Yeh Rishta Aarohi misled 28th May 2022 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Aarohi misled 28th May 2022 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Aarohi misled 28th May 2022 Written Update At the hospital, Abhimanyu sees a person playing guitar on a phone app. He decides to ask Akshara to teach him how to play the guitar. Dr. Rohan comes and tells Abhimanyu that Mr. Ramani called for his son Rudra’s follow up. He recalls overhearing Rudra’s plan to trap Aarohi in his evil plan. Abhimanyu asks Dr. Rohan to refer Rudra to Dr. Avasthi’s hospital as he is a very senior doctor. He says even Dr. Avasthi’s whole staff is male. Abhimanyu says they can’t ignore the patient’s health but he doesn’t want to see Rudra in Birla hospital ever again.

Aarohi overhears just the last line of Abhimanyu’s conversation with Dr. Rohan. She thinks Abhimanyu got insecure of her and stopped Rudra’s treatment as Rudra offered her a job. Aarohi decides to do something against Abhimanyu. At Birla house, Harsh is seen scolding Neil for committing a mistake and considering himself as owner, on his first day at hospital. He asks Neil with whose permission he signed the important papers. Neil tells Harsh that the storekeeper wasn’t giving him inventory without signatures.

Harsh tells Neil that he should have gone to Abhimanyu and made him sign the papers. He says only Abhimanyu has the signing authority in Birla hospital, in his absence. Neil tells Harsh that he went to get papers signed by Abhimanyu but the latter was busy with a patient. He further tells Harsh that urgent approval was needed and thus the manager asked him to sign, saying that even he is a Birla family member. Harsh gets angry and warns Neil to not call himself Birla. He rudely tells Neil that he isn’t a Birla. Harsh’s anger scares and hurts Manjiri and Neil. Harsh tells Neil that his cleverness and truancy won’t work in Birla hospital.


He also rudely tells Neil that no orphan could sign hospital papers in his absence, except his son Abhimanyu. Harsh outs Neil from his room and asks Manjiri to give tea to him. At Goenka house, Vansh asks Aarohi to try the ice-cream he made for her in her favorite flavor. Aarohi rudely tells Vansh that she doesn’t want to try. She gets angry, when Vansh insists her again to try ice-cream. Aarohi tells Vansh that she didn’t ask him to make ice-cream for her. She says sometimes one doesn’t feel like eating anything. Vansh asks Aarohi, whose anger she is taking out on him. Aarohi tells Vansh that she is angry because of one of her seniors.

Vansh asks Aarohi to not bring hospital drama at home. He leaves Aarohi’s room by asking her to reduce her anger with ice-cream. Aarohi says this is her life’s drama too and she needs to end it. She gets more angry as Akshara doesn’t pick up her call. She thinks Akshara remains busy in Abhimanyu only. At Birla house, Neil recalls Harsh’s harsh and hurtful words. He wipes his tears and turns. Akshara comes to Neil and puts her hand on his shoulder. Neil asks Akshara to not tell anything to Abhimanyu about whatever happened as he will for sure get angry. Akshara says she won’t. Neil says he is at fault as he forgot that he is not a Birla and doesn’t have any authority.

Akshara caresses Neil’s hair and cheek like an elder sister. She tells Neil that tears and heart’s pain should never be hidden. Akshara asks Neil to let his tears flow down as it will help reduce the pain in his heart. She tells Neil that hospital has its own limitations but at home everyone has an equal place for him in their heart. Akahara explains to Neil that he is closest to Abhimanyu and Manjiri, while she is his best friend. Neil agrees. Akshara wipes Neil’s tears and tells him to never forget that he has all rights and authorities from their side. Neil leaves, thanking Akshara. Akshara feels apologetic towards Abhimanyu for not being able to tell him about what happened between Neil and Harsh.

Akshara recalls seeing a child’s adoption papers at Birla house in the past and feels confused. Manjiri wishes that she could have the strength to reveal the truth to Harsh that who is actually their son and who isn’t. Akshara wonders why Harsh hates Neil so much. She feels unclear about Neil. Akshara wonders why Harsh never accepted Neil wholeheartedly and gave Birla family name to him after adopting him. She also wonders why there is no name on adoption papers, kept in Birla house. Manjiri comes and apologizes to her for mistakenly overhearing Harsh, her and Neil’s conversation. Manjiri tries to avoid the topic but Akshara stops her.

