Anupama Namaste America 27th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 5th May 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 27th April 2022 Written Update Late at night, Anupama tells Moti Baa (Vanraj’s grandmother) that she knows that her feet are in pain. She sits near Moti Baa and applies oil to her feet. Moti Baa praises Anupama for getting the opportunity to go to America on the basis of her dancing talent. She tells Anupama that she was the first daughter-in-law in her village who came to town with an open veil. Moti Baa also tells Anupama that many women came to town but failed to see the city.

She further tells Anupama that her village women used to see films in theater with their veil on. Anupama asks why. Moti Baa says they thought heroes of films will see their faces from behind the screen. Both Moti Baa and Anupama laugh together. Moti Baa says her husband supported her a lot. Anupama asks Moti Baa if her husband supported her just like Vanraj is supporting her. Moti Baa tells Anupama that her time was different and old. She also tells Anupama that back then, women would mention their husband’s name in ration cards by using either their kids or brother-in-law’s name.


Moti Baa says she sometimes thinks that society made such rules prudently. She tells Anupama that society intentionally didn’t give women the right to take their husband’s name, thinking that the woman who won’t be able to take their husband’s name, also won’t ever be able to ask for her rights. Moti Baa says that even today she doesn’t take her husband’s name and asks Anupama to start addressing Vanraj as Mr. Shah. Anupama tries it and tells Moti Baa that she won’t be able to address Vanraj as Mr. Shah or using his name. Moti Baa explains to Anupama, that a person gives less importance to himself or herself if his/her life partner/companion doesn’t value him/her.

She gives examples of Leela and Hasmukh to Anupama. Moti Baa tells Anupama that Leela doesn’t value Hasmukh as he earns less. She says Hasmukh doesn’t complain but Leela’s words hurt/prick him. Anupama tells Moti Baa that Leela really loves Hasmukh a lot. Moti Baa asks Anupama if she prepares lentils (Dal) by only putting salt in it or if she adds turmeric too. Anupama tells Moti Baa that both salt and turmeric are necessary to be added in lentils. Moti Baa explains to Anupama that similarly both husband and wife’s love and respect towards each other are important to make a relationship work.

She further explains to Anupama that the one who can’t respect you sincerely, then that person can’t even love you sincerely. Moti Baa tells Anupama that Vanraj also doesn’t cherish or value her just like Leela. She also tells Anupama that someday this will affect/prick her. Moti Baa further tells Anupama that old people are like trees on the periphery and there is no guarantee about their lifeline. Anupama asks Moti to not say such things. Moti Baa asks Anupama to run her household, raise her children, look after her husband and do whatever she wants to but keep her dreams alive.

She explains to Anupama that if she will keep her dream alive in her eyes, then only she will make an effort to make it reality. Moti Baa also explains to Anupama that it doesn’t matter if her efforts bear any fruit or not but will get her respect for herself in her own eyes. She further explains to Anupama that success gets a person noticed in the world but efforts alone makes a person notice himself/herself. Moti Baa asks Anupama to keep trying and leave rest to God. Leela comes there and gets angry overhearing Moti Baa encouraging Anupama to fulfill her dreams. She also feels angry seeing Moti Baa loving Anupama just like her own daughter.

Anupama feels happy getting so much love from Moti Baa. She goes to her room and finds Vanraj sleeping. Anupama picks up her passport from the table and asks him to forget resting in almirah and start working to send her to America. She says tomorrow, she will surprise everyone with her stunning performance in the audition. Anupama twirls in happiness. She thinks God gave her a supportive husband and thanks god. Thinking that Vanraj is sleeping, Anupama indirectly tells him that she loves him a lot. She sleeps happily. Vanraj wakes up as Anupama keeps her hand on him.

He thinks Anupama is a good dancer but he doesn’t want his wife to be a dancer. Vanraj also thinks he wants his wife to just remain a housewife as wife’s place is just in the kitchen, not on the stage. He further thinks if he will let Anupama fly and fulfill her dreams, she will think of herself bigger and better than him. Vanraj thinks once Anupama will go out for dance competitions outside, she won’t focus on household works and family responsibilities. He decides that he won’t let Anupama go anywhere or fulfill her dreams and her world will always stay in the Shah house’s courtyard.

At the same time, he receives a message. Next morning, Anupama will be seen running happily in the streets. She will greet and talk to everyone. A person will give Anupama her shopping bag that she forgot behind. Anupama will run and buy pooja items and vegetables. The vegetable seller asks Anupama to buy vegetables from him only after returning from America. Anupama assures the vegetable seller that she will buy vegetables from him only after returning from America as like him, no one sells free chillies and coriander in America. Everyone present in street claps for Anupama.

