Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th April 2022 Written Update Hidden crime

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th April 2022 Written Update Hidden crime

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th April 2022 Written Update Hidden crime At Revati’s neighbor’s jagrata, Rudra starts singing devotional songs. Prisha feels quite worried. Everyone enjoys Rudra’s presence and singing. Prisha looks here and there and finds a few big black garbage bags kept near the drinking water table. She excuses herself to drink water and steals one garbage bag. Rudra completes his songs and thanks everyone for giving him the chance to sing devotional songs at mata rani’s jagrata. Prisha tells Revati that now she and Rudra need to leave. Revati tells Prisha that she felt good with her and Rudra’s presence at jagrata.

In a low voice, Prisha tells Rudra that she took a garbage bag, which they can use in hiding Dev’s body. Rudra says good and takes Prisha outside with him. Both Rudra and Prisha run to the parking lot and opens Revati’s trunk. They together take out Dev’s body covered in a sack and put it into the garbage bag that Prisha stole from Jagrata. They pick up Dev’s body to take it outside with them. A person comes and Prisha-Rudra gets shocked and scared seeing him. The person asks Rudra and Prisha what they are doing here. Rudra tells the person that they were picking up the garbage.

The person asks Rudra why he is doing such work being a rockstar. He offers help to Rudra. Rudra refuses his help and tells him that no work is big or small. He says he saw garbage kept in between people’s way, so he thought of putting it in the dustbin. The person again offers his help to Rudra and asks him to not refuse this time. Rudra allows the person to help him. Prisha leaves one side and the person tries to pick up Dev’s body with Rudra. He finds it heavy and asks Rudra if the garbage doesn’t seem heavier than normal. Rudra says he was thinking the same.


The person leaves helping Rudra to dump Dev’s body in the big garbage box thinking that it’s some heavy garbage. As the person leaves, Rudra and Prisha take Dev’s body out from the big garbage box. After this they put it in their car trunk. They sit in their car and discuss that they need to dispose of Dev’s dead body by tomorrow anyhow. Prisha tells Rudra that till tomorrow Dev’s body will start rotting and smelling, because of which they won’t be able to keep it in their car. She asks Rudra what to do. Rudra says he has an idea. He drives off to a shop. The shopkeeper asks Rudra, why suddenly he got in need of such a big freezer, that too so late at night.

Rudra and Prisha tell the shopkeeper that they have a big party at their house tomorrow for which they bought a lot of drinks. They say that the freezer of their house will not be able to store so many drinks and thus they had to come to his shop so late at night. Shopkeeper tells Rudra that he will send a big freezer to his home. Later, Rudra and Prisha are seen putting Dev’s body in the big freezer delivered to their house. They put ice above Dev’s dead body in the freezer. Prisha feels scared and guilty seeing Dev’s hand coming out. Rudra immediately adjusts Dev’s hand under the garbage bag. Rudra tells Prisha that Dev’s body will remain kept in the freezer and not smell till they decide what to do with it.

They get scared with Sharda’s sudden entrance and question. Sharda asks Prisha and Rudra what they are doing. Prisha immediately closes the freezer door, before Sharda comes closer. Sharda asks Rudra and Prisha why no one tells her what is going on in this house. She sees the freezer and asks Rudra-Prisha why they brought such a big freezer. Rudra tells Sharda that they are thinking of holding a party for Ruhi as she performed well in the annual function. He says he and Prisha brought the big-freezer to keep a lot of drinks in it. Sharda reminds Rudra that at their house party, the caterer comes and himself brings this big freeze. She asks Rudra-Prisha why they spend extra money on the freezer.

Prisha tells Sharda that the freezer is needed as this time, they are not calling the caterer. She says she will be preparing all food items and drinks. Rudra says they brought the big freezer as they would need a space to keep drinks. Prisha asks Sharda to help her in cooking party food and drinks. Sharda tells Prisha that she is always ready to help her. She asks Rudra-Prisha why they and their kids are tense and injured. She asks Rudra if he is hiding something from her. Rudra tells Sharda that everyone got worried seeing Ruhi injured. Sharda asks why Saaransh is so tense as she never saw him tense or worried like this. Rudra tells Sharda that Saaransh is also tense as he saw Ruhi getting injured in front of him.

