Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2022 Written Update Final verdict

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Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2022 Written Update Final verdict Karan accuses Prithvi on his face and shocks him. He tells the Inspector that he suspects Prithvi for stealing the property papers. He doesn’t tell that he had overheard Naagre and Prithvi’s conversation. Prithvi fails to understand whatever is happening suddenly. He made sure that nobody had seen Naagre with him. He didn’t know that Karan was following him. The police and the special investigation team head to Prithvi’s room for the search. Karan asks Prithvi to better have fear. Prithvi gets puzzled thinking how is Karan so confident about the suspicion.

Sameer praises Karan who has turned smarter than before. He tells that whatever Karan does is for a reason. He believes Karan and asks the family to believe him too. Kritika doesn’t know what is going on. She stays with Prithvi to give him moral support. Prithvi is confident and relaxed that nobody can ever find the papers, since he has hidden it in a secret place. He thinks the police and the special team won’t find anything against him, but Karan breaks his joy. Karan lets the police search first and also contributes by helping them in the task. Karan finds a strange walking stick there and gets suspicious about it.

Karan unwinds the top holder of the stick and finds the spaced opening. He checks the stick and gets a rolled paper from the inside. Karan finally hands the property papers in Prithvi’s belonging. He tells the cops that his suspicion was right, Prithvi is the real thief who had stolen the papers. Prithvi is shocked by Karan’s find. He wanted to accuse Karan and confuse Preeta, but Karan wins his way. Karan asks the Inspector to arrest Prithvi and take him away. He unknowingly works out Preeta’s plan. Preeta and Shrishti get delighted seeing Prithvi getting arrested. What will Prithvi do to save himself? Will he deny the theft? Keep reading.


Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2022 Written Update Final verdict:

The police searches for the papers in Prithvi’s room. The family members also accompany the police and the special team to find out if the papers are really found in Prithvi’s room. Preeta tells that she knew it that Karan will keep an eye on Prithvi. Shrishti praises Karan for working out the plan silently. Preeta is also proud of Karan. Sameer tells that Karan is his brother first. Sherlyn knew that Prithvi has stolen the papers. She finds him tensed. She wishes that he doesn’t get caught. Kritika asks Shrishti and Preeta are they happy by blaming Prithvi. Shrishti asks her to be glad for Karan, he got saved from the blame. Kritika tells that Shrishti has targeted Prithvi.

Karan tells that nobody gave him any hint, he has heard Prithvi talking to Naagre and learnt that Prithvi has stolen the papers. Prithvi asks the Inspector to stop checking his room. He asks them to leave. He tells that he is being framed. Karan tells that he is bringing the truth out. Prithvi tells that its not true. He feels insulted that nobody is talking in his favor.

He asks if they believe Karan. He tells that he used to behave right with them. Preeta asks him to talk with manners, because its her family. Karan smiles on hearing this. Prithvi asks Preeta how did she get love for the family suddenly. She tells that she doesn’t need to clarify anything to him. Prithvi tells the police that he won’t cooperate now, because he is getting framed by Karan. Karan tells that nobody can stop the search. Prithvi asks if the police has the search warrant to check his room. Karan remembers asking the Inspector to bring the search warrant, knowing Prithvi will surely ask for it. Karan shows the search warrant. He asks Prithvi to let the police do their work.

Sherlyn prays that Prithvi doesn’t get caught. Prithvi asks them are they happy now. Preeta asks the police to check again, because even she doubts Prithvi. He tells that the special team couldn’t find anything, she can’t ask them to search again. Kritika doesn’t want to hear anything against her husband. She asks Preeta to limit herself. Karan gets a stick. Prithvi asks him to stop. Karan gets suspicious when Prithvi panics and stops him from touching his things. Inspector permits Karan to open the stick. Karan twists the stick’s top head and checks it.

He gets the property transfer papers. He asks Preeta if that’s the original papers. Preeta checks it and testifies that its her property’s original papers, stolen by Prithvi. She asks Inspector to arrest Prithvi. Prithvi denies the blame. He tells that he doesn’t know about the stick, it doesn’t belong to him. He tells that he is being framed. He gets arrested. He shouts a lot. Kritika and Sherlyn feel bad and worry for him. Karan signs Preeta and they smile. Kritika asks the police to spare Prithvi. She cries for him. Kareena stops Kritika. Natasha thinks Prithvi got caught, being the mastermind. Kritika congratulates Preeta. She tells that Preeta wanted Prithvi to get jailed.

She asks Preeta is she happy now. She tells that she used to love Preeta before but now she hates her. She blames Preeta for snatching her last reason of happiness. Karan stops Kritika. She tells that Preeta is not the same woman he loved. She feels nobody understands her. Inspector asks Karan to come with them to file the report. He asks Preeta to keep the papers safe. Preeta thanks him for the help. She realizes that Karan supported her, though he doesn’t express but he always protects her. Shrishti tells that Preeta has made Prithvi out of the house, she has finally did it.

Preeta tells that it was her plan but Karan has supported her. She gives the credit to Karan. She tells Sameer and Shrishti that she is going to the police station to meet Prithvi. Sherlyn sheds tears. She tells Natasha that Preeta had planned everything and sent Prithvi to jail. She asks her to promise that she will always support her. Natasha calms her down. She promises Sherlyn. Natasha thinks Preeta is really dangerous. She wants to be careful and make her place secure in the Luthra house. Prithvi yells at the constables. They put him into the cell and lock him. Prithvi shouts that they all will regret a lot. Inspector tells that just Karan and Preeta can save him. Prithvi tells that Karan and Preeta have framed him. Inspector doesn’t like the noise. He rebukes Prithvi and asks him not to threaten the police. Karan arrives there and stares at Prithvi.

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  1. Very interesting. Wanted to see Prithvi punished in this way. Hope to see him behind the bars until Mahesh return to normal and Luthra family comes to know the sacrifice Preeta made. Karan’s love should stay strong for Preeta. Kareena and kritika should also come to sense. Sherlyn should feel guilty and stay in low profile now as she has really commited a huge mistake by hurting Rishab.


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