At Shah house, Anupama tells Vanraj standing with a camera that she is ready. She gets shy when Vanraj praises her look. Anupama takes elders blessings before recording her audition. Leela taunts Anupama’s dancing skills. Angry Moti Baa shuts and scolds Leela for taunting Anupama. Anupama prays to God. Vanraj tells Anupama to start her dance performance quickly as he brought the camera at 150rs./hr. Shocked Leela says it’s so expensive. Moti Baa tells Leela that Vanraj didn’t bring a camera, selling her jewelry, that she is getting so exasperated. Dolly sees that Vanraj hasn’t switched on the video camera.

Vanraj says he forgot as he is handling the video camera for the first time today. Dolly asks Anupama to start again. Vanraj tells Anupama that she will have to get habitual of retakes, if she wants to become a star. He taunts Anupama for taking half an hour for her make-up. Vanraj starts recording Anupama’s performance but Samar comes in between and says that he also wants to dance. Vanraj asks little Samar to step back and tells him that boys don’t dance. Moti Baa says Hritik Roshan and Govind also dance. She tells Samar that even boys dance and asks him to dance as she will see who stops him. Dolly, Moti Baa, Paritosh and Anupama praise little Samar.

Moti Baa asks Samar to stop and let his mother dance. Samar says, “All the best” to Anupama. When Anupama starts dancing again, Samar interrupts her saying that he needs to go to the washroom. Moti Baa stops Anupama from taking Samar to the washroom. Vanraj rudely tells Anupama that he kept all his work on hold to shoot her audition video. He rudely asks Anupama if he is a cameraman. Dolly refuses to take Samar to the washroom, when Moti Baa asks her to. Then, Moti Baa convinces reluctant Leela to take Samar to the washroom. Leela taunts Anupama and takes Samar to the washroom.

Finally, Anupama starts performing and Vanraj records it. In between, Vanraj receives Ritika’s message telling him that she will wait for him at her favorite restaurant at lunch time. In the same message, Ritika tells Vanraj that she knows that he would be angry with her but she also knows that he will come to meet her. In all this, Vanraj loses his focus on recording Anupama’s performance. He says enough and closes the camera. When Moti Baa questions his actions, Vanraj tells her that no one sees the full audition video. Vanraj says he needs to return the camera, otherwise rent will get doubled.

As Vanraj starts leaving, Anupama runs behind him asking his opinion about her performance. Anupama feels a little disappointed as Vanraj leaves without giving his opinion on her performance. Moti Baa and Dolly praise Anupama’s performance. Moti Baa assures Anupama that she will surely clear the dance audition. In his room, Vanraj tries on various shirts and t-shirts. He finalizes a cool t-shirt to wear and colors his hair using mascara. Vanraj leaves after putting on perfume. He says, see you Ritika and smirks. Leela stops Vanraj and asks him if Anupama’s dance and going to America seems right to him.

She tells Vanraj that his grandmother and father think differently but she and he are the same. Leela asks Vanraj, what’s wrong with him. Vanraj tells Leela that he will not send Anupama’s dance video forward. Leela smiles and relaxes hearing this. Both little Samar and Paritosh share Anupama’s happiness with her. Vanraj overhears all this and says Anupama will forever stay a housewife as wife belongs to the house only. He thinks Anupama’s dream of going to the US will never be fulfilled and his unfulfilled dream (Ritika) has returned from the US.

Hearing Vanraj’s bike sound, Anupama says she forgot to keep her audition tape in front of God to take his blessings. She runs behind Vanraj to stop him from leaving but fails. She wards off bad sight from Vanraj. Moti Baa scolds Anupama for forgetting to take God’s blessings for her audition tape. She asks Anupama if it is important to ward off evil eyes from Vanraj or to take the tape from him. Anupama says for her, warding off evil eyes from Vanraj is more important. Moti Baa gets disappointed. Anupama tells Moti Baa that she wants to save Vanraj from women’s evil eyes.

Leela overhears Anupama and Moti Baa’s conversation. She says that Vanraj has already been jinxed by Anupama and that is why Vanraj got a wife like Anupama. Leela says her and Vanraj’s choice would have been a rich, english speaking girl/woman from an affluent family. Ritika is seen waiting for Vanraj. She gets upset as Vanraj takes time to meet her. Vanraj is seen standing outside the restaurant. He sees Ritika waiting for him. The episode ends.

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