Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2022 Written Update Preeta reveals

Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2022 Written Update Preeta reveals

Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2022 Written Update Preeta reveals the truth Preeta meets Malkhani at the police station, where she tries to meet Karan and clarify herself. Preeta wants Karan to get freed on bail. She tells Malkhani to arrange bail for Karan. She adds that she has a big news to share with him, she has found out that Prithvi is behind this crime of framing Karan. Malkhani asks why would Prithvi do that. He also wants to know if she has some proof against Prithvi. She has no proof for her statement as of now. She is hopeful that Maddy will find out the proof for Karan’s innocence.

Prithvi tells Sherlyn that Preeta has caught him red-handed, he was trying to flee, when Preeta came and saw his face. He tells that Preeta got to see the face of the hoodie guy and understood that he is the one who has sent Karan behind the bars. Sherlyn gets tensed on knowing this. He tells her that Preeta knows that he is the real culprit. He doesn’t want Preeta to prove his crime and send him to jail again. What will Sherlyn and Prithvi do to save themselves? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Prithvi cleanly lies to the family. He puts the blame on Preeta. Shrishti asks Prithvi not to blame her sister. Sherlyn asks Sameer how did he change his mind so soon. She doesn’t want to believe him. Kareena tells that Shrishti has brainwashed Sameer, he is a fool to believe her. Preeta asks them if they have their own mind to think. She doesn’t have time to explain them anything. She wants to help Karan. She asks Shrishti to be careful that Sameer and Prithvi don’t fight further.

Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2022 Written Update Preeta reveals:

Preeta wants to meet Karan. Inspector tells her that Karan refused for meeting her. Malkhani meets her there. She asks about Karan. He tells that Karan is okay. She asks him about the evidences. He asks her how does she know about it. She tells that Maddy has informed her about Prithvi, who is behind this conspiracy. Malkhani asks her if she has any proof. Prithvi drinks in his room. Sherlyn comes there to look for him. She doesn’t see him and calls. He throws a thing and tells that he is in the room, where she can’t see him, while Preeta is so sharp that she can see him even in crowd. He reveals that Preeta has seen his face today and got to know the truth.

She asks him not to worry, the family won’t believe Preeta. He tells that the family means nothing to him, but the court decision matters, if Preeta presents the evidence against him, then he will be in trouble. She asks him if Preeta has come for the sake of family. He tells that Preeta is lying to them, she has come for the family, not money. He wants to ruin Preeta. He asks her to go away and leave him alone. She asks him to control his temper. On the other hand, Sameer and Shrishti have a talk at her place. She asks him why does he get angry. He tells that he is angry that Prithvi has got Karan jailed. She tells that even she gets anger on people but she doesn’t beat anyone, now Prithvi got alert and find ways to get saved. He tells that Prithvi has done a big crime.

Shrishti tells him that his action will have a reaction. Sameer asks her if she has called him to scold. She tells that she can’t scold him in front of his family. He asks her to end the topic. Janki meets them. Shrishti asks her not to take Sameer’s side now. Janki tells that Preeta has come home. Shrishti asks Preeta if she met Karan. Preeta asks Sameer is he okay. He apologizes for doubting her. She tells that its not his mistake, he believed Karan so he doubted her. She wants to get angry on Karan for such thinking. She tells him that they have to plan something to get Karan bailed out. She adds that Karan didn’t meet her, he thinks she is wrong. She asks them to think how they can help Karan.

She tells about Maddy’s shocking information, that the police is going to arrest Sandesh soon, Sandesh is the only person who can testify in Karan’s favor. She wants to find an evidence against Prithvi and Sandesh. Shrishti asks for Sandesh’s photo. Preeta asks what will she do of that. Shrishti tells that they can know Sandesh’s truth seeing his photo. Biji tells that Sandesh is greedy, he framed Karan for the sake of money. Preeta tells that they will frame Sandesh the same way like he framed Karan, they will bribe him and trap him. Shrishti tells that they will lay a trap for Sandesh. She shares her plan. She tells that she will make Sameer a hotel owner and put his fake details on the internet.

Sameer asks her if this is possible. She tells that her friend will make the fake profile for Sameer. Preeta asks Sameer to talk to Sandesh and call him to meet, then Sandesh will admit the truth and they will record the confession. She tells that they will ask Sandesh to frame a cricket player in match fixing, then he will tell them how he framed Karan. She asks Sameer not to give much time to Sandesh to think. She praises Shrishti for having such skills of a spy. Sameer contacts Sandesh. Sandesh wonders how did his new number reach someone. He doesn’t answer.

Shrishti tells that Sandesh will answer in some time. Preeta tells that maybe he is scared of getting trapped. Shrishti tells that Sandesh will realize the trap after stepping in it. Sandesh answers the call. Sameer asks him to meet him at the hotel if he wants to make money. Sandesh asks him about the work. Sameer lies about his hotel. Sameer asks him to come and meet him if he wants 50 lakhs and a US visa. He disconnects the call. Sameer thinks to call the hotel customer care and find out details about the hotel owner. Shrishti receives the call. She acts. Sandesh gets convinced and thinks its his lottery. Preeta tells that they will go to the hotel and wait for Sandesh.

Moreover, Preeta, Sameer and Shrishti lay a trap for Sandesh. Preeta and Sameer reach the hotel. Shrishti keeps an eye on Sandesh’s house. She informs Preeta that Sandesh didn’t leave from the house till now. Preeta tells her about the hotel suite. Shrishti tells that Sandesh is leaving from the house. She asks them to be ready. Preeta asks her to follow Sandesh and keep an eye on her. Sameer and Preeta rush to the hotel room and set the camera. She asks him not to wait for Shrishti and be ready. Sandesh and Shrishti reach the hotel. Sandesh is confused about meeting the hotel owner. He thinks that it maybe a trap and he should leave. Shrishti gets stressed seeing him leave. He decides to check the deal once. He thinks he will get rich if the deal is true. She informs Sameer that Sandesh is heading to the suite.

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  1. Too much bad thing winning is shown why can’t slme where truth win. Foolish and too much time pass it is getting bored. Story can be shown in right prospective


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