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Yeh Rishta Surprise or Shock 20th May 2022 Update Akshara hugs Manjiri and wishes her, “Happy Anniversary”. Manjiri asks Akshara how she got to know about it. Akshara asks Manjiri how she would not know about her special day. Manjiri thanks Akshara and asks her to always be happy like this. Akshara asks Manjiri where Harsh is, if he didn’t go to the temple with her. Manjiri stutters and tells Akshara that Harsh had to go somewhere important. Akshara tells Manjiri that they should organize an anniversary party. Manjiri shows reluctance about holding a party.

She explains to Akshara that they never held any party and moreover everyone will remain busy. Manjiri asks Akshara to stop thinking about holding a party and leaves giving her prasad. Akshara feels confused and bad for Manjiri. Later, Abhimanyu takes blessings from Manjiri. Manjri gives prasad to Abhimanyu and asks him if he won’t wish her on her wedding anniversary. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri if anyone even congratulates for the punishment. Seeing Manjiri’s expressions, Abhimanyu apologizes to her. He tells Manjiri that even she knows that she never got any happiness in her wedding relationship.

Manjiri tells Abhimanyu that she got the biggest happiness (Abhimanyu) of her life through this relationship. She cheers up Abhimanyu and tells him that she doesn’t want any argument between him and Harsh on this day. Abhimanyu feels bad thinking that Harsh won’t even remember his anniversary, while Manjiri cares so much about Harsh. Abhimanyu tells Manjiri that he will try. He leaves to meet Akshara. Akshara on the other hand thinks that Manjiri is refusing for the anniversary party thinking that everyone is busy. She says that the occasion should be celebrated on its right day and date only. Akshara fails to understand the Birla family’s equation with each other.


She decides to text Reem and Kairav about Manjiri and Harsh’s wedding anniversary. Abhimanyu goes towards the garden to meet Akshara. Abhira collides and Akshara falls in Abhimanyu’s arms. Abhimanyu gets romantic with Akshara. Akshara tells Abhimanyu that someone will see them and it won’t look good. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that he got a new and fresh romance license made from Jaipur, the day before yesterday, by marrying her. Akshara tries to tell Abhimanyu about her plan to hold a wedding anniversary party for Harsh and Manjiri. Abhimanyu interrupts and tells Akshara that his romance remained incomplete yesterday night due to her lot of stuff settlement.

Akshara gets shy and blushes. Abhimanyu in a weird and romantic way tells Akshara that she looks cute while blushing. Akshara asks Abhimanyu if he took some kind of drugs early in the morning. Abhimanyu tells that she is his inebriation. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that he is thinking of going back to Jaipur. Akshara asks why. Abhimanyu says because there was Abhira romance all over Jaipur. Abhimanyu and Akshara get lost in a beautiful dream. Abhira can be seen dancing and “Shama Ko Jaise Deewana Mil Gaya”, song plays in the background. Their dream ends and they separate with each other seeing Harsh nearby.

Akshara stutters, greets Good Morning and wishes, “Happy Anniversary” to Harsh. Harsh leaves, thanking Akshara. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that he will return early in the evening as he has only one surgery to perform. Akshara kisses Abhimanyu’s cheek and wishes him, “All the best”. Abhimanyu feels good and calls Akshara intelligent. Akshara calls Abhimanyu hot. Abhimanyu kisses Akshara’s forehead and asks her to meet him with the same smile in the evening. He leaves for the hospital. Akshara decides to make preparations for the evening party.

At Goenka Mansion, Aarohi informs the family that Birlas are shutting down Akshara’s music therapy department. This shocks and angers Goenkas. Aarohi says Birlas haven’t told anyone about this till now. She says this information reached her as a trainee by mistake. Swarna says if Akshara would even know about it, she won’t ever tell her in-laws house matter to her maternal family. Kairav says here Akshara is planning an anniversary party for Harsh and Manjiri, but they are doing injustice to her. He says he can’t tolerate such injustice with his sister. Suhasini and Swarna ask Kairav to calm down. They tell him that they won’t say anything, till they get to know the full matter from Akshara.

Kairav reminds Swarna that she herself just said that Akshara won’t tell them anything. Manish says they should wait for some time. He says if Abhimanyu would be aware of this thing, he would have taken some decision for sure. Kairav says all this is happening when Akshara got married just two days ago. He says he wonders what will happen in future. Aarohi asks Kairav what he was talking about at the anniversary party. Kairav says Akshara has organized a wedding anniversary party for Abhimanyu’s parents and invited them too. Manish says everything will get clear on anniversary party day about everyone’s decision and further steps.

Later, Aarohi meets someone named Rudra in the hospital. Rudra thanks Aarohi for saving him in the past. He calls Aarohi as his angel, a dutiful and beautiful person. Aarohi asks Rudra if he is flirting with her. Rudra confidently says yes. As Aarohi sees him angrily, Rudra tells Aarohi that he was joking. After this Rudra tells Aarohi that his father has lots of companies but wants to enter the medical field. He says that his family has big empty land, where his father wants to open a big hospital. Rudra tells Aarohi that he wants her to become part of his father’s to-be-built hospital.

