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Anupama 31st March 2022 Written Update Wedding twist Anupama says that she has got fed up hearing that a grandmother can’t get married. She asks who says that a grandmother can’t get married. Vanraj tells Anupama that society won’t ever accept her (a grandmother’s) marriage. Anupama asks what/who society actually is; 4 people’s committee, people of neighborhood or family-people. Everyone looks at Anupama in anger and shock. Anupama says we all make a society and if we will change, then society will change. She also says if a person’s own thinking will change, then society will also change it’s thinking.

Anupama says she is also a part of this society and moving on in life accepting the modern changes. She explains that society may be slow in changing their thought process but it will for sure accept new things and culture as she being a part of society is also moving ahead with a changed thinking. Anupama declares that she will get married in this society and country only. Her declaration makes Kinjal, Samar, Bapuji and Mamaji happy as well as proud of Anupama. But others remain shocked and angry hearing this. Anupama says women always think about others happiness before herself but now she wants to think about herself too. She says she isn’t some goddess or a great woman who will always make sacrifices for others.

Anupama reminds that no one thought of her feelings, when Paritosh called her characterless and when Pakhi always felt embarrassed of her. She says when she started thinking a little for herself, everyone started expecting a sacrifice from her. Anupama declares that for sure she will become Anuj’s wife. When Baa objects, Anupama shuts her and warns her that she has had enough now. She also warns Baa telling her that her tolerance limit/level has crossed the safety level. Anupama declares that she will organize a magnificent marriage of her and Anuj, with all rituals and ceremonies. She says she will get married with pomp. Anupama says if someone has a problem, they don’t need to attend her wedding. Baa, Vanraj, Pakhi and Paritosh feel disgusted.


Kavya feels shocked and Rakhi enjoys the drama. Anupama says she is sure that the people who love her dearly will attend her wedding. Kinjal says they will 100% attend her wedding. Anupama says people who aren’t attending her wedding can give their blessings, prayers and even curse her as she doesn’t care/mind. She says she isn’t afraid as she isn’t wrong. Anupama says she has always fulfilled her responsibilities and will respect her love too now. She tells everyone that she has suffered pain in the last 26 years and Anuj has suffered the pain of being away from her. Anupama says now her and Anuj’s wait is over. She says Anuj and she will now take/live their part of happiness for sure.

Everyone’s reaction remains as usual. Anupama says she will feel happy with everyone’s presence in her wedding but she will send sweets to Shah house, if someone won’t attend her wedding. Anupama asks her non-supporters, especially Vanraj, to not be so shocked. She says everyone’s tolerance has some level and her tolerance level has crossed limits. Anupama says she can’t tolerate and remain in anyone’s control anymore. Vanraj asks Anupama to not tolerate them as no one is oppressing her at Shah house or has brought her to Shah house at gunpoint. He tells Anupama that she herself came to the Shah to take care of Kinjal. Samar reminds Vanraj that Anupama came to Shah house on his request only.

Domineering Vanraj asks Samar to ask his mother to leave the Shah house with the victim card she uses. He says Anupama always becomes feminist and uses her woman/mother card. Anupama asks Vanraj if a man raises hand, it’s fine but if a woman raises her voice it pricks. Vanraj asks Anupama to shut her nonsense and go to Anuj’s house. He tells Anupama that he doesn’t mind her marrying if she does it after breaking all relations with his family. Anupama refuses to break her relations. Vanraj very rudely asks Anupama to get out. Bapuji says Anupama will leave Shaha house, when he will get her married to Anuj.

He also says that anyone’s taunts or ill actions don’t affect him and Anupama. Bapuji further says that he was an unsuccessful father-in-law but will be a successful father for Anupama. He says he will fulfill all the fatherly responsibilities towards Anupama, even if he will die. Bapuji declares that Anupama will bid farewell to Shah house in the bridal carriage (doli). He also says that he will marry Anupama in a magnificent way. Anupama grows emotional. Vanraj and Baa tell Bapuji that he can make them face people’s insults like this. Bapuji reminds Baa that she did much bad with Anupama in the past. He remains adamant on getting Anupama married to Anuj. Bapuji asks Baa to go to Jamnagar if his daughter’s marriage is pricking her.

Mamaji says he will drop Baa to Jamnagar and himself will return to attend Anupama’s marriage. Bapuji says everyone is invited to Anupama and Anuj’s marriage. He says if someone doesn’t want to attend Anupama’s marriage, they can go to hell. Bapuji takes Anupama to the Shah house temple and lights a diya for her. He even plays a Shankh and prays for Anupama’s happiness, shocking everyone. Bapuji says till his mother was alive, she used to play Shankh on every good news. He reminds and tells everyone that his mother played Shankh 17 years ago on Anupama’s first success. Bapuji tells Shahs that they tore Anupama’s wings before her flight. He says that he promised his dying mother that he will take care of Anupama after her.

Bapuji declares that he will always be standing between Anupama and her rivals. He says he has made God sit in the marriage house. Bapuji also says that he will teach a good lesson to a person who will try causing any problems in Anupama’s wedding. Emotional Anupama takes Bapuji’s blessings and thanks him. Bapuji blesses Anupama to always remain happy. Kinjal thanks Lord Krishna for becoming the first guest of Anupama’s wedding. On the other hand, Anuj feels thankful to God for canceling his last meeting as now he can return to Anupama. He decides to surprise Anupama. Bapuji, Kinjal, Mamaji and Samar dance in Anupama’s happiness.

Angry Baa starts beating thaali to grab everyone’s attention. In front of everyone, Baa apologizes to God and curses that some untoward incident will occur for sure in Anupama’s wedding. This will shock everyone. She again and again curses Anupama that she won’t ever remain happy if she will get married, making her cry. Baa’s selfish wrath shocks everyone and scares Anupama. Kavya and Rakhi leaves irritated. Paritosh and Pakhi leave, telling Anupama that they hate her. Vanraj smirks a little and leaves angrily glaring at Anupama. On the other hand, at the same time, the driver requests Anuj to talk to him so that he doesn’t feel sleepy. Anuj asks the driver about his marriage.

Driver tells Anuj that he got married the previous month only. Anuj congratulates the driver and asks him how a man feels after marriage. On driver’s questioning, Anuj reveals that he is still single. Driver explains to Anuj, that after marriage, he feels and wishes to return home soon after completing his work quickly, completely opposite to how he used to feel before marriage. Anuj tells the driver that he also feels similar to him. Anuj feels happy thinking of marrying Anupama. At Shah house, Anupama breaks down recalling Baa’s curse. Samar returns with sweets and gets worried seeing Anupama broken. Anupama says how can a mother curse her children. Anupama starts sobbing in disappointment. She thinks why didn’t even think before cursing her. Samar, Bapuji, Mamaji and Kinjal try consoling a broken Anupama.

In the next episode, Anupama will ask how a mother can curse her child. Baa will say that she doesn’t know if Bapuji’s blessings will work or not but her curse will work for sure. Angry Mamaji will come there and curse Baa. He will shock everyone by telling Baa that now she will understand how a person feels if his/her loved/dear ones gives a curse. Bapuji will tell Anupama that Shah house members have always humiliated her and did a sin by ousting her. He will tell Anupama that he will get rid of this sin only after getting her married and bidding her a farewell in a bridal carriage with full respect.

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  1. Hi… you do a good job by giving full detail of what happened in every episode and I really enjoy your updates being african I dont understand hindi properly but you make it easy for me and I enjoy watching and reading Anupama updates. Much appreciated.


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