Kundali Bhagya 18th May 2022 Written Update New Track

Kundali Bhagya 18th May 2022 Written Update New Track

Kundali Bhagya 18th May 2022 Written Update New Track Sameer thinks to enter the house by the back door and then reach Prithvi’s room. He leaves from there. Preet and Shrishti wish that Sameer finds the CD. Shrishti also makes a leave. Preeta tells the family that she suspects someone has ignited the fire purposely. She engages them in a talk. Shrishti and Sameer look for the CD in Prithvi’s room. They don’t have much time. She is afraid that Prithvi will come to his room. Kritika asks where did Sameer go. The family looks for Sameer. Preeta tells that she knows who has ignited the fire. She blames them. Kareena tells that they would not ignite the fire in their own house. Preeta tells that they did this to trouble her. Rakhi asks her what nonsense is she saying. Kritika tells that Preeta regards herself really important. Preeta accuses Kritika for igniting the fire, by joining hands with Sherlyn and Prithvi.

Earlier in the show, the family wants to check the fire spreading. Preeta asks Sameer to go and check the fire. Kareena stops Sameer from going in. She asks Shrishti to go instead. Rakhi tells that they should call the fire brigade. Kritika tells that Sameer won’t go out. Shrishti asks Prithvi to go inside and check, he is strong and powerful. Preeta tells that she will go. Prithvi refuses to go inside. He gets into an argument with Shrishti. He tells that he will call the fire brigade. Sameer and Shrishti enter the house to get the CD, while Preeta keeps the family engaged by initiating an argument with them.

Kundali Bhagya 18th May 2022 Written Update New Track:


Preeta accuses Kritika, Prithvi and Sherlyn. Prithvi tells that he won’t get anything if he ignites the fire. He tells Kareena that Preeta has no work than accusing him. Sherlyn tells that nobody is so foolish to ignite fire in own house. Preeta tells them that she is sure that one of them did this. Sameer and Shrishti check Prithvi’s room thoroughly. They don’t get the CD. Sameer tells Shrishti that they have to keep the things back else Prithvi will suspect them. She asks him not to worry and just find the CD first. Karan and Natasha come home. They find the family standing outside. He asks what’s happening. The family tells about the fire incident. They worry seeing Karan drunk.

Karan asks if Preeta has ousted them. Preeta tells that she didn’t oust them, she is also standing outside. He asks her to dare and show him. Sameer finds the CD in the flush tank in Prithvi’s washroom. Shrishti worries seeing the smoke and leaves from the room. Prithvi smiles seeing Karan and Preeta having a bitter argument, because of their hatred battle instead love. He asks them to think of the fire, and save the house. Sameer calls Preeta and tells her that he got the CD, Shrishti has gone to put off the fire. She thanks him. She tells them that Sameer and Shrishti have put off the fire. She asks the family to come with her. She takes them home. Preeta, Sameer and Shrishti rush to see the CD.

They see Rishabh in the video and learn that he is in Dubai jail, he is arrested for drugs scam, and he is going to get hanged in 7 days. Sameer cries for Rishabh. Preeta checks the number. She calls on the number and speaks to the goon. She asks him to repeat what he told to Prithvi. The goon threatens of killing Rishabh, and tells that Prithvi will lose the Dubai properties. He demands the ransom. Shrishti tells that Prithvi has done this. Preeta tells that Prithvi and Sherlyn have involved a don to frame Rishabh in drugs case. She cries for Rishabh. Sameer gets raging over Prithvi. Preeta tells that they just have 6 days to save Rishabh’s life.

Preeta tells that they can’t let Rishabh suffer and die in this way, they have to bring back Rishabh back. Sameer wants to tell Karan and family. Preeta tells that they should think calmly and not take any decision impulsively. She tells that they have to do something that takes them close to Rishabh. Karan is still drunk, when he receives a call from the reporter. The reporter asks Karan if he is divorcing Preeta. Karan threatens of suing him. he falls on the bed and sleeps.

Preeta reaches the room. She asks him why does he drink so much when he can’t happen. Karan wakes up by her voice. He asks her to talk to him when he is awake. He holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. He tells that he will leave everything, and even Preeta, because he doesn’t love her anymore, she has hurt him a lot. She tells him that he always misunderstands him. He doesn’t want to hear anything. She thinks if her love is so weak that Karan doesn’t trust him.

Next day, Preeta meets Sameer and Shrishti. She tells that they have to get an evidence against Prithvi and Sherlyn. Shrishti asks her how can they do so. Preeta tells that they have a way, they have to get a confession video and then reach Rishabh. She tells her plan of manipulating Sherlyn by blackmailing her. She is sure that the call will scare Sherlyn, who will come to meet them, she will tell them the truth in panicking state. Shrishti tells that Sherlyn can identify them.

Preeta tells that they will go in a disguise. Shrishti likes the idea. She asks Preeta to meet Sherlyn and blackmail her. Preeta tells that they will demand money, Sherlyn won’t have it and she will ask Prithvi, when he doesn’t help her, then she will safeguard herself and admit the truth, then they will save Rishabh. She tells that there is no other way. Sameer tells that he will arrange a new phone, sim and a getup for Preeta. Rakhi asks him to have breakfast. He states some important work and goes. Kareena tells that Sameer looks like Preeta’s relative. Bani asks her not to stress, Sameer likes to spend time with Shrishti.

Kareena doesn’t want him to be with Preeta and Shrishti. She wonders who has ignited the fire. She accuses Shrishti. Bani also doubts Preeta. Rakhi gets tired of hearing their complains. She asks Girish to get cut apples for Karan. She gets the newspaper. She is shocked to read the news. She shouts Karan. The entire family is shocked to hear Rakhi’s scream. Preeta tells that Rakhi seems angry. She rushes to see. Sherlyn is also stressed that Rakhi is shouting in anger. Karan wakes up on hearing Rakhi. He comes downstairs and asks Rakhi the matter.

Rakhi asks Karan and Natasha what did they do, if they don’t know that Karan is married to Preeta. She asks Natasha to pack her bags and leave. She shows the news of Karan and Preeta getting divorced. She asks if Karan and Natasha were at the police station at night. Karan’s news shocks Preeta. Karan tells that everything is wrong, he met with an accident and went to the police station with Natasha. Rakhi asks Preeta is she taking divorce from Karan. She demands the truth. Karan stays silent and looks at Preeta. Preeta is also speechless. Rakhi asks Karan again. He tells that it’s a lie. Rakhi scolds him for making relations a joke. She criticizes them.

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  1. This show Katie has really gone down and and the wrong doors are not getting caught in things that they’ve been doing. I think the best thing that a show runners should do is just cancel the show bring rishab home And after that unite the family together and then call it quits because the show is not doing anything it’s like a repeat of everything over and over and over how long can you watch the same thing every time


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