Kundali Bhagya 27th April 2022 Written Update Preeta suspected

Kundali Bhagya 27th April 2022 Written Update Preeta suspected

Kundali Bhagya 27th April 2022 Written Update Preeta suspected Preeta and Shrishti have a talk in the kitchen. Preeta tells her that she has to support Karan, but she can’t show her true motives to anyone that she is really concerned for him. She tells that Prithvi is already suspecting her, she can’t show to the family that she is affected by Karan’s arrest. Shrishti asks what is Prithvi suspecting her for. Preeta tells that he doubts that those papers aren’t signed by Mahesh. She tells her that she has used those property papers and became the owner of the house, the truth is Mahesh has never signed the papers. Shrishti stops her from saying the truth. Preeta goes to the café to meet the private investigator Madan. He tells her that he works undercover, she shouldn’t judge him by his looks.

He asks her if she got the money. She pays him the money and asks him to find out the evidence in Karan’s favor, and also the real culprit who has framed Karan in the match fixing charge. Sameer suspects Preeta after Karan begged him to believe his brother. He follows Preeta to the cafe and finds her with Madan. He doesn’t know who is Madan, since he has seen her for the first time. Preeta wants to find the proof in Karan’s favor and then bail him out. Madan agrees to find the evidences as soon as possible. Preeta shows her immense faith on Karan. She supports Karan, but Sameer staying far from her, fails to hear her words. She thinks once she gets the evidence, it will be too easy to find the actual culprit. Will she learn about Prithvi’s crime? Will Sameer misunderstand Preeta and get against her? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Shrishti asks Sameer to not suspect Preeta, after all he knows the reason for Preeta’s stay in the family. Sameer tells that Karan is so broken, it’s a big downfall for him, its because of Preeta. She asks him if he thinks its happening because of Preeta. He tells that he will trust Karan, who asked him to believe him once. She cries. He asks her if she will scold him now. He loves Karan a lot. He can’t see Karan in the jail. He cries for Karan. He feels helpless that Karan’s future and life got ruined. She consoles him. She hugs him. He makes a leave from there. Shrishti gets upset that Sameer and her relation is spoiling again because of Karan and Preeta’s problems.


Kundali Bhagya 27th April 2022 Written Update Preeta suspected:

Karan is occupied with Preeta’s memories. He can’t believe that she cheated him. Preeta is also thinking of him. She remembers his feelings. She tells that Karan has got roses for her and mentioned about the thorns, it signifies his anger, he doesn’t realize what he tells in anger. She forgives him for his harsh words spoken in anger. She sees his photo and apologizes to her. She promises him that he will very soon understand that she is doing everything for his betterment. Next day, Preeta leaves from the house. She finds a neighbor lady speaking ill about Karan. Sameer finds Preeta leaving and follows her to know the truth. Sameer gets caught by Madan. Madan tells that he can catch anyone’s lie, Sameer is surely following someone. He appears like a goon to Sameer.

Sameer is shocked when he finds Madan with Preeta. He asks her not to go on his looks, he isn’t such like he appears, he is undercover. Preeta tells that she spoke to him last night. He asks her to come to the point. Sameer tries to hear them. Madan tells that he knows everything about Karan’s story, she can pay him the money and make him start his work soon. Preeta pays him the money. She asks him to gather proof in Karan’s favor. Madan tells her that she will get the information soon. He leaves from there while talking to another client that he can change anyone’s image from good to bad. Sameer misunderstands Preeta. He sadly leaves.

Preeta hears the people talking wrong about Karan. She defends Karan. She asks them to believe Karan, he is innocent, he will be proved innocent very soon. She worries for Karan. She gets Girish’s call. He asks her if he should cook the food. She tells that she will come home and cook the food herself. Sameer remembers Karan and Preeta’s words. He is confused. He doesn’t understand anything. Shrishti comes home to meet Preeta. Girish tells her that Preeta has gone out, she will come soon and cook food. She tells that she will help him. Girish tells that Preeta asked him not to cook, she wants to cook the food herself. Preeta arrives home and meets Shrishti. She thanks Shrishti for the support.

She tells that she feels the entire world is going against Karan. She is upset. She tells that Karan didn’t do anything wrong, he didn’t get involved in match fixing, someone has conspired to frame him and ruin his career. She wants to find out the culprit. She feels sorry for Karan, who was excited for his comeback after two years. She tells that Karan had practiced a lot for the BCL match, his lifestyle and career would have turned like before if he had succeeded. Shrishti doesn’t want to tell her what Karan thinks about her. She thinks to not hurt Preeta’s sentiments.

Preeta tells that she has to prove Karan innocent, Prithvi is suspecting her intentions for coming back into the family, he thinks that she came back for the family, not for money. She can’t let him know the truth that Mahesh never signed the property papers. Shrishti asks her to forget this and just focus on cooking the food for Karan. She thinks Preeta is being tested by fate. She feels sorry that Preeta will get heartbroken by Karan’s rudeness. She asks Preeta not to go to meet Karan, he is upset with her, he may not eat the food if she visits him, and Prithvi will also suspect her more. She asks Preeta to send the food by Rakhi, Karan will be glad meeting Rakhi and also eat the food.

Preeta likes her idea. Shrishti cares a lot for Preeta. She knows that Karan is much upset with Preeta, he hates Preeta thinking she has spoiled her career. Rakhi prays for her son’s return. She tells that when they don’t get an answer, then they turn towards the God to seek help. She wants to know why did this happen with Karan, why did he lose his hard-earned name and fame. Rakhi sheds tears. Preeta and Shrishti see Rakhi crying and feel sad. Preeta consoles Rakhi, who questions her pretence.

Rakhi starts losing faith on Preeta. She feels wrong to believe Preeta. She asks Preeta about her media statement. She tells that a person’s heart breaks when a hope breaks. Preeta tells that she isn’t pretending anything, she isn’t saying that she is upset, she has come to give the tiffin for Karan, if Rakhi takes it, then Karan is likely to have the food. Rakhi thanks her. She rushes to meet her son. She knows that Shrishti is a nice girl. She asks Shrishti to never change herself, like Preeta changed her colours.

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