Radha Mohan 1st June 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 1st June 2022 Written Update Radha requests Gungun to give her some of her books. She tells Gungun that she wants to learn English as her Rosy Mam says that a person can learn whatever he/she wants to learn, at any age. Gungun hands over 3 thick and 2 thin books to Radha. Radha asks if she will have to read so many books. Tulsi’s soul and Mohan smiles seeing Radha’s pure soul and innocence. Radha asks Gungun if she can learn English by reading fewer books. Gungun gives a single thin book to Radha.

Radha thanks Gungun. She leaves asking Gungun to have rest, till she will study a little. Tulsi feels happy seeing Gungun and Mohan smiling. Radha lights a diya at Trivedi house temple. She prays to God to help her get victorious over learning English. Radha also prays for Gungun’s peace. She feels confident thinking that Gungun would never lie now as she explained to her the importance of truth. Radha prays to God to give good sense to Gungun that she never ever takes the wrong path or does wrong works in future. Gungun recalls Mohan not trusting her and everyone indirectly calling her a liar. She call Radha’s trick/advice of always speaking truth stupid.


Gungun says she won’t get trapped in Radha’s trick. She thinks that everyone scolds on being nice as she got scolded today. Gungun decides that she won’t behave nice anymore. She says Damini will now see who the real Gungun is. Gungun says that she will tell/show Damini tomorrow that it isn’t that easy to become Gungun’s mother. Tulsi’s soul hears Gungun’s thoughts and plans against Damini. Worried Tulsi, tries to ask Gungun what she is going to do tomorrow. On the other hand, Radha is seen trying to understand English alphabets and spellings through Gungun’s books. Mohan comes there with Gungun’s childhood books.

He tells Radha that he used to teach Gungun in the past. Mohan also tells Radha that English used to be Gungun’s favorite subject. He further tells Radha that she will have to start learning English from Gungun’s books of lower classes. On Radha’s questioning, Mohan tells Radha that he will teach her English. He also tells Radha that he knows why she wants to learn English as he yelled at her before. Mohan further tells Radha that he should not have yelled at her and he is at fault, not her. He tells Radha that she is a very nice person, the way she is. Radha tells Mohan Radha tells Mohan that English is necessary for leading daily life.

She shares her experience of identifying her father and grandmother’s medicines with color. Radha tells Mohan that she wants to identify all medicines with their name as almost all medicine labels are printed in English. Mohan tells Radha that she will have to study for all this. Radha tells Mohan that she will study hard as years ago, he gave her Bhagavad Gita and now he gave her so many books. Mohan gets irritated hearing about Bhagavad Gita topic again. He explains to Radha that he is a person, not God. Mohan explains to Radha what are called textbooks and what are called copy books (notebooks).

Radha asks Mohan why “Go” isn’t pronounced as “Goo” and “To” is pronounced as “too”. Mohan gets Irritated. Before he could start explaining the pronunciations to Radha, his eyes go on little Gungun’s drawings. He gets emotional and tells Radha that Gungun used to draw such drawings all over the home and used to tell everyone that the person in the drawing is her father. Mohan tells Radha that Gungun used to love everyone and loved him the most. He says suddenly because of something Gungun got distanced from him. Mohan tells Radha that he never thought that Gungun would ever hurt/injure anyone.

Radha asks Mohan to give some time to Gungun, saying that she will soon change and become a nice person. While saying all this and giving hope to Moham, Radha keeps her hand on Mohan’s hand. Damini gets angry seeing this from a distance. Mohan tells Radha that she is right and says he will have to give time to Gungun. He asks Radha to study as he won’t give any extra time to her. Damini and her mother get shocked and angry seeing Mohan teaching English to Radha. Mohan picks up a wooden scale and tells Radha that he is a very strict teacher and will teach her strictly.

Damini runs to her room in anger. Damini’s mother also goes behind Damini. She sees Damini throwing stuff here and there in the room. Damini grows angrier recalling Mohan and Radha’s growing bond. Damini’s mother increases Damini’s anger by talking about Radha and Mohan’s slowly growing bond. She asks Damini to do something, otherwise Radha will take Mohan away from her. Damini says Radha is playing with fire by coming so close to “her Mohan”. She says she will have to cut Radha’s wings as she is flying higher. Damini’s mother asks Damini what she is going to do. Damini tells her mother that, before Radha’s half mind could understand her wicked move, she will do something that will shock Radha badly.

Damini’s mother asks Damini what about Gungun. Damini tells her mother that she started destroying Gungun’s game from today only. She says she proved Gungun a lier today and soon she will prove Gungun a dangerous child. Damini tells her mother that slowly she will bring a day on which Mohan won’t even like seeing Gungun’s face. Radha makes fun of Mohan and his drawing made by little Gungun. Mohan cutely and angrily asks Radha to focus on her studies. Later, he ends Radha’s first class of English. Radha leaves telling Mohan that she is going to see Gungun before sleeping. He feels happy seeing Radha and Gungun’s growing bond and Radha’s caring attitude towards Gungun.

