Anupama 18th April 2022 Written Update Dreamy romance

Anupama 18th April 2022 Written Update Dreamy romance

Anupama 18th April 2022 Written Update Dreamy romance Paritosh saves Anupama from falling after getting electrocuted. He tells Anupama that she should have been careful and it’s her marriage too in a few days. Anupama feels a little shocked and stops Paritosh from walking away. She reminds Paritosh that he got married without her blessings but she wants his good wishes in her marriage. Anupama tells Paritosh that she will miss his presence in her marriage, like he and Kinjal would have felt at their marriage. She also tells Paritosh that her happiness will be incomplete without him.

Paritosh walks out of the kitchen. Samar comes and hugs him. He tells Paritosh that he understands his fear of the world and explains to him that no fear in/of this world is bigger than a mother’s love. Samar asks Paritosh when Anupama had done so much for them, can’t they just give her a happy farewell. He requests Paritosh to attend Anupama’s marriage for Anupama’s happiness. Samar explains to Paritosh that many children daily see their mothers living their life in suffocation. He also explains to Paritosh that they are so lucky that they will be able to witness their mother happy and living her life on her own terms.

Samar requests Paritosh to value the lucky opportunity they got to get their mother married. He leaves explaining to Paritosh that these moments which he may miss won’t come back. Pakhi comes downstairs and asks Anupama to loosen her lehenga. Anupama tells Pakhi that she will do it. She asks Pakhi if there is some dance competition in school. Pakhi tells Anupama that she wants to wear this lehenga in her marriage’s first function. These words from Pakhi stunns/surprises Anupama. Pakhi tells Anupama that as she decided to not spend much on her wedding, she (Pakhi) decided to wear old outfits in her (Anupama’s) all marriage functions. She asks Anupama to buy her new lehenga to wear at her marriage.


Anupama, Samar and Kinjal get surprised and emotional, while Paritosh gets stunned. Anupama tells Pakhi that she will buy her as many lehengas as she wants. She thanks Pakhi by touching her cheek. Pakhi tries explaining to Paritosh that not everyone gets the chance to get their mother married and bid her a happy farewell. She requests Paritosh to miss it. Pakhi hugs Paritosh and asks him if their mother can fight the world for them, can’t they fight their friends for their mother. She asks Paritosh to get a new kurta switched for Anupama’s wedding. Pakhi tells Paritosh that she will become a part of Anupama’s happiness and it’s his decision, if he wants himself to become a part of Anupama’s happiness or not.

She runs to Samar and asks him to tell her duties. Samar hugs Pakhi and instructs her, her duties. Confused with mixed feelings, Paritosh walks away. Anupama walks happily with Pakhi’s lehenga, but collides with Vanraj in between. Vanraj gets confused, seeing Anupama so happy. On the other hand, Paritosh recalls Samar and Pakhi’s words, explaining to him that not everyone gets the lucky opportunity to get their mother married. He also recalls how Anupama fought for his and Kinjal’s love and marriage. Paritosh further recalls Malvika firing him, Vanraj and Kavya from the job. He also recalls Rakhi humiliating him for asking for a job. Then he recalls, accusing Vanraj for his failures and weaknesses.

Vanraj comes to Paritosh. He tells Paritosh that he saw Anupama mad in happiness. Vanraj says he heard Bapuji and Samar’s conversation and go to know that Pakhi is attending Anupama’s marriage and thus she has gone mad in happiness. He tells Paritosh that he knows that Anupama wants him also to become a part of her marriage and happiness but he isn’t able to make a decision. Vanraj tells Paritosh that he has and maybe will always have a problem with Anuj, Anupama and Malvika. He also tells Paritosh that he can surely become a part of Anupama’s marriage and happiness, if he wants to. Vanraj explains to Paritosh that every child wants to become like their father but it’s not important that every father can be a role model.

He tells Paritosh since long he has been dealing with his heart and mind at different places but doesn’t want him to suffer/deal the same. Vanraj asks Paritosh to become like him but not fully like him. He also asks Paritosh to rectify his mistakes and change for at least Kinjal’s happiness. Vanraj says Kinjal is like his daughter and requests Paritosh to change for her. He explains to Paritosh that nothing is bigger than family in this world and he wants him to become a part of his family’s happiness, especially for Anupama, Kinjal and his own happiness. Vanraj requests Paritosh to choose happiness, whenever he gets the option to make a choice between anger and happiness.

On the other hand, Anupama video calls Anuj and tells him that Pakhi is ready to become a part of their happiness and marriage. Anupama tells Anuj what Pakhi asked and said to her. She expresses her happiness to Anuj with tears in her eyes. Anuj tells Anupama that he understands her happiness and hopes that Pakhi will also accept him just like Samar. He says now at least Pakhi won’t give him “mummy snatcher” looks. Anuj tells Anupama that he feels like God will make everything alright and even Paritosh will attend their marriage, forgetting his anger. Anupama says she also hopes the same.

Pakhi recalls Anuj explaining to her that for all parents, their children’s happiness is most important and they love them the most. In continuation of flashback, Anuj explains to Pakhi that all the children in the world are also the same and sometimes unknowingly hurt their parents. He also explains to Pakhi that sooner or later, when children lose their parents, they regret their mistake of hurting their parents, for not treating them well and not telling them that they love them so much. Anuj requests Pakhi to not think that he is emotionally blackmailing her. He says Anupama’s happiness is most important for him, but her happiness is attached to just her children.

Anuj folds his hands and requests Pakhi to become a part of Anupama’s marriage and happiness as she has done a lot for her and everyone. At last he advises Pakhi to do whatever heart will ask her to. Flashback ends and an emotional Pakhi sends “Thank You Anuj Buddy ” text to Anuj. Anuj requests Anupama to stop crying, otherwise he will get the opportunity to meet her by coming there. Anupama stops crying. Both Anuj and Anupama get romantic with each other on video call. Anuj again and again calls Anupama to talk to her continuously.

They make a short sentence to say, “I want to grow old with you”. The short sentence they make is, “I MaAn You”. Anupama disconnects the call saying Goodnight but Anuj calls her again. He requests Anupama to do whatever she wants but keep her video call on as he will sleep peacefully seeing her. Anupama disconnects the call asking Anuj to see her in his dreams. Anuj says this is also a good idea and sleeps. Anupama feels a little unbelief, how so much happiness has arrived in her life. She makes herself understand that she has the right to all such happiness.

In the next episode, Anupama, Anuj and their supporters will read and see 2 full big bags of letters and gifts that came for them. Seeing all this, Kavya will ask Anuj and Anupama how many relatives they have, who sent them so many gifts. Baa will say that these days, relatives feel dead even sending good morning texts to each other and asking who will write so many letters. Anupama’s supporters as well as Vanraj’s gang will get stunned to read the letters that came from U.P., Delhi, Newyork and Toronto.

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