Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2022 Written Update Hopeless Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2022 Written Update Hopeless Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2022 Written Update Hopeless Prachi Prachi recalls the way Ranbir fought for her. Ranbir asks Prachi to sit in the car. Ranbir makes her sit inside. They share a moment of care and affection. He goes to the driver’s seat and gets hit on is his head. Prachi is shocked to see this. She rushes to him. She sees the same goons taking revenge on Ranbir. She asks them to leave Ranbir. The goons bash up Ranbir brutally. Ranbir still fights back with all the energy he contains. The goons attempt to snatch her mangalsutra once again. They finally get it. Ranbir catches them to get the mangalsutra back. Ranbir gets scared for Ranbir’s life.

She asks Ranbir to let the goons take the mangalsutra. She just worries for Ranbir now. The fight gets more intense. Ranbir asks her to sit in the car. Keshav arrives and snatches the car keys. He demands the mangalsutra. Ranbir refuses. Keshav stabs Ranbir in a huff. Prachi is shocked at the terrible sight. She shouts Ranbir. She picks bricks and hits on Keshav’s head. She threatens the goons with the same knife. She tells that she will not spare them. She injures Keshav. She threatens of killing them.

The goons run away. Prachi runs to attend Ranbir. She helplessly shouts for help. She begs them to take Ranbir to the hospital, because she doesn’t have the car keys to take him. The people refuse to get involved in a police case. Prachi worries for Ranbir. She calls for an ambulance. She asks Ranbir not to close eyes. She gets scared for Ranbir. She informs the family that Ranbir got stabbed. The Kohlis are shocked. Prachi prays for Ranbir’s safety after admitting him in the hospital. Shahana angers her asking why is she praying for Ranbir’s well-being when he is with Rhea. Prachi slaps Shahana in anger.


Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2022 Written Update Hopeless Prachi:

Prachi begs the people to help her take Ranbir to the hospital. The people refuse to help her. She runs to Ranbir and holds him, asking him not to lose consciousness. She asks him to stay with her, she will call Pallavi and Vikram. She rushes to get her phone. She calls Pallavi, who isn’t interested in taking her call. Prachi keeps calling her. Pallavi thinks Prachi is the reason for all the problems. Vikram asks her to take the call. Pallavi refuses. Prachi gets desperate for help. Ranbir lies in pain in the bleeding state. She asks someone to help her. She calls for an ambulance. She shouts that she needs an ambulance near the temple. She sees Ranbir losing his consciousness. She shouts no and runs to him.

Pallavi switches off her phone. Vikram asks her did she lose her mind, she needs to leave the house and stay alone for some days. He asks her to think how she has changed. He feels she needs clarity in her life. She shouts on him and asks him to get a clarity, he needs to decide if Rhea or Prachi is right for Ranbir. The people agree to help Prachi. They go to hire a taxi. They put Ranbir in the taxi. Prachi asks Ranbir to stay conscious. She thanks the people for help. She cries and takes Ranbir to the hospital, while talking to him all the way. She asks him to open his eyes and talk to her.

She tells him that she will come with him and not question him anything, she loves him and will always be with him. Ranbir doesn’t respond to her. Dida looks for her medicines. She calls Prachi to ask her about the medicines. Prachi looks for her phone. She gets Dida’s call. She cries and asks Dida to reach the city hospital quickly, Ranbir has been stabbed, she is taking him to the hospital, he is bleeding a lot. Dida is shaken on hearing this. Shahana and Vikram ask Dida what happened. Dida tells them that Ranbir got stabbed, they need to rush to the hospital. The family is shocked to know this.

Dida cries and asks them to take her there. Kohlis rush to the hospital. Prachi shouts and makes her way to the OT to get Ranbir treated in time. She struggles to get the treatment in time. She tells that she will complete the paperwork later, she already spoke to the doctor. She shouts to call the doctor. She asks Doctor to check Ranbir, he was stabbed by the goons, he fainted because of pain. Doctor asks her to go out. She stays out and sees Ranbir. Doctor checks his wounds. He tells Prachi that he needs to operate Ranbir because of the deep wounds. He asks her to sign a consent form to permit him for the operation. He explains her that every minute is important for the patient, he may survive or may not. Prachi is shocked to know this. Doctor seeks her permission. Prachi gives her consent verbally while the nurse goes to get a form for her.

Kohlis, Shahana, Rhea and Aaliya reach the hospital to see Ranbir. They learn about the consent form to be signed by Prachi, that states that hospital won’t be responsible if the patient dies during or after the operation. Rhea asks the nurse what did she say. The nurse tells that Ranbir has been stabbed on the chest, just under his heart, he is really critical, the consent form is needed. Pallavi loses her cool when she meets Prachi and slaps her. She asks Prachi how can she take her son’s life decisions. She questions her rights. Prachi cries. Pallavi tells that Prachi has no right.

She doesn’t want to listen to anyone. Pallavi cries for her son. She tells Prachi that Ranbir is her son. Prachi wants to console her. Pallavi refuses to listen. She tells that just she can take the decision for Ranbir’s life, she has given birth to Ranbir. She tells that she has always prayed for Ranbir, Prachi ruined everything, Prachi gave the consent for the risky operation. She asks Prachi why did she take the responsibility, who is she to decide for Ranbir’s life. Prachi tells that she can understand what Pallavi is going through.

Pallavi asks Prachi how does she know her pain, did she get pregnant ever to know this pain, did she have any complications in her pregnancy, did she give birth to a baby and raise him, did she see the baby in pain or did she carry out the responsibility. She tells that Prachi has no emotions of a mother, she can’t understand her, she is just a wife. She tells that she won’t let anyone sign the consent form deciding Ranbir’s life. She wants to know why did Prachi come in their life. She curses Prachi like the last time when Ranbir was shot and fought for his life. Rhea asks Prachi to leave if she has any shame. She suggests Prachi to go home and celebrate, they will be with Ranbir. Prachi calls it enough.

She asks Rhea not to interfere. She doesn’t want to listen to her Sautan. Pallavi calls Rhea her bahu and demands Prachi to talk to Rhea well. Dida asks them to not fight. Pallavi asks Prachi to leave. Dida tells that Prachi got Ranbir to the hospital, Prachi is right. Pallavi tells that Prachi isn’t important than Ranbir. Prachi justifies herself. Pallavi tells that Prachi maybe sensible, but not sensitive to feel a mother’s pain. Nurse gets the consent form. Pallavi refuses to sign it. Doctor comes and tells that he is really sorry, he can’t operate on Ranbir, he had started the operation by listening to Prachi, but now he can’t help Ranbir.

He tells that he broke the rules seeing Prachi’s tears for her husband, but he can’t perform the operation without her consent. He tells them that Ranbir’s chances to survive are too less now. Prachi asks him to go ahead with the operation. She agrees to sign the consent form. He tells that the consent will be her faith on a doctor to save a patient’s life. Vikram asks Prachi to sign the consent form. Pallavi gets silent knowing Ranbir’s life is in danger. She also permits Prachi. Pallavi cries seeing Ranbir in the OT. Rhea consoles Pallavi. She assures that nothing will happen to their Ranbir. Pallavi hugs Rhea and cries. Vikram sees Ranbir and recalls their best times. He cries for his son. Prachi sees Ranbir’s parents in pain. She wants Ranbir to fight back and come to them.

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