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Bhagya Lakshmi 18th May 2022 Written Update Confused Rishi Shalu and Bani call up Lakshmi to ask her about Rishi and Malishka’s engagement, if its really happening. Lakshmi confirms about the engagement and cries silently. She hides her sorrow from her sisters. She tells them that its not a big deal if Rishi gets engaged to Malishka. She pretends that she doesn’t care. Shalu and Bani cry for Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells that she had assumed the one year relation to be of lifetime. She feels foolish to expect so much from her marriage. Shalu and Bani hug and shed tears, missing Lakshmi.

Lakshmi feels her relation wasn’t true, so its not going to exist in future. On the other hand, Rishi informs Ayush about his engagement with Malishka. He tells that Malishka is really happy. Ayush asks him if he is happy. Rishi has no answer. Lakshmi asks Rishi if he is getting engaged to Malishka to hurt her/Lakshmi, if he wants revenge on her. Rishi asks her to not weave misunderstandings in her mind. He clears that he doesn’t love her. He asks her if he told her once that he loves her.

Rishi, Malishka and Lakshmi meet the designers, when Malishka is finalizing her dress for the engagement. Designer tells that Malishka didn’t say about Lakshmi, if the latter is also from family. She assures that she will get a good outfit for Lakshmi as well. Malishka tells that Lakshmi isn’t that important. Rishi reacts and tells that Lakshmi is indeed important. Lakshmi is surprised by Rishi’s response. will Rishi get engaged to Malishka? Keep reading.


Bhagya Lakshmi 18th May 2022 Written Update Confused Rishi:

Shalu tells Bani that she is guilty, she is the reason that this is happening, Malishka is getting engaged to Rishi. They call Lakshmi and ask her if she is okay. Lakshmi tells that she knows Malishka has called them. She asks them not to worry, she is okay, she doesn’t care if Rishi has to get engaged to someone else. She makes an excuse and disconnects the call. She sees Rishi’s picture and talks to him. She tells that he never told he loves her, even then she felt his love, she felt he wants to spend his life with her. She sheds tears in pain that Rishi is leaving her. She feels responsible to believe their relation as true. On the other hand, Rishi engages himself in work.

Virender reaches out to speak to him. Rishi asks him what’s the matter. Virender tells that Rishi can take his decisions on own, but he just wants to support his son. He explains Rishi to think well and decide. Rishi asks him if the engagement decision looks hurried. He tells that Malishka and he would have not married if Lakshmi didn’t come in their lives. He asks if his decision is wrong. Virender tells that he will always support him, the decision may not be wrong, he shouldn’t decide because he is upset or angry on someone. Ayush reaches there and asks Rishi about his engagement. Rishi confirms it. He tells that Malishka is happy. Ayush asks what about Rishi. Rishi tells that he is happy in Malishka’s happiness.

Virender tells that if Rishi is sure then its fine. Ayush and Virender support Rishi’s decision because they love him and want his happiness. Rishi hugs them and thanks for the support. He sounds confident of his decision. Virender asks him to go and sleep. Rishi reaches his room and comes across Lakshmi. He tells that he can sleep somewhere else if she wants. She asks him to sleep wherever he wants. He asks her to tell him beforehand if she is angry. She is angry that he is leaving her alone. She asks him will he do what she tells him. He refuses. She tells that she already knew it.

She asks him if he is happy. She tells that she will be happy if he is happy. He asks her to remember that she was happy with his decision. He tells that he is really happy with his decision. He lies down to sleep. She asks him if he is getting engaged to Malishka to take revenge on her. He tells that he doesn’t love her, he doesn’t feel anything for her, she doesn’t matter to him, he isn’t doing anything for her. He clears that she is nothing to him. He tells that she is just there for money, and everyone knows it. She turns sad.

She sits crying. Ahana watches Lakshmi crying and goes to Devika. They talk about Rishi and Malishka’s engagement. They feel sorry for Lakshmi because they dislike Malishka. Sonia tells Karishma that Lakshmi has hurt her own foot. Karishma tells that Lakshmi got things in her favor, and defamed the family. Sonia wishes that she could disappear the coming three months. Karishma tells that the three coming will be like three years for Lakshmi now. Lakshmi wishes that the three months never end, she wants Rishi to feel the same which she feels for him. She knows he is a good person, if not a good husband.

She recalls their marriage. She realizes that he always supported her even after she left him. She wants to know why is he so good. She tells that she can never hate Rishi. She wishes that Rishi feels love for her. Next day, Oberois see the arrangements for the engagement. Sonia wants a designer dress for Rishi’s engagement. Malishka and Kiran get the designer Richa there. She tells that Richa will make designer clothes for everyone. She surprises them. Richa shows them the options. Karishma tells that Malishka is classy like them, Lakshmi is nowhere close to her.

Neelam tells that Malishka will be family soon. She asks her to choose a ring. Malishka takes Richa to Rishi’s room. Neelam and Kiran are happy seeing Malishka and regret that they didn’t decide this happiness before. Rishi throws a wet towel on the bed. Lakshmi stares at him and picks the towel. They get into an argument. He tells that Malishka has no problem with him, she likes him and he likes her. Malishka gets Richa to him and selects an outfit for their engagement. Rishi asks her to pick anything of her choice. Malishka tells that she likes him, nobody can snatch him.

Malishka compliments Rishi and makes Lakshmi feel uncomfortable. Richa meets Lakshmi and tells that she will design an outfit for her as well. Malishka tells that Lakshmi isn’t important. Rishi replies that Lakshmi is important, because they are uniting because of her. Lakshmi thanks them and refuses to accept the dress. Rishi tells that they will still choose an outfit for her. He adds that he doesn’t like Lakshmi now. Lakshmi finds Ayush and Virender decorating the house. She finds Virender upset on her. Virender tells that the engagement should happen on time. Lakshmi feels hurt.

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