Anupama Namaste America 28th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 5th May 2022 Written Update

Anupama Namaste America 28th April 2022 Written Update Vanraj sees Ritika waiting for him inside the restaurant. He smirks and checks his hair in the bike mirror. Suddenly, a flashback appears and Ritika back hugs Vanraj. Vanraj complains to Ritika that she always arrives late. He tells Ritika that he has been waiting for so long. Ritka says she is just 1 hour late today. She asks Vanraj if she can’t make “her baby (her boyfriend” this much. Vanraj tells Ritika that she can make him wait as long as she wants to.

Vanraj tells Ritik that he saw a dream in which he was being announced as the “CEO of the year. He says he also saw him standing with the trophy in his hands and everyone is clapping. Vanraj tells Ritika that he further saw his family and her sitting on the front seat. Ritika feels irritated seeing Vanraj’s love and attachment towards her family. Vanraj tells Ritika that he also dreamt of giving a speech and telling everyone that his family and her (Ritika’s) love is behind his success. He tells Ritika that she is his first love.


Vanraj hugs Ritika and tells her that soon he will start making his dreams come true. He tells Ritika that he will even conquer the world for her. Ritika caresses Vanraj. Flashback ends. Vanraj gets down from his bike and stands outside the restaurant. He watches Ritika waiting for him while drinking coffee/tea. He says that he never thought that the girl for whom he wanted to conquer the world would change his world so drastically. At Shah house, little Paritosh and Samar are seen running inside the house. Anupama gets pushed by them and Vanraj’s stuff including his trophy falls down from her hand.

Leela asks Anupama to be careful as it is her son’s pride. Moti Baa makes Anupama stand. Leela says Anupama won’t understand the value of the trophy as she never received even a certificate in school. Moti Baa tells Leela that Vanraj could hold this trophy because Anupama took care of children, cooking, cleaning and all other responsibilities of the house. She says that husbands are blessed with good fortune only when their wives are the lady luck. Moti Baa explains to Leela that Vanraj won’t be able to handle his responsibilities if Anupama doesn’t look after children and his family.

Leela feels irritated. Moti Baa says their house will have two showcases. She says Vanraj’s trophies will occupy one showcase and Anupama’s trophies will occupy the other showcase. Leela asks Moti Baa, when did Anupama win any trophy. Moti Baa says soon Vanraj will be seen standing with Anupama’s trophy in his hands, like today Anupma is standing with Vanraj’s trophy in her hand. Anupama smiles in hope and happiness. Leela feels worried and angry. On the other hand, Vanraj keeps making Ritika wait for him. Flashback starts, Vanraj is seen running towards Ritika to stop her. He apologizes to her, holding his ears.

Vanraj explains to Ritika that he left home on time but suddenly his father fell ill and he had to give him his medicines. He says after that he had to pick up Moti Baa from the station. Vanraj explains to Ritika that after all this he did his office work as he wants to get an early promotion. He says he has joint family responsibilities. Ritika tells Vanraj that he won’t have to take care of his family’s responsibilities after their marriage as they will live separate from his family. Seeing Vanraj’s shocked and sad face, Ritika tells Vanraj that soon he will get used to it. Flashback ends. Ritika orders another drink for herself.

Vanraj smirks seeing Ritika getting irritated, waiting for him. At Shah house, Dolly tries to teach English to Anupama. Anupama gives a weird and wrong answer to Dolly’s questions. Dolly tells Anupama that she knows the answer but is still giving the wrong ones. Anupama tells Dolly that she always gets afraid of english. Dolly tells Anupama that it’s just English, not some monster that she is getting afraid of. Dolly asks Anupama to work hard. Anupama tells Dolly that she isn’t asking her questions, the way she taught her. Dolly tells Anupama that US residents don’t speak English in their Gujrati accent, like them. She explains to Anupama that US residents talk in an American accent.

Anupama asks Dolly how she will speak in an American accent. Dolly asks Anupama to speak English in her own way. She tells Anupama that she must understand the US resident’s accent too. Anupama tells Dolly that she will act asleep, if someone tries to talk to her in the US. Dolly explains to Anupama that she knows a little English and just needs to pick up or understand the American accent. She also explains to Anupama that if she will understand the American accent, she will be able to talk to people in case of some emergency. Anupama tells Dolly that she is right and requests Dolly to teach her.

Dolly teaches English to Anupama and explains the American accent to her. She cheers for Anupama, when she perfectly speaks a full sentence in English. Dolly asks Anupmaa to not get nervous as US residents will surely help her like they help foreigners and guests in their country and city. She tells Anupama that US residents only have different complexions but everyone has a heart. Anupama feels a little confident now. She tells Dolly that Hasmukh is getting fat and she will surely make him lose weight till next diwali. Anupama also tells Dolly that she will make Samar wear Paritosh’s old shirt. She further tells Dolly that she had a tough time, making Samar stop eating mud.

