Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th May 2022 Written Update Prisha in danger

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th May 2022 Written Update Revati strikes

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th May 2022 Written Update Prisha in danger Prisha reaches the hospital and takes Nalini’s locker keys from a nurse. As nurse leaves, Prisha starts checking Nalini’s stuff for any clue related to Dev’s murder. She checks Nalini’s phone but doesn’t find her boyfriend’s name or number. At the same time, Nalini’s phone rings. A woman worriedly asks Nalini about her whereabouts. Prisha tells this woman that she is not Nalini. She takes this woman’s address and reaches her house to meet her. Later, Prisha meets this woman, who turns out to be Nalini’s mother.

She tells Nalini’s mother about Nalini’s accident. Prisha also tells Nalini’s mother that Nalini’s operation is going on and she might get fine soon with god’s grace. Nalini’s mother tells Prisha that Nalini took the wrong step/way by getting involved in an affair with a married man. She says she tried a lot to make Nalini understand her mistake but she didn’t pay heed to her words and even got pregnant with the child of that influential man. Prisha tries to calm Nalini’s mother. Nalini’s mother tells Prisha that this man is very elder to Nalini, rich and influential. From an old newspaper Nalini’s mother shows Nalini’s boyfriend’s photograph to Prisha.

Seeing Rakesh’s (Revati’s husband) photograph as Nalini’s boyfriend, shocks Prisha. Nalini’s mother tells Prisha that she knows Rakesh won’t ever accept Nalini and her child and also not ruin his already settled marriage. She says Rakesh won’t spare Nalini. Nalini’s mother tells Prisha that Rakesh is going to stand in this year’s election and for sure won’t accept Nalini and her child. Prisha understands that Nalini and Rakesh’s affair must have become a serious issue for Rakesh as he is going to stand in this year’s election. A head constable from Daryaganj police station calls Prisha and informs her that they found the truck driver who hit Nalini with his truck.


He asks Prisha to reach Daryaganj police station for giving her statement in Nalini’s accident case. Prisha informs Nalini’s mother about it. She leaves promising Nalini’s mother that she will take care of Nalini. Later at the police station, the head constable makes Prisha sign the statement against the truck driver, who hit Nalini. Being in the police station, Prisha hears the culprit truck driver saying that he was forced to do Nalini’s accident. He shouts and pleads saying that he was helpless to do it. Head constable takes the culprit truck driver outside. Prisha meets the truck driver and the truck driver apologizes to her for his misdeed.

Prisha tries getting information from the driver by asking him, who ordered him to kill Nalini. Head constable takes the truck driver with him telling Prisha that she can’t question him here. Recalling the truck driver’s pleas and words, Prisha understands that someone wants to kill Nalini. She wonders if it’s Rakesh who wants to murder Nalini. Later, Prisha meets Rudra in prison and tells him everything about Nalini’s accident and affair with Rakesh. She also tells Rudra that Rakesh is going to stand in this year’s election and he can’t ruin his reputation. Rudra tells Prisha that they have no evidence/proof against Rakesh.

After thinking a little, Rudra asks Prisha to visit the culprit truck driver (Budhiya)’s house and collect information or clues from his family. Prisha says fine and tells Rudra that she will first visit the police station to get the driver’s address. Constable comes and tells them that meeting time is over. Prisha saves Rudra from falling due to pain. She promises Rudra that she will soon get him acquitted and released. Rudra asks Prisha to take care of herself as the people whom she is going to deal with are very dangerous. He stops himself from expressing his love and care for Prisha recalling Prisha’s betrayal of hiding about Rajiv’s murderer.

Rudra tells Prisha that he is angry with her but he doesn’t want to be in the guilt that something happened to her because of him. He leaves and Prisha resolutes to end Rudra’s anger for her after sorting out their present problem and troubles. Prisa revisits Daryaganj police station and requests head constable to get her photocopy of Budhiya’s statement. As the constable leaves to get Budhiya’s statement’s photocopy, Prisha secretly checks the record register and captures Budhiya’s address in her phone. Taking Budhiya’s statement’s photocopy, Prisha leaves the Daryaganj police station. Later she visits Budhiya’s neighborhood.

