Woh To Hai Albelaa 29th March 2022 Upcoming Sayuri caught

Woh To Hai Albelaa 29th March 2022 Upcoming Sayuri caught

Woh To Hai Albelaa 29th March 2022 Upcoming Sayuri caught Sayuri meets Chiru in the temple. She tells that even if nobody understands him, she understands him well that he is helplessly stuck because of his mom’s decision. She tells that he loves his mom the most, but he has to choose either of his mom and her. Saroj and Krishna arrive there with the family. Chiru slaps Krishna and asks him not to say a word in front of Saroj. Krishna tells Saroj that Sayuri wants to fool Chiru and marry him. Saroj shouts at Sayuri. She asks Chiru to break his relationship with Sayuri right away, else she will burn herself right away. Chiru is compelled. Krishna stops Sayuri. Chiru gets emotional to save his mom first. He tells that he has no relationship with Sayuri. This shocks Sayuri.

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaye:


Soumya gets her dream job. Her story gets selected for a show. She finds it tough to focus on her career while doing the household chores. Soumya writes a script. Sushma calls her. She asks her to fix her broken pearl necklace. She asks Soumya to be careful, not a single pearl should go missing, each pearl is costly, its worth is more than Soumya’s dad’s monthly salary. Soumya asks her not to worry, she will fix it. Sushma likes the necklace Soumya makes with the pearls.

She gets ready to attend a party. She learns that the driver isn’t coming for work. Soumya finds Sushma upset that the latter can’t go to meet her friends. She offers help to Sushma. She asks Sushma can she drop her. Sushma gets pleased with her. She asks Soumya to put the gifts bag in the car. Soumya takes her on a scooty. Soumya and Sushma will be teaming up against selfish Armaan and his dad.


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