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Fanaa 29th March 2022 Written Update Pakhi terrified Pakhi reads Mohit’s text asking her to be quiet as there be any other camera hidden in their home, which they didn’t find. He tells Pakhi that the person keeping watch on her may still be watching them and thus they need to silently find that unfound camera. Mohit signs Pakhi to go back near the vase where they have fit their own hidden camera. Pakhi does as Mohit says. Beep sound increases. Shocked, Mohit asks Pakhi to come back to him silently. Then he asks Pakhi to take out her jewelry and other accessories.

Pakhi follows Mohit’s instructions. Using a device, Mohit checks all accessories of Pakhi. Pakhi finds it hard and difficult to take out the engagement ring Agastya made her wear, but Mohit convinces her. Then Mohit checks Pakhi’s engagement ring and the beeps sound comes back. Shocked, Mohit tells Pakhi that there is a tracker device fitted in her engagement ring. Mohit tells Pakhi that this device tells all her location and moves to the person keeping a watch on her. He also tells Pakhi that technology of cameras fitted in their home and Mr. Snuggles exactly matches the technology of the tracker fitted in her engagement ring.

This information shocks Pakhi badly. She asks Mohit to not say anything as Agastya gave her this ring. Pakhi recalls Agastya giving her this tracker fitted ring. She breaks down on decrypting that Agastya is keeping a watch on her for years. She recalls how Agastya alerted her about the fire her dupatta caught, even while talking to her on voice call, standing in another country. When she asked him about how he got to know, he made a false excuse. Next, Pakhi recalls how Agastya came running to save her from cold storage when she got locked there with Ishaan. She also recalls that Agastya again lied when Ishaan asked him why he came to Trinity Hospital.


Pakhi also unravels that not only at home, but Aagstya kept a watch on her everywhere. She thinks that Agastya might still keep a watch on her. Pakhi deciphers that Agastya tracks wherever she goes and whomever she meets, he knows everything. She decrypts that Agastya might have done many evil works till now. Shocked Mohit, asks why Agastya would have done this. Pakhi recalls Inspector Virat telling Pakhi that Agastya attacked Ishsaan because he is obsessed with her. She also recalls Inspector Virat telling her that Agastya wanted to kill Ishaan (the biggest wall in his evil motive) to get her.

Pakhi keeps on recalling Agastya always trying to stop her from falling for Ishaan. She also recalls how Agastya trapped Ishaan in a drug case and made her believe that he had an ex-girlfriend. Pakhi further recalls getting angry at her for falling for Ishaan so easily and calling him a stranger. She then recalls Agastya always trying to humiliate Ishaan and making him fall in everyone’s eyes using his cheap evil tricks. Again, she recalls Agastya smartly trying to do all the marriage rituals with her sidelining Ishaan. Pakhi unravels that Agastya many times tried to manipulate her against Ishaan.

Pakhi grows angry and guiltily on not understanding and realizing that Agastya never liked Ishaan and hates him. She says Agastya never wanted her to get married to Ishaan. Mohit gets shocked when he realizes all this. Flashback of Agastya not letting her dance with Ishaan on their sangeet and himself dancing with her. She deciphers that it was Agastya who attacked Ishaan on the wedding day and sent her to prison. Pakhi says surely Agastya would have trapped Ishaan in the organ trafficking case. She also recalls Inspector Virat alerting her that Agastya is giving wrong medicines to Ishaan which can make a person paralysed.

Pakhi says Agastya would have got Inspector Virat’s report changed because he never wants Ishaan to get fine. She also says that Agastya isn’t letting Ishaan get fine because this way he will get exposed. Pakhi breaks down. After all this she recalls that Sameer was found dead after he went to meet Agastya. Then she recalls how Agastya pretended to be innocent and brought back Sameer alive as a birthday surprise for her. Pakhi finally decrypts how Agastya again and again lied to her and everyone. And then she recalls Agastya scaring Sameer in the kitchen. She unravels that Sameer would have reached Agastya’s truth when he went to meet him before his fake death.