Seeing Budhiya’s wife and son going somewhere, Prisha follows them. Following Budhiya’s wife, Prisha reaches a big and reputed school. Prisha wonders if Budhiya’s wife came to such a reputed school for her child’s admission or for searching for a job. She decides to leave thinking that she won’t get any information from Budhiya’s wife. At night, Prisha is seen sitting in the hospital. A nurse comes and apologizes to Prisha, saying that they failed even after trying hard. Media comes and asks Prisha what she is doing in the hospital. Prisha tells the media that she witnessed a pregnant woman’s accident outside the temple. She also tells the media that unfortunately the girl (Nalini) died after a lot of trials to save her.

Prisha further tells the Media that somehow doctors saved Nalini’s unborn child and kept him/her in the pathology lab, so that they can find his/her father through DNA test. She says after finding out Nalini’s child’s father, they will contact him and call him to perform Nalini’s last rites. Later, while having dinner, Rakesh hears the news of Nalini’s death. He gets shocked on knowing that hospital staff are searching for him through his and Nalini’s unborn child’s DNA to call him for performing Nalini’s last rites. Revati also hears the same news and says sooner or later, Nalini’s unborn child’s father will come in front of everyone. Rakesh feels scared and Revati leaves the dining table.

At the hospital, Rakesh enters the hospital’s pathology lab in black clothes like a thief. He finds Nalini’s unborn child’s DNA report. Rakesh says now no one will get to know his reality or catch him. Prisha switches on the lights and shocks Rakesh. She tells Rakesh that she knew he would come here and is aware of his affair with Nalini. Prisha also tells Rakesh that he gave her the evidence against him by coming to the pathology lab. She further tells Rakesh that it’s time to show his evil reality to everyone. Prisha tells Rakesh that he has deceived Revati. She also reveals to Rakesh that she even knows that he tried to kill Nalini using Budhiya. Rakesh starts laughing evilly.

Prisha feels angry and disgusted. Rakesh tells Prisha that she should have been a writer instead of a doctor. He asks Prisha if she has any proof against him. Prisha tells Rakesh that Budhiya’s wife told her the whole truth. Flashback shows Prisha meeting Budhiya’s wife. She starts interrogating Budhiya’s wife about Budhiya and also Nalini’s accident. Initially Budhiya’s wife tries ignoring Prisha but gives in to her later on as Prisha finds Budhiya’s son’s admission form in her hands. Prisha also threatened Budhiya’s wife that she will reveal to school authorities that her husband is in prison, which for sure will cancel Budhiya’s admission.

Budhiya’s wife for her son’s well being tells the truth to Prisha. She tells Prisha that Rakesh is Budhiya’s employer and asked Budhiya to cause an accident in exchange of their son’s reputed school fees. Budhiya’s wife tells Prisha that she and Budhiya don’t want their son to lead a poor life like theirs. Prisha asks what about Budhiya. Budhiya’s wife tells Prisha that Rakesh promised that he will soon get Budhiya released from prison. Prisha feels shocked and gets determined to expose Rakesh. She calls someone named Jeetu (a media professional). Prisha asks Jeetu to meet her at Delhi City hospital within 30 minutes as she wants to give him some big and interesting news. Flashback ends.

Prisha tells Rakesh that Budhiya’s wife is ready to testify against him. She also tells Rakesh that he won’t be spared anymore and his game is over. Rakesh asks Prisha if his condition is so bad that he will be considered a murderer on anyone’s (Budhiya’s) testimony. He calls Prisha a stupid person and tells her that she won’t be able to prove anything. Rakesh says he will tell the court that he doesn’t know any Nalini and even Nalini is no more to testify against him. He says he will bribe Budhiya’s wife to make her shut forever.

Prisha tells Rakesh that he can’t silence the truth and will get exposed in front of the world soon. Rakesh laughs and tells Prisha that she can’t expose him without Nalini’s testimony. Nalini comes on Prisha’s call. Rakesh gets shocked seeing Nalini alive. In the next episode, Prisha will tell Rakesh that she lied about Nalini’s death to make expose himself in front of her. Rakesh will reveal that he is Dev’s murderer. He will tell Prisha that he had to kill his son as he was about to destroy his years earned name, fame, reputation and hardwork. Prisha will show her hidden camera to Rakesh, telling him that she has enough proof to send him to prison. Angry Rakesh will point his gun on Prisha’s forehead. This will shock Nalini and Prisha.

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