Fanaa 19th April 2022 Written Update Pakhi gets critical

Fanaa 19th April 2022 Written Update Pakhi gets critical

Fanaa 19th April 2022 Written Update Pakhi gets critical Pakhi runs outside after escaping Daayi Maa. She hears Agastya’s car returning back to the bungalow. Pakhi hides as soon as Agastya enters the house. Agastya sees food cooking on the stove. He thinks Daayi Maa once again forgot food on the stove. Suddenly, he sees Pakhi’s room unlocked. Agastya runs inside and sees Daayi Maa unconscious. He tries to wake her up but she doesn’t wake up. On being worried that Pakhi ran away from him, he runs outside to find her.

As Agastya sits in the car to search Pakhi, the latter sits in his car’s trunk. Yug, on the other hand, is seen running away from police. He tries calling Agastya to tell him about what happened to him, but Agastya doesn’t pick up. Suddenly, Agastya picks up the call and he tells Yug that Pakhi ran away and can’t be found. Hearing this Yug doesn’t tell Agastya about the police and Ishaan chasing him. Pakhi overhears Agastya and Yug’s whole conversation, sitting in the trunk. Seeing the public place market, she secretly gets down from Agastya’s car trunk.

On the other hand, Ishaan, Sameer and Shanaya are tense, thinking that Agastya and Yug always escape from them at the last minute. On another side, Agastya’s stepmother plans something evil against Agastya using Yug’s past as she gets to know that Yug helps and covers up for Agastya in all of his wrong works. Back at Jhajjar, Haryana, Pakhi tries to be away from Agastya’s eyes. She gets shocked when she sees and hears Agastya using some goons’ help to find her. She runs here and there to know her exact location. At the same time, she sees “Jhajjar, Haryana” written on the board of a stall.


Agastya thinks Pakhi can think of taking a cab to Gurgaon/Gurugram from here. He searches for Pakhi over there. Pakhi decides to either climb temp or truck to escape from this place. She also decides to contact her family or someone for help. Pakhi then sees a woman busy shopping at a cloth stall nearby. She sees her phone and feels reluctant to steal it to contact someone for help. Finally, she strengthens herself and steals the woman’s phone. She tries calling Ishaan but his phone turns out busy. After this, she calls Sameer, he picks up the call. Pakhi tells Sameer that it’s her and right now she is in Jhajjar, Haryana.

She asks Sameer to take someone’s help and come to pick her up at Jhajjar bus ticket counter. Pakhi also asks Sameer to not come alone as it’s risky. She further asks Sameer if he is listening to her. A beep sound comes and Pakhi sees that the phone’s battery has ended. She feels angry that the battery had to end now. On the other hand, Shanaya asks Sameer whose call it was. Sameer replies to Shanaya that he doesn’t know as he couldn’t hear anything. He calls back at the same number, but it turns out to be switched off. At the same time, Ishaan is seen busy on another call. Mohit calls everyone to him and tells them that he found vital information about Yug’s past. He tells everyone that Yug was brought up in Shanti Sarovar Orphanage.

Ishaan praises Mohit for searching such a vital information. He says this will surely help them in finding Pakhi and Agastya. On the other hand, Agastya taps on another woman’s shoulder as she seemed like Pakhi from back. He apologizes to that woman. Inspector Ranjit, tells Ishaan and Sameer that they were right about Yug being brought up in Shanti Sarovar Orphanage. He says Yug respects the caretaker (father francis) of this Orphanage as he brought Yug very well in childhood. Ranjit tells Ishaan that Yug donates some money at Shanti Sarovar Orphanage. He says he can’t believe that a criminal like Yug can even do such a good thing.

Ishaan tells Ranjit that this information can help them a lot. He also says that he has a good idea to catch Yug. Just after this, Yug receives a call from Shanti Sarovar Orphanage, informing him about Father Francis’s ill condition. They also tell Yug that Father Francis, since morning, is asking them to call him (Yug). Yug gets emotional and tells the orphanage staff that he is reaching soon. After some time, Yug reaches his childhood orphanage and gets shocked and angry seeing Ranjit, Ishaan and police surrounding him. Ishaan asks Yug why he seems so tense as he has done a lot of crimes with different people but they just used a small lie to catch him.