Aarohi tells Rudra that she isn’t that much experienced. Rudra tells Aarohi that experience can be earned by working. He also tells Aarohi that he has seen how capable and sincere she is. Aarohi feels good but shows reluctance to Rudra. Rudra tells Aarohi that he doesn’t have any doubt about her capabilities. He tells Aarohi that his parents have kept a small party at his farmhouse in the happiness of his discharge. Rudra tells Aarohi that he wants her to come there. Aarohi feels angry and jealous recalling everyone and Abhimanyu’s unconditional love towards Akshara. Rudra notices this and smirks evilly.

Abhimanyu is seen checking his and Akshara’s surprise honeymoon suit bookings. He reaches near Aarohi’s cabin and notices Rudra staring at Aarohi evilly. He gets distracted with staff questions and files. Aarohi tells Rudra that she will try to attend his party, if she will get free time from the hospital. Rudra takes his reports from Aarohi and leaves. Abhimanyu gets free from his staff. He overhears Rudra telling someone on call that he thinks that he set/trapped Aarohi. Abhimanyu for the time being ignores this, unaware of Rudra’s evil reality. At night, Abhimanyu thinks that he will soon reach home and fly away with Akshara. On the other hand, Akshara is seen busy in preparing for the anniversary party.

Abhimanyu smiles thinking that he will be going on a romantic holiday with Akshara away from his house’s daily issues. Akshara thinks to play music on anniversary party. Abhimanyu thinks to make Akshara understand that his family’s equations and bonds are not as good as her family’s. Akshara on the other hand thinks that all families are similar but just needs attention and love from each other. Abhimanyu wishes to fly away with Akshara soon, while Akshara wishes to unite both families. An elder nurse comes and feeds sweets to Abhimanyu. She tells Abhimanyu that it’s her marriage anniversary today (19/5/22). Abhimanyu turns angry from happy, recalling some bad memories from past.

He congratulates the nurse. Nurse leaves, thanking Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu recalls preparing surprise for Harsh and Manjiri’s wedding anniversary in his childhood. In the flashback, Harsh gets angry at little Abhimanyu and refuses to celebrate his and Manjiri’s anniversary. Little Abhimanyu gets sad and runs away. Manjiri requests Harsh to celebrate the anniversary for little Abhimanyu. Harsh accuses Manjiri of trying to fulfill her wishes using little Abhimanyu. Manjiri says it’s not what he is saying. Harsh doesn’t believe Manjiri. He tells Manjiri that their marriage isn’t normal and happy like others. Harsh also tells Manjiri that he hates her and is somehow tolerating her.

Little Abhimanyu overhears all this. He ruins the anniversary preparations he made and tells Harsh that he hates him. Harsh looks at Manjiri indicating to her that she is responsible for all this. Flashback ends. Abhimanyu is seen angry with red eyes. He says he still hates Harsh. Abhimanyu says Manjiri never got any happiness because of Harsh. He also says he isn’t like Harsh and will make Akshara’s happiness his first priority. Angry Abhimanyu further says that he will attend the Chicago conference, go on honeymoon and even get Akshara’s seminar done.

On the other hand, Aarohi at her home decides that she will have to give her best to become number one, even ignoring her tiredness. She receives a text from Rudra, reading that he hopes she will be attending his party tomorrow evening. She recalls Rudra’s words and work offer. Rudra’s text further reads that he gave heads up about Aarohi to his father and they can have the rest of the discussion in party. Rudra through his text tells Aarohi that they can soon start working on their hospital after tomorrow’s discussion. He also tells Aarohi that they will make their hospital, state’s number one hospital. Aarohi smirks hopefully.

At Birla house, Akshara feels excited about the surprise she planned for Manjiri and Harsh. She doesn’t find her blue dress, which she wishes to wear at the party. Thinking that Abhimanyu might be busy, Akshara sends a voice note to Abhimanyu asking him about her dress. Abhimanyu recalls packing Akshara’s blue dress for their honeymoon trip. He sends a voice note to Akshara, telling her that he doesn’t know anything about her dress. In another voice note, Abhimanyu asks Akshara to dressup to blow away his mind. He also informs Akshara that he will reach home by 8 PM.

Akshara thinks that her organized party will make Abhimanyu very happy as Manjiri’s happiness is very important for him. By doing all this for Manjiri, Akshara feels that she is doing something for Naira and Sirat. In the next episode, Abhimanyu will get happy seeing Akshara’s photograph that she sent him to show her party look to him. On reaching home, he will see Goenkas and Birlas together at his home. Abhimanyu will get angry seeing Manjiri and Harsh’s wedding photographs being projected. Manjiri will get emotional hearing her favorite song, “Piya Tose Naina Laage Re” from Akshara.

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