Anupama 25th May 2022 Written Update Honeymoon track

Anupama 9th June 2022 Written Update Upsetting drama

Anupama 25th May 2022 Written Update Honeymoon track Anuj tells Anupama that 90% of the bride and groom don’t know what food was on their wedding menu. He says they are different and are eating their marriage food in the evening too. Anupama asks Anuj if they should have thrown so much food that got left behind in their marriage. Anuj asks Anupama if they will eat all this till it will get fully finished. Seeing Anupama about to scold him, Anuj says he was just joking. He praises the food’s taste. Anupama says Bapuji always says that people remember wedding food more than its decorations or other things.

Anuj says Bapuji is correct. He asks Anupama if GK had dinner. Anupama tells Anuj that she took food for GK but due to tiredness he slept drinking just a glass of milk. Anuj makes Anupama eat something amazing. Anupama tells Anuj that she will grow fat. Anupama gives her saree pallu to Anuj to wipe his mouth. Anuj wipes his mouth. He tells Anupama that her saree pallu will get dirty daily, if she will put him in such a habit. Anupama tells Anuj that it’s not called ruining saree pallu. Anuj asks Anupama what is it said then. Anupama smiles shyly and says nothing. Anuj stops shy Anupama from leaving and gets a little romantic with her.

Anupama feels sleepy and tired. Anuj notices it and helps Anupama in setting up the remaining dinner. Even after feeling sleepy and tired himself, he helps Anupama and stares at her with romantic eyes. Later, he takes out Anupama’s accessories and jewelry. He also picks up Anupama in his arms and takes her to their room. Next morning, Bapuji is seen praying to God. Pakhi asks Samar to bring tea for Bapuji quickly. Samar cutely tells Pakhi that she is ordering her elder brother. Both Pakhi and Bapuji laugh. Baa and Vanraj return home. Pakhi sees them and asks Samar to bring tea for Baa and Vanraj too.


Pakhi asks Baa and Vanraj about Baa’s mother’s present condition. Baa says her mother is fine now and there is no need to take tension. Samar serves tea to everyone. Vanraj says Mamaji is with his maternal grandmother as she needs to be kept in observation for 48 hours. Kinjal and Paritosh also return from somewhere. Vanraj tells Kinjal that his maternal grandmother is fine now as Kinjal asks him. He asks Kinjal to sit down and also asks Pakhi to bring a glass of milk for Kinjal. Vanraj himself peels almonds for Kinjal. This surprises everyone and makes them emotional. Kavya feels angry. Kinjal eats the almond and thanks Vanraj.

Vanraj tells Kinjal that Anupama is not present but he is. Baa notices Kavya is getting a lot busy on her phone for many days. She doubts Kavya’s character. On the other hand, Anupama smiles while getting ready as a newly wedded bride. She gives shadow to the sleeping Anuj and wards off evil eye from him. Anuj wakes up and Anupama makes him wear his specs. Both Anuj and Anupama stare at each other happily. At Shah house, Kavya on call tells Anirudh that she is at Vanraj’s maternal grandmother’s house in Jamnagar as she fell ill. She gets happy knowing that Anirudh is also arriving in Jamnagar. She asks Anirudh to call her on reaching Jamnagar.

Kavya disconnects the call thanking Anirudh. She turns and sees an angry Baa standing behind her. Baa scolds Kavya for talking to Anirudh, being Vanraj’s wife. She asks Kavya why she left Anirudh, when she wanted to be in talking terms with him. Hearing Baa’s scolding, the whole family comes there. Bapuji asks what she is saying. Baa reveals to everyone that Kavya has been talking to her ex-husband secretly for many days but no one stopped her. Kavya apologizes to Baa for secretly talking to Anirudh. She angrily says that from now onwards she will talk to Anirudh openly. This shocks everyone.

Kavya says she was just waiting for Anupama to get married. She also says that she will now talk, meet and call Anirudh at home too. Vanraj screams Kavya’s name in anger and in return Kavya screams Vanraj’s name in anger. Vanraj tells Kavya that he thought of having a new beginning and handling his house and family after Anupama’s bidaai. He laughs and says his anger’s line is even bigger than his lifeline in his hand/fate. Vanraj tells Kavya that she didn’t let him live even a day with peace. Kavya asks Vanraj if he now realized how it feels, when a life partner snatches peace, meets his/her ex and how a person’s heart breaks and it’s pain.

Baa seems confused. Kavya says she was just waiting for Anupama to get married. She also says that she would have died with guilt, if there would have been any drama in Anupama’s wedding because of her. Kavya tells Vanraj that her patience has ended. Vanraj asks Kavya to clearly tell him what she wants. Kavya goes inside asking Vanraj to wait for a minute. At Kapadia Sadan, Anupama is seen performing Tulsi pooja. She as usual prays for everyone and especially Anuj’s safety and happiness. After this she recalls and prays to God to take care of her happiness too.

On the other hand, Kavya tells Vanraj that she wants divorce from him like he once wanted. This shocks everyone. At Kapadia Sadan, GK and Anuj get happy seeing Anupama singing aarti and performing pooja in the house temple. GK gets emotional too. Anupama gives aarti to Anuj and applies tika on his forehead. Anuj applies vermilion in Anupama’s hairline. After this, Anupama gives aarti to GK and receives blessings from him by touching his feet. Anuj thanks God. Anupama spreads holy smoke all over the home. Anuj and GK get happy seeing Anupama. On the other hand, Kavya reminds Vanraj how he threw divorce papers at home.

She says that she is being a bit classy and giving him the signed divorce papers in his hands. Kavya tells Vanraj that she doesn’t want any drama or argument and just wants an exit from his life. She also tells Vanraj that she is just taking divorce from him with mutual consent and not filing any case on him. Baa asks Kavya to get out if she wants a divorce. Kavya tells Baa that she will live with Shahs till her and Vanraj’s divorce gets sanctioned. Baa asks if this happens somewhere. Kavya tells Baa that everything happens in this house. She reminds Baa that Anupama was living with the Shah family even after divorce, while she will live just till divorce.

Kavya Anirudh will keep visiting her at home like Anuj used to visit. Kavya’s words shock everyone. Baa tells Kavya that she will slap her and Anirudh. Kavya reminds Baa that she is no longer her mother-in-law as she signed the divorce papers. She asks Baa to not claim mother-in-law rights on her. Kavya asks Baa to stay together with her as it’s just about a few days. As Kavya leaves, Baa angrily says how can anyone humiliate her son in her house. Baa’s anger shocks everyone. At Kapadia Sadan, Anupama sprinkles holy water in the kitchen. She performs stove pooja.

She feels happy realizing that not only the kitchen but the whole house belongs to her. Anupama says women have a different connection with the kitchen. She prays to Goddess Annapurna to take care of her home, husband and her too. In the next episode, Anuj and Anupama will be seen taking care of each other. On the other hand, Vanraj will explain to his family members that neither they will interfere in Anupama’s life, nor will Anuj and Anupama interfere in Shah’s life. This will worry Shahs. Anuj will ask Anupama to make preparations for their honeymoon. This surprises Anupama.

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