Pandya Store Dhara accused 14th May 2022 Spoilers

Pandya Store Dhara accused 14th May 2022 Spoilers

Pandya Store Dhara accused by Rishita 14th May 2022 Spoilers Pandya Store episode spoiler – Suman requests Dhara Suman says that last time Rishita didn’t hesitate to leave the house but this time she did. Dhara agrees. She asks Dhara to promise her that she will bring Rishita and Dev back into the house. Dhara cries and nods her head. The next day Rishita feels uneasy and doubts Dhara for her condition. She thinks Dhara purposely did this to trouble her body. She accuses her of being jealous of her unborn child.

Anupama episode spoiler – Paritosh-Samar’s request:

Anupama looks at the mirror and says that today is her haldi ceremony and Anuj says that it’s his wedding. She says that she will soon become Mrs. Anupama Anuj Kapadia. He says that he will become Mr. Anuj Anupama Joshi. Dolly requests Baa and Vanraj to be part of this marriage. Paritosh asks to pack their stuff and join them. Samar says that they will not ask for anything more. Vanraj and Baa look at each other.


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar episode spoiler – Diya confronts Kajal:

Diya asks Kajal to never call her a friend again. She asks her if she knows the meaning of friendship as its first rule is loyalty. Diya says what kind of friend she is to tell her husband I love you. Diya’s boss asks her what happened if Kajal proposed to her husband as Armaan has only married her out of pity. He tells Diya that she has nothing in her. Diya slaps her boss.

Swaran Ghar episode spoiler – Ajit’s confession:

Ajit scolds Swaran affectionately and asks her why did she invite danger upon herself. He says that what if something had happened to her. Swaran says that if anything happens to her nobody cares. Ajit says that he cares and is concerned for her. He says that she is his Swaran and will remain his only till death. Swaran is stunned.

Choti Sarrdaarni episode spoiler – Kulwant walks on bonfire:

Jeeto asks the nurse if Gullu is fine and she says that he is critical. Jeeto is devastated. Kulwant walks on fire to pray for her grandson Gullu. Gullu is soaked in blood. Mannat sees Bittu breaking down. Jeeto and her family members pray for Gullu. Kulwant prays to Babaji to save Gullu and instead take her life. Bittu asks Mannat why did she come here. Mannat is shocked. Zoravar, Rajveer and Seher become sad.


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