Anupama says she has to keep a watch on Samar 24/7. She asks Dolly what if Samar starts eating mud behind her back. Anupama shares her tension with Dolly that Paritosh might get affected by the wrong manners of their neighbor Vimla’s children. She says Vimla’s children are abusive and back answers elders. Anupama tells Dolly that she keeps an eye on Paritosh from the terrace, when he goes to play with Vimla’s children. Dolly asks Anupama to not worry about small things. Anupama tells Dolly that it’s very important for a mother. Anupama tells Dolly that she is getting worried for family, even before her visit to America hasn’t been confirmed.

She tells Dolly that she hasn’t stepped out of the house for even 7 hours after marriage. Anupama says that she doesn’t even visit her mother, who lives two blocks away. She asks how she will live 7 days away from her family without being tense. Dolly tells Anupama that she will have to sacrifice something to gain something. She explains to Anupama that she won’t even realize how 7 days will pass. Anupama shares her worry for her family’s responsibility behind her with Dolly. Dolly explains to Anupama that she doesn’t have to feel guilty about taking just 7days for herself from her whole life. She also explains to Anupama that she is doing nothing wrong.

Dolly tells Anupama that she can visit America freely as she, Hasmukh and Moti Baa will handle everything and everyone. On the other hand, Vanraj enters the restaurant and Ritika gets happy seeing him after a long time. They feel reluctant initially but hugs each other anyway. This hug makes Vanraj recall requesting Ritika to not break up with him. Flashback shows Vanraj begging Ritika to give him some time to become a rich and successful man. He also tells Ritika that he will fulfill all her dreams and desires. Ritika apologizes to Vanraj and tells him that she said yes to the marriage proposal sent by her father’s friend’s son, Ravi. She tells Vanraj that she needs to be practical as Ravi works in silicon valley in the US.

Vanraj asks Ritika what about them. Ritika asks Vanraj to move on and get married to someone else. She leaves telling Vanraj that she loves him but she loves her life too. Vanraj breaks down and the flashback ends. At Shah house, Anupama wonders if she would get selected or not. She remembers Vanraj by applying his perfume to her. Anupama decides to take Vanraj’s perfume with her to America thinking that this way she will miss him less. She calms down, when she saves Vanraj’s perfume bottle from falling down and breaking. At the restaurant, Ritika asks Vanraj if he is wearing her favorite perfume. Vanraj tells Ritika that he wore his wife’s favorite perfume.

He tries to make Ritika believe and feel jealous thinking that he has a happy married life. Vanraj tells Ritika that his wife is a good dancer and shows his family and Anupama’s photograph to her, kept in his wallet. He says he has a small house, a beautiful wife and two children. Vanraj also tells Ritika that Moti Baa says carrying wife’s photograph along brings good luck as she is considered lady luck of the family. Both order tea and coffee. Vanraj asks Ritika what suddenly brought her to India as she got everything she wanted in Silicon Valley. Ritika tells Vanraj that she has realized that she lost/left much more behind than she gained. She tells Vanraj that left him behind.

Ritika says she took a very calculative decision but heart has its own equations. She tells Vanraj that she accepts her mistake and wants to rectify it now. Ritika says, “I love you” to Vanraj.” Vanraj tells Ritika that he has moved on as he is married and has two children now. Ritika requests Vanraj to stop acting as she has noticed that he came late and is even ignoring her. She also tells Vanraj that he mentioned his family, showed their pictures and told her that he has worn his wife’s favorite perfume, as soon as he came to the restaurant.

Ritika asks Vanraj to stop pretending for God’s sake. She tells Vanraj that their friend circle is the same, because of which she knows that he doesn’t like Anupama and doesn’t take her anywhere with him. Ritika asks Vanraj to directly tell her if he is angry with her. She tells Vanraj that she knows that he wore her favorite perfume, not his wife’s. Ritika also tells Vanraj that she is also wearing the same men’s perfume for his sake. She requests Vanraj to tell her his final decision clearly to her. Vanraj asks Ritika to stop, when she tries to get romantic with him. Ritika tells Vanraj that they both know that they love each other and aren’t happy with their current life partners. She asks Vanraj to leave Anupma as she is also leaving her husband.

At the same time, Vanraj receives his boss’s call. Vanraj’s boss scolds Vanraj for not making Anupama’s audition recording reach his wife on the decided time. Vanraj shifts all the blame on Anupama, saying that Anupama would have forgotten as she remains busy the whole day in household chores. Boss tells Vanraj that it was just 10 minutes of work. He also tells Vanraj that his wife would scold him now. Vanraj apologizes to his boss. He asks his boss to think if Anupama isn’t able to give an audition, how she will be able to go to the US alone. Vanraj says that Anupama doesn’t even go to the market alone and asks his boss to think how she will travel alone so far.

Boss tells Vanraj that it’s not his job to decide this. He disconnects the call, asking Vanraj to send him Anupama’s audition video as soon as possible. Vanraj feels irritated. Ritika tells Vanraj that they will have to make a quick decision for them. Vanraj tells Ritika that he had a tough time, ending their chapter. He says he isn’t interested in any kind of beginning. Vanraj tells Ritika that he doesn’t want to complicate his simple and small life. Ritika cries and tries to convince Vanraj to patch up with her. Vanraj leaves requesting Ritika to not create anymore drama as he loves his life too. Both Ritika and Vanraj cry tears of separation.

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