Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2022 Written Update Huge twist

Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2022 Written Update Huge twist

Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2022 Written Update Huge twist Prachi doesn’t believe that Ranbir is saying the truth to her. She tells that he shouldn’t lie when they are sitting in the puja. He asks her not to instigate him by her provoking words. Rhea stares at them while they sit for the puja and complete it as a husband and wife. She further gets taunts from Prachi. Prachi claims to be Ranbir’s real wife, being his Dharmpatni. She tells that Rhea is her Sautan, she has no stand in Ranbir’s life. She tells that she will be performing the rituals with Ranbir, being is rightfully wedded wife. Rhea fumes, but gets Pallavi’s sympathy.

She pulls up the argument drama just to make sure that Prachi sits in the puja, just under the chandelier and falls prey to her plans. Prachi can’t even imagine Rhea’s deadly plans. Ranbir likes Prachi taking a stand for their marriage. Prachi prays for the family peave. Aaliya asks Nick to cut the rope and make the chandelier fall over Prachi. Nick starts to cut the rope when he sees Ranbir getting away from the havan kund spot. Prachi stands thee to pray. Aaliya asks him to just hurry up.


She doesn’t want to miss the golden chance when Prachi is standing alone under the chandelier. She takes the knife from Nick’s hand and cuts the rope herself in just one go. She asks him to get away, he won’t be able to get through the task. She watches the chandelier falling over Prachi. Pallavi, Rhea, Ranbir and Jai witness the chandelier suspending down. They get a huge shock when they find Prachi in danger. Rhea waits for Prachi to die. Ranbir and Pallavi rush to save Prachi. What will happen now? Will Ranbir be able to save Prachi’s life? Keep reading.

Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2022 Written Update Huge twist:

Rhea asks Prachi is she doing this to insult Pallavi, who told that Rhea is the house Bahu. Prachi tells that Rhea can’t change the relations and the rituals if she wants. She asks pandit to start the puja. Pallavi stops her. Prachi asks Pallavi not to make her leave the puja, she doesn’t want to be disrespectful. Pallavi asks Ranbir to get up from there, knowing the outcome of his refusal. Ranbir obeys his mom and then gets back. He tells Prachi that she is making his life more tough. He reminds that he asked her to leave the house with him. He asks Vikram does he also want this.

Vikram and Dida ask Ranbir to not move and do the puja. Ranbir and Prachi tell that the house really needs some peace. They perform the puja together, leaving Pallavi and Rhea angered. Ranbir and Prachi pray. Nick finds the happening very dramatic. Aaliya asks Nick to cut the rope and then leave the chandelier down. Ranbir and Prachi complete the puja rituals by performing the aarti. Aaliya goes to signal Nick. Prachi offers the aarti to the family members and asks them to make a wish. Pallavi prays that Prachi gets away from Ranbir’s life. She asks Dida why is she favoring Prachi. Prachi gets worried.

Dida tells that she wants to become a bad Saas and teach a lesson to Pallavi. She doesn’t know what is Pallavi doing. Shahana is also upset with Pallavi. Jai asks Shahana are they friends. Shahana goes away. Ranbir goes to keep the puja plate. He doesn’t see the chandelier suspending down. Prachi comes under the chandelier. Ranbir hears some sound and looks around, but doesn’t see Aaliya hiding. Rhea smiles seeing Prachi standing alone under the chandelier and praying. Prachi wishes that Ranbir and Pallavi’s bond gets better. She wants peace in the house. Shahana goes to Prachi’s room to get her phone. She spots Aaliya and asks what is she doing. Nick hides from there. Aaliya argues and sends Shahana.

She asks Nick to hurry up. Ranbir sees Prachi praying. Aaliya cuts the rope in one go. Ranbir and Pallavi see the chandelier falling over Prachi. Ranbir alerts Prachi and runs to save her in the nick of time. The chandelier falls down, but they both get saved. The family is shocked at this unexpected sight. Rhea gets angered that Pracchi is saved. Aaliya comes downstairs and gets to see Prachi alive. Ranbir gets hurt while saving Prachi. He asks Prachi is she okay. Aaliya signs Nick to run away. Shahana spots Nick. Ranbir asks how did the chandelier fall down. Ranbir stops Nick to know who is he. Shahana tells him that someone has cut the chandelier rope. Ranbir and Jai run after Nick. Nick flees.

Ranbir asks Jai to call a doctor for Prachi. He follows Nick. Vikram and Dida take care of Prachi. Pallavi is worried for Ranbir. Prachi is in shock. She thinks anything could have happened to her baby if Ranbir didn’t save her. Aaliya asks everyone to check their belongings, if anyone is stolen. She asks them not to panic, Prachi is fine. Nick gets hurt by a nail. He calls Aaliya. She doesn’t answer the call. She asks Dida to take care of Prachi. She takes Nick’s call who asks her to come and save him, else he will also expose her name. She tries to go and save him, but Dida stops her at home. Ranbir spots Nick hiding and tries to catch him, but Nick runs away when someone in time and takes him in the car. Ranbir and Jai miss him.

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  1. Even after all this dotishness ranbir still not going to be reunited n prachi pregnancy will never be revealed until the last episode after 20 leaps and pranbir child is 30 plud yrs n rhea / alliya / pallavi never get punished for their crimes.
    Reunute pranbir now.oh geez man over 6 mths of fighting suspicion separation n more screen space for alliya/ rhea/ pallavi to do crimes.
    only crimes after crimes shown in this show n no punishment or exposure.no happines for ranbir n prachi.the baby in outerspace so no mention of revealing it to ranbir nor prachi stomach showing because the baby on her big toe not her stomach.
    arse writers n ektaa.


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