Kundali Bhagya Major twists 3rd May 2022 Top 11 Spoilers

Kundali Bhagya Major twists 3rd May 2022 Top 11 Spoilers

Kundali Bhagya Major twists 3rd May 2022 Top 11 Spoilers Kundali Bhagya Preeta reaches Prithvi’s truth. Maddy tells Preeta that he has brought her to Sandesh, the person with Sandesh is the real culprit who framed Karan. Preeta and Sameer, both try to see the person hiding his face behind the hood. Sandesh sees Preeta and asks Prithvi to run from there. Prithvi runs away from the hotel.

Meet episode spoiler – Shanty pushes Mrs. Meet:

Mrs. Meet shows Shanty the suicide note in which Latika has written that she gave up her life by jumping off the cliff and Shanty provoked her to do this. Mrs. Meet threatens Shanty that she will show the note to everyone and unmask his true face. Shanty and Mrs. Meet get into a fight. Shanty holds Mrs. Meet’s neck and pushes her off the cliff. Mr. Meet searches for Mrs. Meet everywhere but doesn’t find her. He gets worried.


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar episode spoiler – Armaan-Diya’s fight:

Armaan shouts at Diya for speaking repeatedly about Kajal. Diya assures Armaan that she was not aware of his and Kajal’s relationship. She swears before him. Armaan accuses Diya that she doesn’t understand his feelings. Diya says that if she will not care for his feelings then who else will. Armaan asks Diya to break her friendship with Kajal but she says that she works in her office. Armaan asks Diya to change her job.

Pandya Store episode spoiler – Rishita-Shiva’s 2nd task:

Rishita and Shiva reach the second round with a new task in which they are told to make a new thing from a scratch. Dhara is scared that if Rishita wins then she might spoil her and Shiva’s dreams. Rishita impresses the judges with her innovation. Shiva too makes an attempt at his idea but the judges seem unimpressed. Raavi, Gautam, and Dhara are scared.

Imlie episode spoiler – Aryan-Imlie’s romance:

Aryan receives a bouquet of flowers and he sees Imlie doing the decoration. He asks Imlie whether she sent him the bouquet. Imlie tells Aryan that she has ordered 20 kilos of cauliflower and kept it in the kitchen but it is not for him. Aryan saves Imlie from a tragedy and they both hug while flower petals fall on them. Aryan and Imlie look into each other’s eyes with love.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode spoiler – Sai confronts Virat:

Sai asks Virat why did he promise Bhavani that she will be a daughter-in-law and not a doctor. Virat assures Sai that she has no need to leave her profession and he lied to Bhavani.
Sai is in Virat’s arms and informs him that lie is a lie and till he speaks to Bhavani about this they will not move forward in their relationship. Virat agrees with her reluctantly.

Naagin S06 episode spoiler – Secret of Nag Mahal:

Pratha will unmask the secret hidden in the Nag Mahal. She finds a photograph containing many ladies standing in a saree. She realizes that this event has something to do with her. Seema vows to kill the person who comes between her goal to destroy the nation then be it the Naagin clan or her family. Rishabh’s real mother saves him from the fire and he asks Seema who is she. Pratha tells him that she is her mother.

Parineetii episode spoiler – Vicky punches Rajeev:

Rajeev asks the priest to perform the ceremony quickly. Neetii asks him to relax. Vicky and Parineet reach the venue. Vicky shouts at Rajeev and calls him a traitor. He holds Rajeev’s collar and tells him that he had a doubt about him but never imagined that he will fall so low. Vicky says that he is betraying Parineet as well as Neetii and pushes him. Neetii asks Vicky what has happened and he says that he is not Sanju but Parineet’s Rajeev.

Fanaa episode spoiler – Agastya’s custody:

Dadi tells Meera that there is no place for her in their house and Meera slaps her. Bua and Naveli are shocked. Meera asks Dadi to think before she speaks and says that her security will not remove her from her own house. She informs Dadi that she has got Agastya’s custody so this property is hers. Meera asks her to ask their lawyer about it. The lawyer informs Dadi that the court has given Agastya’s custody to Meera Raichand as they felt that she was involved in Agastya’s crimes.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain episode spoiler – Ram-Priya’s romance:

Priya and Ram share a romantic moment. Mahendra asks Shashi if Ram’s family knows about the papers and he says that they can reach it. Varun assures them that no one can reach it before him. Krish makes a plan with Ram and Priya to get the papers. Krish says that tomorrow they will get all the answers and wishes them luck.

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye episode spoiler – Soumya confronts Armaan:

Soumya waits for Armaan but he doesn’t land up as he is busy spending time with Prisha. Soumya becomes emotional and asks Armaan where he had gone at 11.30 as he was not present at his office. She reminds him that he had promised her that he will never lie to her. Soumya is sad that once again Armaan lied to her.


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