Radha Mohan 16th May 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 16th May 2022 Written Update Radha and Gungun lights a diya for Tulsi. Gungun wishes “Happy Birthday” to Tulsi. Tulsi’s soul caresses Gungun being emotional. Radha decides to do something to bring peace and rest in restless Mohan’s mind as well as Trivedi house. Shekhar (Mohan’s lawyer) takes Kadambari to Mohan. Kadambari sees that Mohan got a tattoo made on his arm. The tattoo reads “My wife was a bastard”. Kadambari and Shekhar ask Mohan if he has gone mad. Mohan says he likes it. He reminds Shekhar that he only asked him to face the truth/reality.

Mohan says this will daily remind him of his mistake. He also says that this way he will daily confront his mistakes. Shekhar tells Mohan that he didn’t ask him to do madness. Kadambari reminds Mohan that within 1 month he will get married to Damini. She asks Mohan to think what people will think seeing his tattoo. Mohan realizes his mistake and says that it will be wrong with Damini. Mohan thinks of an idea and corrects his tatto by adding a word into it “My first wife was a bastard”. This action of Mohan increases Kadambari and Shekhar’s irritation. Rahul suggests Mohan to use Tulsi’s name in his Tattoo.


Thinking about Rahul’s idea/suggestion, Mohan takes Tulsi’s name. Tulsi’s soul feels something at the same time. Kadambari scolds Rahul for his nonsense words. Mohan asks the tattoo artist to use Rahul’s idea and make a tattoo. Tulsi’s soul starts feeling weird, scary and strange. She recalls being with Mohan at Tulsi Kund (her favorite place in Trivedi house). On the other hand, Damini and her mother are seen performing some black magic to get rid of Tulsi’s soul as recommended by their tantrik Guru Maa. Tulsi’s soul loses control of herself and walks towards Trivedi house’s Tulsi Kund.

The black bottle that Damini placed in Tulsi Kund pulls Tulsi’s soul inside it. Damini and her mother feel happy, thinking that their Guru Maa’s black magic worked. Tulsi’s soul gets restless on being trapped inside the black magic bottle and screams for help. Radha comes near the Tulsi Kund with a Tulsi plant. She smiles seeing that someone already made a rangoli for the Tulsi plant’s welcome before her arrival. Radha asks the gardener, who made rangoli around Tulsi Kund. The gardener tells Radha that Damini was doing something around the Tulsi Kund. She thinks that Damini is a good artist too.
Radha throws the ugly black magic bottle kept on Tulsi Kund by Damini.

The bottle slips from Radha’s hand and Tulsi’s soul gets free from Damini’s trap. Black magic candle breaks and scares Damini and her mother. Damini’s mother says Tulsi’s soul is nearby. Damini replies that she knows that. Tulsi’s soul watches Damini angrily. Angry Damini tells Tulsi’s soul that her fate is helping her even after death. She challenges Tulsi’s soul that soon she will finish her. Ketki’s voice attracts everyone’s attention. Everyone runs towards Ketki’s voice. Ketki points towards Trivedi house’s Tulsi Kund. Everyone gets shocked seeing that Radha has placed a Tulsi plant in their Tulsi Kund, which was empty earlier. They also witness Radha pouring water in the Tulsi plant.

This angers Damini, her mother and Kadambari. Damini feels angry towards Tulsi finding her black magic bottle broken on the floor/ground. Angry Kadambari asks Radha what she’s doing. Radha tells Kadambari that empty Tulsi Kund is considered inauspicious. Mohan comes there and witnesses a Tulsi plant planted in his house’s Tulsi Kund. He recalls his happy moments with his first wife Tulsi. Mohan also recalls seeing Tulsi getting burned alive in the past. He further recalls people accusing him of Tulsi’s murder, Tulsi’s mother’s curse and Gungun’s hate towards him. Kadambari asks Radha who asked her to do this.

Radha stutters while explaining her intentions. Kadambari angrily asks Radha why she self-willingly planted a Tulsi plant in their house’s Tulsi Kund. Radha stutters and tells Kadambari that she did all this to bring peace in Trivedi house. Damini’s mother asks Radha how will peace enter Trivedi house in her presence. She asks Radha if she is a daughter of a priest or a Tantrik. Damini angrily asks Radha who asked her to think of anything. Damini’s mother tells Radha that Kadambari is intelligent and enough for thinking everything. She tells Radha that they don’t need her suggestions or advice.

