Kundali Bhagya 29th April 2022 Written Update Broken Preeran

Kundali Bhagya 29th April 2022 Written Update Broken Preeran

Kundali Bhagya 29th April 2022 Written Update Broken Preeran Sameer spots Preeta and Shrishti with Maddy. He finds them meeting secretly at the back door. He can’t believe that Preeta is paying the money to the man for framing Karan. He gets mistaken. He goes to tell the entire family about Preeta. He tells that Preeta has hired someone to defame Karan by the match fixing blame. He tells the family that Preeta has planted the evidences against Karan. The family is shocked to know this. Kritika gets a chance to make the elders against Preeta. She defends Prithvi who is far better than Preeta.

Meanwhile, Biji and Janki meet Karan in the jail. He asks her if their relations will get affected if his terms with Preeta get spoiled and stop talking. Biji tells that it won’t be affected. Karan asks if Preeta and he aren’t together, then what will happen. Biji and Janki get a hint of his broken heart. Preeta tells Shrishti that there is no use in explaining Sameer or the family when Karan doesn’t trust her. She tells that questions arise in a relationship when there is no faith left in it. Preeta gets regretful over her life’s ups and downs, that made Karan away from her once again. What will Preeta do to win back everything she lost? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Maddy tells Preeta that Karan was arrested from the stadium. He asks Shrishti to keep patience and listen to him first. He tells that the media reached the changing room before Karan’s arrest, the media already knew the possible arrest, it means Karan is being framed. Shrishti tells that they should go to the police with the cctv footage. He tells that this evidence won’t help them, the police can call this a coincidence, they have to find more evidences. Preeta pays him more money. Sameer reaches there and finds Preeta paying cash to Maddy. He gets mistaken.


Kundali Bhagya 29th April 2022 Written Update Broken Preeran:

Preeta asks Maddy not to let anyone know about the media present in Karan’s changing room before the match. Sameer hears this and misunderstands her. Preeta tells that the culprit may get alert if they reveal this news. He asks her not to worry, he will get big information for her soon. She tells that she wants solid proof for Karan’s innocence. He promises that he will get a strong proof soon. She thanks him. Sameer gets the entire family there. He asks Preeta if she has sent that man. He tells that she can’t lie that there was no one because he has seen that man. He tells that Maddy has sent the media to Karan’s changing room on her saying. He accuses her.

On the other hand, Biji and Janki meet Karan, and cheer him up. Karan tells that he has no worry now because Biji has come to meet him. She tells that she will feel proud of him when he proves his innocence. She complains of Janki. She tells that the common people are foolish and innocent, they believe whatever they see on tv. Karan asks Biji if their terms will change if Preeta and he aren’t together. Biji tells that nothing will change between them. Malkhani meets them. Sameer asks Preeta to answer everyone. Preeta refuses. He accuses her for framing Karan in the match fixing. Rakhi asks Sameer what is he saying, did he lose his mind. Kareena asks why is she making Sameer quiet. She asks Sameer to tell them the matter.

Rakhi tells that Sameer has lost his mind. Sameer tells that he has seen the truth himself. Shrishti asks him how dare he accuse Preeta. Sameer tells that he isn’t mad, he has seen Preeta meeting someone at the café and paying him money, he found out about that man’s background, he learnt that the man takes money for wrong things. Shrishti tells that he is mistaken. Preeta asks Shrishti to not clarify anything and let them think whatever they want. Bani asks Preeta what does he mean. Preeta knows that Bani is angry, but she doesn’t care for anything. Prithvi and Sherlyn like the drama when the family confronts Preeta. Natasha tells that she can’t believe this that Preeta framed Karan.

Shrishti asks her not to get involved in the family matter. Sherlyn tells that Shrishti is also an outsider. Preeta scolds Sherlyn and asks her to shut up. Prithvi asks Preeta what will happen if she tells them anything, who will believe her, knowing she is with them just for money, Karan is behind bars because of her. Prithvi tells the family that he has stolen Preeta’s papers, he is better than Preeta. Shrishti reminds Prithvi his crimes. She tells that Preeta has freed Rishabh from the jail when Prithvi had framed him in the past. Kritika tells that Preeta is a great actress, she acts concerned, she helped Rishabh just for the sake of money. Shrishti defends her sister.

Prithvi asks her not to insult his wife. Sameer tells that he doesn’t care for the past, the truth is Preeta has snatched Karan from them. Shrishti asks him to not regret his words later. She tells that he knows everything that Preeta is doing for the family since the day one. Preeta asks her not to say anything, she is the house owner, she won’t give any clarification to anyone, because she doesn’t find it important. She asks Shrishti to come with her. She tells that Prithvi is also there. Prithvi tells that its unbelievable that Preeta is the culprit. Rakhi tells that she told Karan and now she will tell them also, Preeta can never do such a disgusting thing, she can never frame Karan in the match fixing blame.

Rakhi tells that something is missing, they aren’t able to see it. Kritika asks her to open her eyes and see the truth, Preeta has come back for the sake of money. She asks Rakhi to accept the truth. Prithvi wants to find out everything about Maddy, and know what is Preeta doing, what are her motives. Malkhani wants Karan to tell him about his recent movements. Biji asks Karan to talk to the lawyer. He asks her not to worry, he will never lose hope, he will come back soon, he didn’t do anything wrong so he isn’t scared. Malkhani is glad to see his positive attitude.

He tells that the fans will love Karan a lot, when he is proved innocent. He adds that Preeta fought him to prove Karan innocent. He informs about the court hearing. He tells that the judge is a big fan of cricket, he may stay upset with Karan, if he needs more time to prove his innocence, then the judge will misunderstand him. Karan asks him to prove him innocent soon. Preeta asks Shrishti to calm down, Prithvi is wrong, they know it well, the family isn’t aware of the truth. Shrishti tells that Sameer knows her truth, even then he is creating a mess. Preeta asks her if she trusts her.

Shrishti tells that she trusts him. She is upset that Sameer is doing this against them. Preeta tells that Sameer is Karan’s brother and understands him. Shrishti wants Sameer to differentiate between right and wrong. Preeta tells that it happens, Sameer is supporting Karan. Shrishti tells that Preeta was never wrong, she tries to do the right but gets blamed. Preeta tells that they should think of freeing Karan and not let his image spoil. She regrets that Karan is questioning her because their relationship is lacking trust.

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  1. Very stupid track they should let Mahesh die in the show because from last five years he is not doing anything in the show he was in coma before and now he is mad and if he says something Noone believes his, and Karan is now new villain in the show that I hate and Sameer and Kritika have no character stupid drama Only Prithavi running the show and they are showing girls are week have no self respect

  2. This show has become so boring all about sherlyn and pritvi attacking the luthras. Thats been the topic for too long. And kareena with her big mouth . Its tine these characters upgrade.


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