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Kundali Bhagya 20th May 2022 Written Update New twist Preeta has a big task on her hand, that’s to stop Karan and Natasha’s engagement. She didn’t know that Karan will decide about the engagement in her absence. Preeta goes to Dubai to rescue Rishabh from the jail, while Natasha takes an advantage of her absence. Natasha traps Karan and makes him give the consent for the engagement. Natasha wants Karan to marry her on her own. She wants the engagement to happen before Preeta returns, but Preeta eventually comes with the family’s happiness in the form of Rishabh. She unites Rishabh with the family, but loses Karan. Preeta declares that she will not let Karan’s engagement happen at any cost. Will Preeta save her relationship with Karan? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Natasha fakes some tears in front of Karan. She plans to do something that proves the fake news true in the middle of the press conference. She wants Karan and Preeta to fight, and make the divorce news turn true. Preeta calls Shrishti and checks the voice modulator. She tells Sameer that the phone is working well. Shrishti asks if Sherlyn gives them the amount they ask, then their plan will fail. Preeta thinks of some back up. Natasha leaves from home. She tries to get lift. She intentionally calls Karan and tells him that someone is following her. Karan asks her to call the police. Natasha gets kidnapped by a hoodie man. Karan hears her scream and grows worried for her. Is this kidnapping a plan of Natasha to trap Karan? Keep reading.


Kundali Bhagya 20th May 2022 Written Update New twist:

Karan finds Natasha in trouble and rushes to the address she told him on call. Shrishti tells Preeta that Sherlyn is not rich, but Prithvi is too rich, he can give the money to her and then she won’t get trapped in their plan. Preeta tells that she has made the plan by thinking well, they have no option than this, Prithvi won’t have much money to pay them, he can’t withdraw a big amount from the company without her permission. She tells them that Prithvi can’t give the money to Sherlyn when she asks, then Sherlyn will panic and say something related to Rishabh, they will record her confession. Shrishti asks when will they call Sherlyn. Preeta tells that they will call her right away.

Karan reaches the lane and looks for Natasha. Natasha calls him and tells that she has stolen a phone from the kidnapper, she couldn’t call the police, she trusts Karan more than he will save her. He asks her where is she. She tells that it’s a warehouse. She asks him to save her. He wants to know her location. He asks her not to worry, he will track her and save her. Natasha disconnects the call. Preeta tells that she will note down the points, so that she doesn’t get confused while talking to Sherlyn. Preeta decides a fake name, Rocky. She tells that she will pretend to be the same person who had thrown the parcel in Sherlyn’s room.

She tells Sameer that they will go out and talk to Sherlyn by keeping an eye on her, so that they can see her expressions and know if the call really affected Sherlyn. Karan reaches the warehouse and finds Natasha tied up. He tries to free her from the ropes. The kidnapper attacks him. Karan fights the kidnapper, who hits his back with a rod. Natasha also fights the kidnapper. She hits on his head. The guy falls down. Natasha asks what will they do now. Karan asks her to tie up the guy, they will take him to the police station. Preeta calls Sherlyn and hides from her. She threatens Sherlyn by taking Rishabh’s name. Preeta tells that she knows how Sherlyn and Prithvi have trapped Rishabh in a drugs case.

Sherlyn tells that she isn’t scared. Preeta asks her to meet her at the hotel room, then she will tell what she wants. Sherlyn gets scared after the blackmailer’s call. Preeta tells Sameer and Shrishti that Sherlyn got scared, now she will lose her courage, she will give information and confession also. Shrishti asks why didn’t she ask the money, their time will get waste. Preeta tells that Sherlyn will first get sure that the call was genuine, when they ask for money, Sherlyn will get more scared and then admit the truth. She tells that they should make arrangements for the meeting.

Media reporters are already at the police station to get bytes about Karan Luthra. Karan takes the guy to the police station and complains about Natasha’s kidnapping. The guy gets slapped by the Inspector. He tells that he is Natasha’s boyfriend, he read the news of Natasha and Karan’s marriage and lost his mind, so he kidnapped her to get an answer. Natasha denies that she loves the guy. She tells Karan that the guy is her ex, he is crazy and used to torture her. Karan gets the guy arrested. He takes Natasha with him. Sherlyn tells Prithvi about the blackmailer. He tells that maybe someone called her by mistake. She asks him is he crazy, no one will blackmail her without a reason, the blackmailer said he has a proof.

He tells that maybe someone heard their conversations at the coffee shop. He asks her to go and meet the person, check the proof and find out. She asks him to not act selfish and come along with her. Reporter calls Preeta and asks her why does Karan want to divorce her. Preeta finds Karan and Natasha coming home. She asks the reporter to ask it again. She puts the call on the speaker, and lets Karan hear the reporter’s question, if Karan is marrying Natasha. She tells Karan that he should have answered the media by now. She adds that she will answer the media herself. Rakhi asks Karan to come and talk to her.

She asks Karan what does he want. She tells that it’s a wrong decision to marry Natasha, Preeta is the right person for him, he is married to Preeta. He asks Rakhi is she saying this, knowing Preeta has come for the sake of money, not for them. He tells that Preeta was bossing around him until he went to the jail. She tells that Rishabh used to handle everything before, now Preeta is handling things for them. She asks him not to feel bad, Rishabh used to guide him too. She asks is he feeling bad because of his thinking, that his wife is handling things, is this her ego. She knows that Preeta didn’t come for the sake of money. She tells that Preeta didn’t uplift her family, she didn’t buy anything for her when she has crores of rupees in her hand. She defends Preeta.

She tells that Preeta thought good for them, Prithvi used to treat them as servants, but Preeta gave them respect. She is glad that Preeta changed everything and returned their respect. She tells him that Preeta got Mahesh home from the basement, Preeta didn’t play with Karan’s career, Karan came out of the jail, Preeta had tried to help him too, but its okay. Karan tells that Preeta didn’t do anything to save him. She asks him not to judge Preeta wrong. He asks her why is she defending Preeta so much. She replies that she is saying the truth, she has the life’s experience and wants to show him the truth of relations.

She asks him to forgive Preeta if she makes any mistake. She rebukes him asking if he is thinking of marrying Natasha. Karan laughs. He clears that he isn’t marrying Natasha, Preeta is insecure and doesn’t want him to think of any other girl. He tells that he still matters to Preeta. He wants Preeta to forget the money and think of him, his love. He tells that he wants to grow Preeta insecure and get her back, he wants Preeta to choose his love than money.

He reveals his plan for winning Preeta’s love. He wants his old Preeta back. Shrishti asks Preeta to tell Karan that she is the old Preeta and loves him a lot. Preeta tells that she told Karan that she came home for his sake, but he didn’t believe her. Karan makes Rakhi glad, by sharing his plan. He tells that he can never marry anyone, his love for Preeta is love. Preeta tells that its not love if Karan doesn’t trust her. Rakhi asks Karan if he is doing a drama. Karan tells that Preeta is still the same for him, he loves her a lot and doesn’t want to lose her. Rakhi happily hugs him. Sameer overhears this and gets happy.

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  1. that is in promo. update today episode where karan tell to his mother that he love preeta a lot and his marriage with her is forever


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