Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th April 2022 Update Dev deadly fall

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th April 2022 Update Dev deadly fall

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th April 2022 Update Dev deadly fall Prisha meets Saaransh in the green room. She asks him to not worry a bit as he will perform as he is junior Rudraksh. Prisha wishes “All the best ” to Saaransh as well as Aaliya. Both Saaransh and Aaliya thanks Prisha. On Prisha’s request, Aaliya calls Revathi and asks her whereabouts. Revathi tells Aaliya that her car’s tyre got punctured and she will try her best to reach her annual function as soon as possible. Aaliya tells Prisha the same. Prisha leaves telling Aaliya that she will talk to Revathi after her arrival.

At the annual function stage, Principal sir lights the lamp. He announces his school students’ efforts and performances. First Ruhi starts her singing performance with her classmates. Rudra watches Ruhi happily from backstage. Sharda tells Prisha that Ruhi and her melodious voice is just like Rudraksh. She calls Ruhi as junior Rudraksh. Prisha feels happy. Dev reaches the annual function in black jacket, covering his face. Dev smirks and decides to execute his plan before Revathi’s arrival. Everyone claps as Ruhi and her classmates’ performance ends.

Ruhi and Prisha give flying kisses to each other. After this, Dev looks evilly at Ruhi and goes somewhere. Ruhi runs to Rudra backstage. Rudra picks up Ruhi and runs. Ruhi asks him how her performance was. Rudra tells Ruhi that her performance was the best. Ruhi hugs and tells Rudra that it’s because she is his daughter. Rudra tells Ruhi that she is God’s blessing to him and she has fulfilled all his wishes. Both father-daughter hug each other and say, I love you. A teacher calls Rudra for some work. Ruhi now is seen sitting and talking with her friend. A girl comes and tells Ruhi that her father is calling her on the terrace.


Ruhi asks the girl why her father will call her on the terrace as there is construction work going on there and the principal sir has forbidden them from going there. The girl tells Ruhi that she doesn’t know but she was just told to send Ruhi on the terrace as there is surprise for her there. Unaware of the truth, Ruhi leaves for the terrace. The girl who told Ruhi that Rudra has called her on the terrace meets Dev and takes a chocolate from him. She thanks Dev and leaves. Dev says now he will give surprise to Ruhi.

On the other hand, Saaransh and Aaliya are called on stage for their performance. Saaransh watches Ruhi going somewhere alone and wonders where. Revathi arrives at the function. Prisha sees this and decides to talk to Revathi after Aaliya and Saaransh’s performance. Saaransh and Aaliya give a beautiful performance on the song, “Love You Zindagi”. Everyone stands up and claps for Saaransh and Aaliya. On the other hand, Ruhi reaches the school terrace and searches for Rudra. Dev comes and locks the terrace door. He starts whistling. Ruhi recognizes Dev seeing his bracelet.

Dev unveils himself. Innocent Ruhi asks Dev why he came, instead of Rudra. Dev tells Ruhi that he will give her a surprise, instead of Rudra. He also tells Ruhi that he called her here to stop Prisha from revealing his truth to his mother. Dev further tells Ruhi that he will take her parents’ revenge from her. Ruhi asks Dev, what will he do? Dev signs and tells Ruhi that he will kill her. Ruhi gets scared. Dev tells Ruhi that in the shock of her death, Prisha will forget revealing his truth to his mother. Ruhi tells Dev that he won’t be able to do anything as someone will surely come to help her, hearing her screams.

Dev tells Ruhi that no one will be able to come here as he has locked the terrace from inside. Ruhi tries to be brave and pushes Dev. She runs and hides behind a water barrel. Dev starts searching for Ruhi. Ruhi runs here and there to save her life. She hides under some place to save herself. On the other hand, from the stage Saaransh’s eyes keep searching for Ruhi. He goes backstage to find Ruhi. Ruhi’s friend tells Saaransh that Shruti told Ruhi that Rudra called her on the stage. Saaransh sees Rudra busy in function. He goes to Shruti and asks her why she sent Ruhi to the terrace.

Initially, Shruti refuses to tell the truth. She reveals the truth, when Saaransh tells her that he will complain to the principal about her and then her parents will be called. Saaransh will get worried on knowing that Dev asked Shruti to send Ruhi on the terrace. Other parents praise Revathi for Aaliya’s performance. Prisha tells Revathi that she wants to show her something important. Revathi takes Prisha aside. She tells Prisha that she doesn’t want to hear anything against Dev. Prisha is about to show Dev’s confession to Revathi but principal sir takes her for prize distribution.

Prisha thinks that she has to show Dev’s confession to Revathi as soon as possible. She fears that she doesn’t gate late in revealing the truth about Dev to Revathi. On the terrace, Dev keeps on searching for Ruhi. Ruhi feels very scared when Dev comes near her. Dev keeps on scaring and threatening Ruhi. A lizard comes near Ruhi, scaring her. She tries controlling her fear but makes a little sound being scared of the lizard. Through this sound, Dev finds Ruhi’s hidden location. Ruhi gets scared as Dev crawls towards her with an evil smirk.

He scares Ruhi and forcefully pulls her out of her hiding. Ruhi tries to get out of Dev’s grasp. On Rudra’s questioning, Prisha tells him that she was about to show Dev’s confession video to Revathi but principal sir took her for the prize distribution ceremony. Rudra asks Prisha how and why she let the principal take Revathi, when she had a much more important 2 min video to show to Revathi. Prisha replies that she couldn’t as everyone was waiting for prize distribution. Rudra tells Prisha that people could have waited more, but showing Dev’s confession to Revathi is more important. He tells Prisha that Dev will do something more evil, if he gets suspicious about them having proof against him.

Rudra asks Prisha to come to the police station with him to show Dev’s confession to the police. Prisha stops Rudra and tells him that showing the confession video to Revathi first is important. Rudra tells Prisha that if Dev does something evil in between she will be responsible for it. Principal announces prize distribution ceremony and invites Revathi and addresses her as police commissioner of Delhi. This information shocks Rudra and Prisha. Revathi comes on stage.

In the next episode, Revathi will get shocked when Prisha will show Dev’s crime confession video to her. Ruhi will be seen kidnapped by Dev. Saaransh will reach there and ask Dev to let his sister go. There will be a little fight between Saaransh and Dev. Revathi on the other hand will tell Prisha and Aaliya that Dev will surely get punished for his lies and mistakes. Due to some marbles, Dev will slip and fall from a height and bleed heavily to death maybe. Saaransh will seem shocked.

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