Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st April 2022 Written Update Tricky twists

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st April 2022 Written Update Tricky twists

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st April 2022 Written Update Tricky twists Prisha tells Revathi that she needs to go somewhere urgently. She also tells Revathi that she hopes that she would take some action for sure after knowing the truth. Revathi assures Prisha that she will talk to Dev and get him punished. Prisha tells Revathi that she never wanted this to happen with her. Revathi tells Prisha that she did right by making her see the truth. Prisha thanks Revathi and leaves from there. Revathi asks Aaliya why she didn’t tell her Dev’s reality and actions ever. Aaliya tells Revathi that Dev used to scare her telling that she (Revathi) will get another heart attack after knowing the truth.

She asks Revathi, how could she have let anything happen to her. Emotional Revathi hugs Aaliya. On the other hand, Prisha meets Rudra at the back of the school building. She keeps on asking Rudra, why he looks tense. Rudra shushes her and takes her towards Dev’s dead body at his death location. Prisha gets shocked seeing Dev lying in a pool of blood. Rudra shuts Prisha’s out, before she screams in shock. He requests Prisha to not make a noise as no one should know about it. Prisha checks Dev’s nerves and breathing and declares him dead to Rudra. Rudra signs Prisha that he knows that.

On the other hand, Revathi asks Aaliya to never hide anything from her from next time. Aaliya tells Revathi that she shared everything with her, just not about Dev’s evil actions. Aaliya says that Tarun (Dev’s friend) knows even more than her about Dev’s evil actions. She tells Revathi that she has called Tarun here to reveal all of Dev’s evil actions to her. Tarun comes there and tells Revathi that Aaliya and Prisha are right about Dev. He says whatever Dev confessed in his confession video is true, he did everything out of it. Tarun reveals to Revathi how Dev troubled Ruhi by locking her in school washroom and throwing smoke bomb inside, leading to Ruhi getting unconscious.


He tells each and every evil action of Dev to Revathi, about the drug incident to trap Prisha and injuring Saaransh by changing his chemical beaker in the chemistry lab. Shocked, Revathi asks Tarun why he didn’t ever inform her about Dev’s misdeeds. She asks Tarun why he didn’t even try to stop Dev. Tarun tells Revathi that Dev doesn’t obey anyone. He says he even threatens principal sir. Tarun apologizes to Revathi and leaves. Revathi’s health worsens. Tense Aaliya gives medicine to Revathi. Revathi calls Aaliya strong for supporting what is right. She says she was so wrong about Dev. Revathi says Dev has used her illness for his advantage and deceived her badly.

She also says that Dev has just seen her love not anger. Revathi further says if she can ruin Dev, then she is capable of reforming him too. She resolutes to reform Dev. Revathi says she will talk to Dev now. Aaliya offers to go with Revathi, but the latter refuses. She leaves asking Aaliya to take care of herself. On the other hand, Prisha asks Rudra if he murdered Dev. As Rudra doesn’t answer. Prisha asks Rudra how he can do this. She tells Rudra that she knows about his anger but can’t think that he can even kill someone. Prisha in tension tells Rudra that they have to handle all this legally and says that she is calling the police.

Rudra tells Prisha that she is misunderstanding him, he didn’t murder Dev. Prisha reminds Rudra that she told him that she will talk to Revathi. She tells Rudra that she even talked to Revathi and the latter promised her that she will get Dev punished. Prisha in tension tells Rudra that now seeing this, Revathi won’t spare them. She doesn’t listen to Rudra and tells him that she will make Revathi understand everything. Prisha also tells Rudra that she won’t let anything untoward happen to him. Rudra a little loudly asks Prisha to come back to her senses and hear him out.

He again tells Prisha that he didn’t kill Dev. Prisha asks who killed Dev, if not him. Rudra tells Prisha that Dev died because of some other reason. He reveals to Prisha that Dev fell by accident. Prisha says Dev was in hospital and asks Rudra how this can happen. She asks Rudra how Dev reached school and how he knew that Dev died by accident. Prisha gets uncontrollable and asks Rudra to tell her how Dev died. To control Prisha, Rudra tells Prisha that Saaransh saw Dec’s death. He reveals to Prisha that Dev wanted to kill Ruhi and was going to throw Ruhi from the terrace. Rudra says Saaransh reached the terrace to save Ruhi. He tells Prisha that Ruhi was trying to escape Dev but he caught her again. Rudra continues telling Prisha that after this Saaransh ran to save Ruhi, Dev slipped on the marbles scattered on the floor and slipped towards such a place, where construction was going on.

He further tells Prisha that the construction place failed to bear Dev’s weight, thus he slipped and fell from the terrace and died. Prisha gets shocked and says this is a serious accident. She says they will go to the police and tell them that it was an accident and was not done intentionally. Rudra asks Prisha if she thinks that the police will believe them. He tells Prisha that everyone knows that their and Dev’s family were not on good terms. Rudra also tells Prisha that everyone will think that they did this to take revenge. He reminds Prisha how badly Saaransh beat Dev in school. Rudra says everyone will feel that Saaransh did all this purposely as he hated Dev.

