Bhagya Lakshmi 6th May 2022 Written Update Danger alarm

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th May 2022 Written Update Danger alarm

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th May 2022 Written Update Danger alarm Rishi misunderstands Lakshmi. She doesn’t understand what happened to him. Rishi goes out and meets some kids. A little girl goes to take Rishi’s help. She tells that the boys aren’t allowing her to play football. Rishi tells that girls can also play football. He asks the boys to let Juhi play with them and buy a new football. Malishka and Lakshmi come face to face. Lakshmi asks her if she has bought the entire resort and also the right to interfere in others’ lives. Malishka asks how dare she say this. Lakshmi asks her not to bring Rishi between their fight, she shouldn’t spoil Rishi’s reputation.

She tells that Malishka has done a real bad thing today because of her jealousy. She asks Malishka not to do anything against Rishi and her relation from next time. She warns Malishka to not come between a husband and wife. She calls Malishka her Sautan. She tells that Malishka can’t get anything by snatching. She calls it a good advice. She asks Malishka to stay in her limits, and not trouble Rishi and her again. Lakshmi looks for Rishi. Juhi plays the football with the kids.

She goes and falls down in the roadside pit. The boys see her fall down and run away to save themselves. Rishi looks for Juhi. A waiter sees Rishi and recalls the last time they met. Juhi shouts for help. Rishi sees her inside the cave pit and asks her to give her hand, he will save her. Lakshmi senses that Rishi is in trouble. Rishi also falls down in the cave. He acts heroic. He tells that he didn’t get scared. Juhi runs on seeing some flying bats. She hides. Rishi asks her where did she go. He asks Juhi to follow his voice and come out. She gets scared of darkness. He also feels scared.


Bhagya Lakshmi 6th May 2022 Written Update Danger alarm:

Rishi finds Juhi. He asks her not to scream. Lakshmi senses Rishi is in danger and prays for him. Rishi and Juhi are stuck in the cave. She cries and asks did he come to save her, then why is he crying. He tells that he isn’t scared. She tells that she is a kid, but not a fool. He remembers Lakshmi when he hears Juhi. He tells Juhi that he will talk to his mum. They both shout for help. The waiter thinks to inform Balwinder about Rishi. He calls Balwinder. Balwinder vents anger on someone. He gets into a big fight. He answers the call. He is shocked to know about Rishi.

He tells that he will come there. Lakshmi asks Neelam if Rishi is with him. Neelam asks her can’t Rishi stay with his family. Lakshmi asks her not to misunderstand. Neelam reprimands her and calls it a big mistake that she got Rishi married to Lakshmi. Lakshmi clears that she didn’t call the police. Neelam calls her a big lie. She tells that Lakshmi is unlucky for Rishi, she is not of any good use to them. She insults Lakshmi and calls her worthless. She doesn’t want Lakshmi to stain the family respect. She goes away. Lakshmi gets the pandit’s call.

He tells that he used to inform Neelam about the Markesh dosh attacking Rishi. He doesn’t think Neelam will believe her. He tells Lakshmi that Rishi will be attacked today, she shouldn’t go away from him, else he can’t get protected. He asks her to save her husband’s life. Lakshmi knew that something is wrong. She looks for Rishi. She recalls that Rishi might be near the cave pit. She runs to see Rishi. She looks for Rishi. Rishi tries to move the rocks away. Juhi asks him to lift her. They decide to shout for help. Lakshmi reaches there and asks Rishi is he inside. She hears his voice.

She finds him stuck and asks why did he come there. Juhi tells that Rishi had come to save her. He asks Lakshmi to save Juhi first. Lakshmi also falls down in the cave. The boys see them stuck. They don’t think they should tell someone. They don’t want any beating from their parents. They go away. Rishi asks Lakshmi why did she fall down when she came to help. Lakshmi asks him why did he move away. She looks for her phone. They get into an argument. She finally gets the phone. She thinks to call Malishka. Malishka is frustrated. She tells Kiran that she is done with the drama, she just wants Rishi back.

Kiran asks her to always stay good towards Lakshmi and not lose her temper, try to make Lakshmi out of his wife. She asks Malishka not to bring ego in between. Malishka doesn’t want Lakshmi to win at any cost. Kiran also wants Malishka to become Rishi’s wife. Juhi asks who is Malishka. Lakshmi tells that Malishka is a friend, but she isn’t good. Rishi asks her not to teach this to a kid. He defends Malishka that she wanted to save him, after seeing Lakshmi adding a pill in the water. Lakshmi doesn’t want to argue with him in front of a kid. He tells that Malishka isn’t bad. She asks him to tell Juhi who is Malishka. She stays close to Rishi.

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