Akshara tells Manjiri that she has some/little idea about Neil’s adoption. She reminds Manjiri that she sent her to get medicines from her room before marriage, a few days ago. Akshara tells Manjiri that she unintentionally saw the adoption papers of Neil. She also tells Manjiri that photographs on the form were a little unclear and thus she couldn’t identify the people in it. Manjiri gets a little angry and tells Akshara that she has rights on her jewelry and clothes but something remains personal between mothers and daughters. She leaves asking Akshara to ask her once before touching anything. Akshara feels and understands that Manjiri has some fear in her mind, which she is hiding from everyone.

Later, Akshara sees that Abhimanyu has returned and is very tired. She prepares a soft pillow for Abhimanyu using mustard seeds. Tired Abhimanyu enters his room and lies on the mustard seeds pillow. Abhimanyu praises Akshara. Akshara tells Abhimanyu that such pillows are made for little babies to give them comfort. Abhimanyu asks Akshara if he is a baby. Akshara tells Abhimanyu that he needs rest and thus she made it for him. Abhimanyu thanks Akshara by lying on the soft pillow. Akshara tells Abhimanyu that she can do at least this for him as he also takes care of her comfort and happiness. Abhimanyu shares the pillow with Akshara.

Akshara ruffles and caresses Abhimanyu’s hair. She kisses Abhimanyu’s forehead and makes him fall asleep. Akshara thinks about asking Manjiri if she needs her help in any household work which is yet to be done. She finds a lot of missed calls from Aarohi and goes outside the room. Akshara calls Aarohi and the latter screams at the former for not picking up her calls or replying to her texts. Aarohi asks Akshara if Abhimanyu became more important for her than her sister. Akshara asks Aarohi to tell her about her problems slowly. Aarohi tells Akshara that she doesn’t care about her now as she is happy in her married life and got everything she needed.

Akshara shuts up Aarohi and asks her to talk normally. Aarohi rudely asks Akshara to ask her dear husband to not interfere in her matters. Akshara gets angry and asks Aarohi to talk with respect about her senior in personal and professional life. Aarohi tells Akshara everything that Rudra told her about how Abhimanyu doesn’t want her to become professionally successful. Akshara says these aren’t Abhimanyu’s words. Aarohi asks Akshara if she thinks that she is lying. Akshara tells Aarohi that she isn’t calling her a liar. She explains to Aarohi that Rudra would have told her Abhimanyu’s words differently, in a wrong manner. Akshara tells Aarohi that Abhimanyu doesn’t even have such thoughts.

Aarohi asks Akshara why Rudra will lie to her. Akshara tells Aarohi that Abhimanyu would have said something to Rudra keeping her safety and interest in consideration. She says Abhimanyu respects all women and is especially protective towards all women around him. Aarohi says Abhimanyu ruined her career even before it could have started. Akshara tells Aarohi that Abhimanyu would have a solid reason behind what he did. She says she will talk to Abhimanyu next morning as Abhimanyu is sleeping right now. Aarohi says Dr. Abhimanyu Birla is sleeping peacefully, snatching others’ sleep. She asks Akshara to wake up Abhimanyu and question him.

Akshara tells Aarohi that it’s not an emergency that she will wake up tired Abhimanyu in between his sleep. She asks Aarohi to talk with a cool mind, next morning. Aarohi feels angry as Akshara disconnects the call. She thinks Abhimanyu wants to ruin her happiness and career. Aarohi decides to snatch Abhimanyu’s happiness in the first opportunity she gets. At Birla house, Akshara gives a flying kiss to asleep Abhimanyu. She feels that Aarohi didn’t understand what is an emergency and what is not, even being a doctor.

While lying with Abhimanyu, Akshara sees Abhimanyu’s family photo frame. She gets doubtful seeing Abhimanyu’s childhood photographs. Akahara thinks that it’s the same photograph she saw on the adoption form with Manjiri. She wonders why Manjiri will keep Abhimanyu’s photographs with the adoption papers, instead of Neil’s childhood photographs. Akshara recalls the promise she made to Abhimanyu that she won’t interfere in his family matters.

In the next episode, Abhimanyu will apologize to Akshara. Later, Abhimanyu will get angry at the staff of the hospital where Akshara works. This will shock Akshara. Harsh will ask Akshara how dare she called state’s topmost surgeon Abhimanyu Birla at a third grade hospital and got him humiliated. He will tell Akshara that he will forget that she is also a Birla, if Abhimanyu’s reputation will face any dark spot. This will shock both Akshara and Abhimanyu.

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  1. This old looking aarohi is so gullible, is she not an intern? Why does she think she knows more about medicine than the senior people? Poor Neil, he is one if the best persons in this show why insult him so?


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