the papers. The family rebukes Sherlyn and defends Karan. Natasha asks what’s happening. Prithvi asks Natasha to observe whatever is happening and then she will know it.

Inspector tells Preeta that nobody is accepting the blame, its better to not waste time and find the papers. Preeta tells Sherlyn that they have to start the search soon. Natasha asks Sherlyn if she has stolen the papers. Karan asks them to shut up and stop fighting. He asks Inspector to check his room first. Preeta suspects that Prithvi has stolen the papers. She wants Prithvi to get arrested. Biji defends Shrishti when Janki gets blaming the latter. Shrishti apologizes to Janki. She tells that she will answer her call next time. Janki forgets her anger and goes to cook food. Shrishti thanks Biji for saving her. They hug. Biji asks her to get her favorite thing from the market. She demands the cough syrup. She blackmails Shrishti to teach her a lesson.

Inspector asks his staff to check the other rooms. The constables check Karan’s room. Karan is confident that they won’t get anything in his room. Rakhi sees the police in the house and asks the reason. Inspector asks Preeta if she doubts Rakhi. Preeta tells that Rakhi was caught in the fire, she is totally innocent. Prithvi tells Rakhi that Karan’s room is checked for the property papers, because Preeta has accused the family for stealing the papers. Rakhi asks Preeta if she is suspecting them. Natasha asks Rakhi to accept that Preeta doesn’t love the family. Sameer asks her not to blame Preeta at this time. She asks Sameer why does he always favor Preeta. He rebukes her for the nonsense. Preeta asks Natasha not to intervene in the family matters. She doesn’t count Natasha in the family.

Inspector gets the file. Prithvi tells that it’s the same file. He tells them that Sherlyn’s blame on Karan is right. Karan answers that he didn’t steal the papers. Inspector tells that the police will decide it. He arrests Karan, but Preeta stops the police. Preeta tells that she has no problem with Karan. She withdraws the complaint. She tells that Karan has important matches to play, he has to bring name, fame and income for the Luthra family. Inspector tells that she has to come to the police station and give the statement if she wants to stop Karan’s arrest. Preeta quickly checks the papers.

Rakhi asks Inspector not to take Karan. Preeta finds the newspaper cutting in the file. She tells that Karan didn’t steal the papers. She argues with Prithvi. She tells that someone has stolen the papers and left the file in Karan’s room to blame him. Inspector tells Preeta that they didn’t get anything in the entire house. He assures that he will send the special team to investigate the matter. Karan is spared by the police. The family gets upset. They stare Preeta with hatred. Preeta goes away and sheds tears while sharing the sorrow with Shrishti. She tells Shrishti that the entire family was staring at her with hatred, their angry looks have broken her down.

Shrishti encourages her. She tells that they will tell the truth to the family, how Mahesh met her and asked her help. She doesn’t want the family to blame Preeta. She tells that the family should know Preeta’s sacrifices. Preeta doesn’t want to reveal her true motives. She tells that maybe the family gets happy and likes her, but her motive will be left incomplete. She wants to make the enemies away from the family. Shrishti asks her not to take a big risk. Preeta asks her not to demotivate her. She motivates herself. Shrishti smiles hearing Preeta’s motivational speech for herself. Preeta tells that she doesn’t want to get weak in emotions. Shrishti tells that its not a sin to be emotional.

She understands Preeta. Preeta thanks her and hugs. Shrishti tells that Prithvi might have stolen the papers. Preeta tells her that the police didn’t find the papers in the house, Prithvi has hidden the papers cleverly. Shrishti wants to hint Karan to keep an eye on Prithvi. Preeta tells that Karan is smart enough to keep an eye on Prithvi. Shrishti likes it when Preeta praises Karan. She tells that she will go home, Janki is scolding her like Sarla. She asks Preeta to solve the Luthra family matter, then both the families will be happy.

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