Yug breaks his phone in anger and Ishaan punches him. Yug falls on the floor and Ranjit tells him that fate doesn’t always support a person. Yug laughs without any fear. Pakhi on the other hand, sees a tempo leaving and thinks to climb and run away in it. At the same time, she sees the woman, whose phone she stole to contact her family. Being a good person, Pakhi goes to return the phone to the woman. But the woman, already tense about her broken specs, misunderstands Pakhi. She starts screaming and calls Pakhi a thief. Pakhi tries to explain herself and also tries to stop the woman from screaming but fails.

Public’s as well Agastya’s attention goes towards Pakhi. She shouts and asks Agastya to not come near her. She tells Agastya that she will die but won’t return to him. In this tiff, Pakhi suddenly gets hit by a car. She starts bleeding, seeing which Agastya runs to her. He tries to wake up an unconscious Pakhi. Two constables get to know that an accident happened there. They run to see it but Agastya’s goons stop them for some time. When they reach the accident spot, they find no one there and leave. Agastya is seen taking Pakhi in his car. He takes Pakhi back to the bungalow, where he kept her captive. With Daayi Maa’s help, Agastya calls a doctor home.

On the other hand, Sameer asks Ranjit if a clever person like Yug will reveal the truth. Ranjit assures Sameer that he will make Yug spill out Agastya and Pakhi’s location. At Jhajjar Haryana, Dr. Girish examines Pakhi and gives her first aid. He tells Agastya that due to a lot of blood loss, Pakhi needs to be admitted to hospital. Agastya thinks someone or other will recognize him and Pakhi in the hospital. He thinks he got Pakhi by so much effort. Agastya keeps on thinking what to do as Pakhi is important for him. He asks Dr. Girish if they can turn his house into a hospital for Pakhi. Girish shows reluctance as he understands the risk to Pakhi’s life. Agastya somehow convinces Girish and sends his goons with him to help him buy and bring all the required equipment.

Daayi Maa feels weird seeing Agastya’s obsessive love for Pakhi, but stays silent. At the police station, Ranjit beats Yug black and blue to get Pakhi and Agastya’s location from him. Yug laughs and doesn’t bow down in front of Ranjit. Ranjit tells Yug that Agastya escaped from his brother’s hands but he won’t spare him. He leaves asking his staff to beat Yug, till he spills out the truth. At Jhajjar, Haryana all the hospital setup is done at the bungalow for Pakhi. Dr. Girish is at the bungalow examining Pakhi with Agastya and Daayi Maa. Agastya asks Girish why Pakhi isn’t gaining consciousness. He asks Girish to tell him now if something is serious with Pakhi.

Dr. Girish tells Agastya that nothing can be properly said, till Pakhi gains consciousness. He also tells Agastya that Pakhi needs to be monitored every minute. Agastya tells Girish that he won’t sleep and take care of Pakhi properly. Agastya recalls playing a trust game with Pakhi, in which he saved Pakhi and won her trust. He also recalls Pakhi telling him that she trusts him and knows that he won’t let anything happen to her ever. Flashback ends and Agastya tells unconscious Pakhi that he won’t ever break this trust of her.

Few hours go by and Agastya gets worried seeing that Pakhi still hasn’t gained consciousness. In the next episode, Dr. Girish will examine Pakhi and tell Agastya that he already asked him to admit Pakhi in hospital. He will shock Agastya by telling him that Pakhi’s heart rate is increasing a lot and doesn’t think that there is any chance of Pakhi’s survival. After this, Dr. Girish will run away. Agastya will fail to stop Girish. Daayi Maa will suggest Agastya to perform a tough ritual to save Pakhi. She will give him all details and ask him if he will do this for Pakhi as till now only women perform this tough ritual for their husbands. Later, Agastya will be seen walking on burning coals for Pakhi’s safety.

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