Udaariyaan 16th May 2022 Colors Top 5 Spoilers

Udaariyaan 16th May 2022 Colors Top 5 Spoilers

Udaariyaan 16th May 2022 Colors Top 5 Spoilers Udaariyaan Amrik’s ashes Tanya says that she is not Tejo and Fateh asks her who is she. She says that she is Tanya Gill. Tanya informs Fateh that his beloved Tejo died in the fire accident and is no more in this world. Fateh shouts his lungs out in trauma. Fateh and Jasmine bring Amrik’s ashes back to India. He holds Amrik’s ashes while she holds her and Amrik’s photograph. Gurpreet is devastated and falls down unconscious.

Swaran Ghar – Ajit lies to Divi:

Ajit makes Swaran sit in a car and informs that the Jalandhar market opens at 10 so they have to reach before it starts. Divi and her husband also leave for Jalandhar and she asks when they will reach. Ajit and Swaran look lovingly at each other. Divi reaches the wholesale market in Jalandhar and calls up Ajit. She asks him if he is at the Dhaba and he replies yes. Divi sees Ajit and Swaran together in Jalandhar and becomes furious.


Parineetii – Rajeev protects Parineet:

A gang of robbers attack a bank where Parineet and Rajeev are present. They lock all the rooms and destroy the CCTV cameras. Parineet is scared and hugs Rajeev. They enter the bank with guns and the watchmen is not able to stop them. One of them fires the bullet in the air and everybody gets scared. Rajeev and Parineet hide. One lady gets shot and falls near Parineet and Rajeev. The robbers ask everyone to hand over their phones.

Shub Shagun – Shub-Shagun’s nok jhonk:

Shub warns Shagun that his challenge will prove hefty for her. Shagun replies that she is not scared of his challenges. Shub and Shagun prepare to go. Shagun’s dupatta gets stuck in the chair and she feels that he is holding it. She asks him to leave her dupatta and Shub says why will he hold her dupatta. She finds it stuck in the chair and in an attempt to free it she falls in Shub’s arms.

Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho – Katha’s reason to smile:

Katha’s mother asks her to get married but she refuses. She asks Katha to abort the child. Katha breaks the flower pot and tries to avoid the conversation. Katha’s mother stops her and asks what will she name the child in school and she says that she will give her name. She says that she cannot face the society and Katha explains to her that she is not stubborn but cannot kill her child for the society. She questions who will marry a pregnant girl. Kabir declares that he will marry her.


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