Rudra and Prisha walk towards their room. Sharda looks back at the freezer with suspicion. Rudra and Prisha get shocked seeing Saaransh walking worriedly in their room in the dark. They ask Saaransh why he hasn’t slept till now. Saaransh tells Rudra and Prisha that he isn’t able to sleep as he sees the terrace incident and Dev’s death, whenever he closes his eyes. Rudra asks Saaransh why he is feeling worried as he told him that he and Prisha will handle everything and they did. He explains to Saaransh that he needs to calm down and hide the truth from everyone, even from Ruhi and Sharda. At the same time, Ruhi comes and asks Rudra-Prisha what they are thinking to hide from her.

Rudra, Prisha and Saaransh get shocked seeing behind them. Ruhi asks Rudra what he is hiding from her. She asks Rudra if he doesn’t consider her family. Ruhi tells Rudra that he hurt her by hiding something from him. She makes a sad face. Rudra tells Ruhi that it’s nothing. Ruhi tells Rudra that she heard his conversation with Saaransh. Prisha tells Ruhi that everyone has planned a surprise for her. Ruhi asks what it is. Rudra tells Ruhi that surprise won’t remain a surprise if revealed. Ruhi gets upset and tells Rudra that she will not talk to him, if he will not tell her what surprise is planned for her. Prisha tells Ruhi that they are organizing a surprise party for her and Saaransh as they performed well in the annual function.

Prisha asks Ruhi if her head wound is paining now. Ruhi tells Prisha that she is still feeling a little pain in her head wound. Ruhi asks Saaransh what happened between him and Dev after she fell unconscious by getting injured. Everyone gets shocked and Saaransh recalls the same incident. Rudra tells Ruhi that Saaransh and Dev’s fight ended as he reached there. Prisha tells Ruhi that they even talked to Dev’s mother after that and she scolded Dev a lot. She says after that Dev went somewhere. Ruhi asks Prisha where Dev went. Prisha tells Ruhi that even they don’t know as Dev didn’t tell them anything.

Ruhi says she wants to meet Dev’s mother and tell her how Dev scared her and was about to throw her from the terrace. Saaransh gets scared recalling the incident. Prisha tells Ruhi that she doesn’t need to meet Revati. Ruhi asks Prisha why she is asking her not to meet Revati as she also wants to complain to Dev’s mother, after all she revealed the truth to Revati. Rudra explains to Ruhi that she should not speak in between other’s family matters as they already talked to Dev’s parents and now they handle the matter on their own. Ruhi asks her parents what she should tell, if someone asks her how she got injured. Rudra asks Ruhi to tell everyone that she got injured by falling down.

Ruhi says she doesn’t lie to anyone as this is what Prisha taught her. Rudra tells Ruhi that she isn’t lying to anyone as she really got injured by falling. He asks Ruhi to just not tell anyone about Saaransh and Dev’s fight to anyone. Ruhi asks why. Rudra says this is their family matter and why they will disclose their family matters to anyone. He explains to Ruhi that some matters of family should not be known to outsiders. Rudra convinces Ruhi that she will not reveal this family secret (Dev and Saaransh’s fight) to anyone, no matter what happens. Ruhi promises Rudra that she won’t reveal their family’s secret to anyone.

Rudra and Prisha decide to sleep with their kids tonight. Ruhi gets happy. Saaransh tries to be fine. All four of them lie in bed together. Ruhi and Rudra somehow make their kids sleep. Rudra shifts to the sofa after the kids sleep. Prisha takes Rudra outside to talk. Prisha tells Rudra that she understands his anger. She tells Rudra that she accepts her mistake of hiding that Yuvraj murdered Rajiv. Prisha apologizes to Rudra. Prisha explains to Rudra that sometimes she wanted to tell him the truth but her mind feared separation from him. She tells Rudra that she can tolerate his hate and can’t live without him.

Prisha tells Rudra that he, Saaransh and Ruhi are important for her even more than herself. She tells Rudra that soon their small fight will turn into and kids will notice that. Prisha says she doesn’t want it. She requests Rudra to forgive her. Prisha bends down to touch Rudra’s feet to seek his forgiveness. Rudra steps back, making Prisha tense.

In the next episode, Revati will ask Vicky about Dev’s whereabouts. Vicky will reveal to Dev’s parents, police and principal that Dev told him that he will go to school and will do something with Prisha that she won’t be able to open her mouth in front of anyone. This information will shock Dev’s parents. Rudra and Prisha will be seen searching for something in Dev’s dead body. At school, Rudra will ask Revati if she found something about Dev’s whereabouts. Revati will reply that she is going to check CCTV footage to know if Dev came to school or not. Police, Dev’s parents and principal will be seen watching the CCTV footage. Rurda and Prisha will look on.

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