Udaariyaan 26th March 2022 Fateh to die Top spoilers

Udaariyaan 26th March 2022 Fateh to die Top spoilers

Udaariyaan 26th March 2022 Fateh to die Colors top spoilers Udaariyaan upcoming track – Panditji’s prediction Rupy gets a post from Pandit Prasanna Prasadji stating that if Fateh and Tejo get married then either of them will die or someone from their family will die. Rupy is shattered by reading the prediction of panditji. Rupy takes a stick and goes after Fateh’s tent. His decision becomes more firm to not get Tejo and Fateh married. Rupy shouts at Fateh to come out. Fateh stands in front of Rupy with folded hands. Tejo starts crying seeing another problem entering their life.

Fateh is thrown out by Rupy, who reveals about the dangerous Kundali prediction. The entire family is shocked and confused about Tejo and Fateh’s future. Fateh takes an extreme step to prove his true love for Tejo and convince Rupy. He chooses to accept death if he can’t get his love, Tejo. Fateh goes to stand in front of a speeding truck, and gets prepared to die, while the Virks and Sandhus are shocked by his move. How will Fateh handle Rupy? Will Tejo and Fateh’s love win? To find out stay tuned and keep reading this space for more such upcoming tracks.

Fanaa upcoming track – Pakhi gets a doubt:


Pakhi is stunned to see her father. Agastya tells Pakhi that Sameer swam across the surface and got himself saved. Sameer feels uneasy. Pakhi speaks to Shanaya that Sameer told Agastya that he swam across the surface and was safe. But Pakhi gets a realization that Sameer doesn’t know swimming. Shanaya asks Pakhi what does she want to say. Pakhi feels that Sameer is hiding something from them. Pakhi is determined to find out the truth. Will Pakhi find out about Sameer’s lie or will Agastya turn the events?

Swaran Ghar upcoming track – Swaran gets outraged:
Yug, Nakul, and Vikram once again show their true colors after the havan ceremony. They blast at Swaran for not needing them anymore as she has a guardian in the form of her childhood friend. They are confused as they never heard Ajit’s name in their life and why their father had to make him the guardian. Vikram shouts that their father had gone crazy that is why he acted like that. Swaran gets angry and is about to slap Vikram but he holds her hand. Swaran looks shockingly at Vikram for his audacity to hold his mother’s hand. Ajit loses his cool and slaps Vikram in rage. Vikram falls down by the slap impact. Nakul and Yug run to their brother to support, while Ajit shows his rage when it comes to Swaran’s insult. How will Ajit save Swaran from this situation? Will Yug, Nakul, and Vikram succeed in their plan?

Spy Bahu upcoming track – Sejal is fired:

Holi celebration is in full swing with colors and music. Sejal dances to Dholida song and Yohan looks at her. Sejal seems intoxicated and goes on dancing. Yohan is tipsy too and he goes towards Sejal. Sejal loses her balance and is about to fall when Yohan goes to save her but they both end up falling into the colorful water tub. Yohan and Sejal have a moment but soon Yohan drags Sejal out of the pool. Yohan questions his security Shera that even after such tight security how did she enter their party. Shera asks Sejal to get out as she won’t get a job here. Sejal is embarrassed and leaves the house. How will Sejal convince Yohan to let her work in his house? Will Yohan’s hate prove costly for Sejal?


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