Tulsi’s soul on the other hand, caress Gungun’s forehead. She tries kissing Gungun’s forehead but fails, being a soul. At the same time, Radha comes and kisses Gungun’s forehead. She caresses Gungun’s face and kisses her wound. Radha in asleep Gungun’s ears tells her that lying is a bad habit and she won’t ever lie now. Tulsi’s soul feels happy and emotional seeing Radha’s caring attitude towards Gungun. Mohan comes and asks Radha what she was doing near Gungun’s ears. Radha explains to Mohan that according to her grandmother, if we say something in a sleeping child’s ears, then those words get fixed in the child’s heart directly.

She says after waking up, children do exactly what they are told to, while sleeping. Radha says she was doing the same thing with Gungun for her own good. Mohan asks Radha to tell her grandmother that she is wrong. Radha tells Mohan that her grandmother is never wrong. Mohan tells Radha that this time her grandmother is wrong as she (Radha) has an extraordinary brain/mind. Radha and Mohan smile by looking at each other. Seeing this, Tulsi’s soul also smiles. Mohan leaves asking Radha to whisper good things in Gungun’s ears. Radha covers sleeping Gungun properly with the blanket and leaves.

Gungun wakes up and smirks. She says Radha’s tricks and trials of turning her into a nice girl won’t work as much as Radha will try. She says she will surely get revenge on Damini for breaking her mother’s photo frame. Gungun decides that she will get Damini ousted from Trivedi house. Tulsi’s soul gets worried hearing Gungun’s plan against Damini. She tries to ask Gungun to not do so. Next morning, Damini sees Radha making breakfast in the kitchen. She recalls seeing Mohan and Radha together last night and feels angry. Radha tells Gungun that she is making parathas and kheer (especially for Gungun).

Damini tells Radha asks Radha why she is making kheer for Gungun and what all wrong she did yesterday. Radha explains to Damini that children learn from scoldings as well as love together. She says love should always be more than scoldings. Radha tells Damini that she will take a promise from Gungun that she won’t ever lie from today, by feeding her kheer. She says she is confident that Gungun will respect her words. Damini tells Radha that all family members these days listen to her (Radha) only. Radha asks Damini what she meant. Damini tells Radha that she is going to make Gungun’s favorite pasta as she wants to resolve the issues between them. She says after all, she is going to become Gungun’s mother.

Radha tells Damini that she is very happy to hear that she has forgiven Gungun. Damini sends Radha to water flowers and plants. Gungun sees Damini cooking something in the kitchen and greets her “Good Morning”. She asks Damini what she is cooking. Damini tells Gungun that she is cooking pasta for her. Gungun cheerfully tells Damini that pasta is her favorite dish. She leaves, thanking Damini. Damini wonders why Gungun is acting so sweet today. She decides to feed over-extra pasta to Gungun. Everyone, except Mohan and Gungun gathers for breakfast at the dining table.

Kadambari asks Damini about Mohan’s whereabouts. Damini tells Kadambari that she sent Mohan’s low salt breakfast in his room as he must be tired, because of sleeping late at night. Flashback of Mohan teaching English to Radha is shown. Damini gives glare to Radha. Shekhar comes and starts having breakfast with Trivedis. Dulari serves pasta to Gungun. Damini says she made Gungun’s favorite pasta for her. Ketki tells Damini that Gungun should get punished for what she did yesterday. Damini tells Ketki that teaching kids good habits by scolding them is not her way. Damini’s mother says she taught Damini to teach good habits and behavior to kids by love. Gungun feels irritated. Damini repeats Radha’s advice to make an impression in front of everyone.

Gungun smirks thinking that Damini is wrong, if she is thinking that she will enter in her good books by feeding her pasta. Shekhar praises Radha’s idea of serving chaas in summers. He asks Radha to cool Mohan’s anger by always keeping 8-10 matkas of Chaas. Radha tells Shekhar that Mohan’s heart is of pure gold, which matters the most. Damini feels angry hearing Mohan’s praises from Radha’s mouth. She angrily asks Radha to get water for her. Everyone notices Damini’s anger towards Radha. Radha leaves to get water for Damini. Gungun starts feeling dizzy and coughing. She feels difficulty in breathing. Everyone including Tulsi’s soul gets worried for Gungun.

In the next episode, Mohan will scold Damini for putting mushrooms in Gungun’s pasta. He will doubt and question Damini’s love towards Gungun. Mohan won’t let Damini justify herself. He will tell Damini that he can’t marry her, if she can’t be a good mother. This will shock everyone.


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