Kadambari asks Radha if her father didn’t teach her to respect anybody’s feelings and her own limits. Damini’s mother speaks ill about Radha and indirectly calls her inauspicious for Trivedi house and family. Kadambari reminds Radha they made her understand to not take Tulsi’s name in Trivedi house. Radha replies that she took Tulsi Maa’s name not Tulsi’s name. Mohan walks to Radha and asks her why she planted Tulsi plant in Trivedi’s Tulsi Kund. Radha tells Mohan that it’s Tulsi’s Maa’s plant and it will take away all the problems of Trivedi house. Mohan tells Radha that this name “Tulsi” is the root of all his problems.

He says Tulsi name is his life’s biggest deception. Mohan tells Radha that Tulsi made him a murderer in world’s eyes and even made him his daughter’s enemy. Tears fell down from Radha’s eyes. Mohan tells Radha that Tulsi snatched his faith, love and everything. Shocked, Radha asks Mohan, how is it possible that name can snatch his love, faith and everything from him. Mohan tells Radha that when a name becomes a person’s life and gets connected with his/her heart and oxygen/breath, the same name breaks the same person’s heart into pieces and stops his/her breath and then whole love and faith ends/breaks. He tells Radha that all this happened with him.

Radha tells Mohan that if his trust is broken from the heart, then the pain is in his heart, inside him and no one else outside has anything to do with it. She also tells Mohan that he lives this pain and it comes outside because of Tulsi’s memories settled in his heart. Radha further tells Mohan that she planted Tulsi plant in Tulsi Kund to end his pain, not to increase it. Mohan tells Radha that the wounds on soul can’t be removed but have to be removed. He picks a rod and tries to demolish the Tulsi plant planted on Tulsi Kund. Radha comes in between and asks Mohan to not commit this sin.

Mohan doesn’t pay heed to Radha’s words and angrily pushes her aside. This action of Mohan shocks everyone. Mohan again starts to demolish the Tulsi Kund as well as the plant but Gungun comes in between. Mohan stops in between seeing Gungun defending Tulsi Kund as well as the plant. Gungun requests Mohan to not demolish the Tulsi plant as well as Tulsi kund. She folds hands in front of Mohan requesting him to listen to her plea. Mohan asks Gungun to get out of his way. Gungun reminds Mohan that she returned to Trivedi and agreed to stay in it on his request. Gungun promises Mohan that she won’t go anywhere and requests Mohan to not demolish her mother’s named plant.

She says this Tulsi plant came on her mother’s birthday and is making her feel like her mother returned to her. Gungun asks Mohan to take all her toys and dresses but not to demolish Tulsi plant and Tulsi Kund. She requests Mohan to agree to her one request and in exchange don’t give her anything. Gungun asks Mohan if he will snatch her mother’s memories too like he snatched her mother from him. Tears fell down from Gungun’s eyes. Mohan gets emotional as Gungun addresses him as father (Pa). This shocks Damini and her mother but surprises the rest of the people present there. Mohan gets emotional and leaves from there, throwing the rod away.

Damini’s mother says it’s a miracle that Mohan agreed to someone’s saying in the house. Radha says this isn’t a miracle but a daughter’s love. Kadambari angrily asks Radha to shut up. She finds broken pieces of black magic bottle on the ground and stares at Damini and her mother angrily. Kadambari takes Damini and her mother with her inside the house. Everyone else also returns inside. Before Tulsi’s soul could caress Gungun, Radha carreses Gungun. Radha tells Gungun that her mother must be feeling proud of her today as she saved her father from committing a big sin.

She makes Gungun pour water on Tulsi Maa’s plant and take her blessings. Radha also makes Gungun fold her hands in front of Tulsi Maa’s plant. She tells Tulsi Maa that now with her entry, Trivedi house’s happiness will return. Tulsi’s soul smiles seeing and hearing this. She feels thankful towards Radha for saving her and Gungun’s life, for bringing Gungun back to her house and for always showing the right path to Gungun in her innocence. Tulsi’s soul wonders what is written in their fate, that God brought Radha to Trivedi house. She feels hopeful with Radha’s entry into Trivedi house.

In the next episode, Gungun will praise the kheer made by Radha. Witnessing Radha and Gungun’s growing bond, Damini will decide to use Radha to convince Gungun for her (Damini) and Mohan’s marriage. Tulsi’s soul will overhear Damini’s evil plan.

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