He tells Prisha that Saaransh will get arrested this way and he can’t see his son in prison. Prisha asks Rudra if approaching the cops isn’t an option, then what they will do. She tells Rudra that they will have to report Dev’s death. Rudra tells Prisha that they won’t inform the cops. He says he won’t let anything untoward happen to any member of his family. Rudra refuses to let Saaransh go to prison. He says he wants to save Saaransh at any cost. Prisha asks Rudra what he will do. Rudra shocks Prisha by telling her that he will hide Dev’s dead body somewhere. He says no one will come to know that they are involved in Dev’s death.

Prisha asks Rudra why they should be afraid, if they aren’t wrong. She says they will inform the cops and the latter will understand them. Rudra stops Prisha and again tells her that they won’t inform the cops. He tells Prisha that he can even go against her to save his son. Prisha tells Rudra that what they are doing isn’t right, they can’t take law in their hands. She asks Rudra to let law handle this as they will make everything alright. Rudra reminds Prisha that even she hid 5 years from law. He also reminds Prisha that she separated herself and Ruhi from him because of this same law. Rudra tells Prisha that this law won’t help them or their son, instead they will put Saaransh behind the bars.

Prisha tells Rudra that she can understand his fear. She says she is also Saaransh’s mother and doesn’t want him to suffer. Prisha says Dev’s death like this isn’t right. Rudra tells Prisha that he understands all of her words and it was Dev’s bar fate. He tells Prisha that he can take any risk with Saaransh’s life. Rudra also tells Prisha that he is hiding Dev’s body and she can’t stop him. Prisha wonders how to make Rudra understand. At Khurana Mansion, a doctor examines Ruhi and tells Sharda that she is absolutely fine now. He says he administered the bandage and the medicines. Sharda thanks the doctor for coming immediately. Doctor says it’s fine. He leaves, asking Sharda to make Ruhi have rest and call him up, if any issue arises.

Sharda goes to see why Saaransh looked so tense. She switches on the lights of Saaransh’s room. Seeing Saaransh’s scared condition, a worried Sharda asks Saaransh to tell her what happened. Saaransh recalls that Rudra asked him to not tell the truth to Sharda. He tells Sharda that his stomach is aching. Sharda gives medicine to Saaransh and hugs him. Saaransh requests Sharda to be with him and not leave him. Worried, Sharda tries to make a scared Saaransh sleep on her lap. At school, Rudra tells Prisha that the security guard is coming and they can’t let him see Dev’s dead body. He covers him and Prisha with the latterys saree and instructs her to make the guard believe that they are some romantic couple.

Guards arrive and feel disgusted seeing a couple in a romantic position. He leaves from there in disgust. Rudra tells Prisha that the annual function will be over soon and then it will become difficult for them to hide Dev’s dead body as everyone will come outside. He says they will have to hide Dev’s dead body quickly. Rudra asks Prisha to leave, if she doesn’t want to help/support him in saving Saaransh. Prisha stops Rudra and tells him that she will support him. At Khurana Mansion, Sharda covers asleep Saaransh and leaves from his room. She feels that something suspicious/fish is going on. Shara decides to call Rudra and ask him what is going on.

At school, Prisha and Rudra put Dev’s dead body in a sack and carry it to the parking lot. Rudra suddenly realizes that Sharda took their car and informs Prisha about it. They run and check if someone else’s car trunk is open. Prisha finds a car whose trunk is open and informs Rudra. Both of them hide Dev’s dead body in that car’s trunk. Revathi suddenly comes from behind and scares Rudra and Prisha. Rudra receives Sharda’s call and the latter asks him what made Saaransh so scared. Rudra tells Sharda that they forgot that she took the car. He also tells her that they will come home by taxi. Sharda gets confused. Rudra asks her to not take tension, he and Prisha are reaching home soon. He disconnects the call and thinks that he first needs to hide Dev’s dead body somewhere as soon as possible.

Sharda wonders why Rudra didn’t answer her questions properly. She says that she is feeling more tense now. Prisha explains to Revathi that Ruhi got unwell and Sharda took the car with the kids. She says that she and Rudra are thinking of hiring a taxi. Revathi offers to drop Rudra and Prisha. Prisha tells Revathi that she doesn’t need to bother. Revathi says it’s not a problem, she will drop them. Revathi unlocks her car. Rudra and Prisha get shocked knowing that it’s Revathi’s car, in which they hid Dev’s dead body. Both of them start sweating in tension.

In the next episode, Rudra will tell Prisha that they have to take lift from Revathi as they have no other option. On the other hand, Aaliya will call Saaransh and scare him by telling him something about Dev. Suddenly, a police check post will come in the way and Revathi will stop her car for checking. Constable will shout and call his senior saying that there is something in the car trunk. Rudra and Prisha will sweat more in tension, while Revathi will seem confused.

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  1. preeta is unbelieveble she act like she don’t care about luthra. and she will use her anger to get karan free and innocent


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