Pakhi angrily says that Agastya plotted a whole fake drama of Sameer’s death and then brought him back alive. She deciphers that Sameer seems to be living sacred all the time because of Agastya. Mohit says it’s a big crime. Pakhi breaks down badly. She cries and screams out her pain. Mohit runs to calm Pakhi. Pakhi feels deceived by Agastya (the person she trusted the most). She regrets trusting Agastya madly. Pakhi wonders why and how she never noticed or got to know about Agastya’s mad love for her. She thinks how many people would have suffered because of Agastya’s mad love for her. Pakhi blames herself for Sameer and Ishaan’s condition and miseries.

Mohit asks Pakhi to calm down. Pakhi asks how she should get calm when her whole life was a lie. She realizes that she is not the universe’s favorite child as Agastya controlled her whole life till now. Mohit feels bad for Pakhi. Pakhi angrily says Agastya stalked her whole life. She asks if Agastya wanted to be her life’s God. Pakhi calls herself the most unlucky girl. On the other hand, Prema tells Raichands that Pakhi is the luckiest girl as she could have never got a good husband like Agastya. She says no one does this much for anyone, what Agastya does for Pakhi. Prema calls Agastya a perfect match for Pakhi. She tells Sameer that his choice is best.

Neelima feels angry and guiltily but doesn’t show much. Sameer thinks his choice for Pakhi turned out to be his biggest mistake. Neelima understands Sameer expressions Agastya evilly thanks Sameer. Agastya again pretends to be loving and caring. All this false act of Agastya makes Neelima and Sameer feel disgusted. Mohit again tries to calm Pakhi. Pakhi recalls Sameer explaining Pakhi her strengths. Pakhi gets angry and asks why Agastya did all this. She gets determined on getting answers from Agastya. Pakhi decides to not let Agastya know that she found out his reality.

She instructs Mohit to fit all the cameras back at their positions as Agastya got them fitted. Mohit agrees to help Pakhi. He gives a device to Pakhi through which she will be able to check if any camera or tracker device is near her or not. Pakhi asks Mohit to check if her phone is also being tracked or is hacked. Mohit checks Pakhi’s phone and tells her that her phone isn’t tapped. Pakhi thanks Mohit. She says that she is suspecting everything after knowing the truth. Pakhi remembers that Tanya is missing. She gets scared on decrypting that maybe Agastya is the one behind Tanya’s sudden disappearance. Mohit tells Pakhi that the person who did all this with her can be behind Tanya’s disappearance too.

Scared Pakhi requests Mohit to find Tanya anyhow. Pakhi wonders what type of a person Agastya is, who ruined so many lives. She gets angry and determined to get Agastya punished for his crimes. She angrily runs outside the house. Mohit asks Pakhi to not take any wrong step in anger. At Raichand house, everyone wonders where Pakhi is. Making an excuse, Agastya goes aside to check Pakhi’s current location through his tracker device. By checking and tracking he gets to know that Pakhi is on her way to Raichand house. Mona talks ill against Pakhi. She calls Pakhi’s family middle class and asks about Pakhi’s whereabouts. Agastya says Pakhi is reaching home in 2 minutes. Mona asks Agastya how he got to know.

Agastya lies that Pakhi texted him. Neelima and Sameer suspect that Agastya is tracking Pakhi. He says they will have dinner with Pakhi only. On her way, Pakhi calls Shubham and asks him how he is. Shubham says he is fine. He asks Pakhi if she has any important work. Pakhi asks Shubham about Ishaan’s condition. Shubham with little anger tells Pakhi that there is no improvement in Ishaan’s condition. Guilty Pakhi apologizes to Shubham for whatever Ishaan and his family suffered. She tells Shubham that she found the person who is responsible for Ishaan’s condition.

Pakhi promises Shubham that she will teach a good lesson to the person who did all this. Shubham gets shocked and requests Pakhi to tell him the name of the person who is responsible for Ishaan’s present condition. Pakhi apologizes to Shubham for not being able to tell him Ishaan’s culprit’s name. She requests Shubham to take care of Ishaan. At last Pakhi says that she will punish the person who is responsible for all the issues in their life.

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