Kundali Bhagya 2nd June 2022 Written Update Karan chased

Kundali Bhagya 2nd June 2022 Written Update Karan chased

Kundali Bhagya 2nd June 2022 Written Update Karan chased Natasha sees Preeta and Rishabh ousting Sherlyn and Prithvi. She doesn’t get scared, and instead tries to secure her place in the Luthra mansion. She tells Preeta that she will win Karan and make him marry her in the next three days, and she will become Mrs. Karan Luthra, a permanent member in the house. She challenges Preeta to stop her if she can. Preeta is much hurt with Karan’s heartless act. She doesn’t think that Karan was drugged by Natasha, he was not in his senses actually when he was sitting in the mandap with Natasha. Natasha is much angry on Preeta, that the latter ruined her plan completely. She wants to plan something to separate Preeta and Karan. Rishabh is not heartbroken, because Sherlyn was never deserving of him. Karan spends time with Rishabh, and leaves Preeta alone.

Preeta sheds tears of sorrow over her failing marriage, when there is so much love in their hearts. She expects Karan to mend their relation. Natasha will bring a new drama and attempt to weaken the relations in the Luthra house. Rishabh, Karan and Preeta show the door to Sherlyn, and ask her to get out. Preeta tells that she is really happy that Sherlyn’s truth has finally come out in front of the family, Sherlyn never changed and will never change. Sherlyn begs them to give her one last chance. Preeta tells that they can never give another chance to Sherlyn. Rishabh asks Sherlyn to just leave. Sherlyn cries on failing to get sympathy from anyone. She leaves the Luthra mansion. Natasha’s chase for Karan begins. What will happen now? Is this really the end of Prithvi and Sherlyn’s track? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rishabh asks Karan to become responsible and do some work. Rishabh finds Natasha at the door, hearing their conversation. Natasha runs away. Mahesh likes to receive love from Karan and Rishabh. Preeta cries recalling how Karan was marrying Natasha. She wishes that she didn’t give any love test, that Karan trusts her and never thinks of going away.


Kundali Bhagya 2nd June 2022 Written Update Karan chased:

Preeta thinks of Karan and sheds tears of sorrow. Same sorrow strikes Rishabh, who is heartbroken because of Sherlyn’s deceive. Preeta and Rishabh feel lonely. She misses Karan. She comes across Rishabh, who finds her crying and asks her is she okay. She apologizes to him. She wished that he also got a perfect life. He tells that his life was perfect, but their choices were wrong. He feels sad that Rakhi and Mahesh weren’t at fault, they are suffering because of the children, Sherlyn will leave, it won’t affect her, but Rakhi and Mahesh will be affected that Sherlyn backstabbed their trust.

She cries because of Karan. Rishabh asks her not to cry, Karan just loves her. He tells that Karan can’t love anyone else in his life. She asks why was he marrying Natasha. He tells that Karan was doing that to make her feel bad. She asks who does so, who goes to marry someone to make the partner jealous. He tells that he knows Karan, even if they didn’t reach in time, then Karan would have not married Natasha. He promises her that Karan will always be of her. He tells that he will never let Karan go away from her. She gets grateful to him, and hugs him.

Karan finds Preeta and Rishabh together. He tells Rishabh that Rakhi is calling him. He finds Preeta crying. Rishabh tells Preeta that he is always with her, she shouldn’t cry now, she can tell him if she needs anything. He goes with Karan. Preeta gets hurt that Karan didn’t ask her why is she crying. Karan asks Rishabh what was the matter. Rishabh tells that its Preeta and his matter, he shall not tell anyone. Karan tells that he doesn’t care. Rishabh laughs. He tells Karan that Preeta never said a word against him, she was upset and crying, but never disrespected him. Karan asks why isn’t Preeta telling him about her feelings. Rishabh tells that sometimes a person tells his feelings to others, not the one who is connected to heart.

Karan and Rishabh say I love you to each other. Rishabh tells him that he promised Preeta that Karan won’t hurt him, if anyone hurts Preeta, then he will be against that person. He warns Karan also. Natasha overhears them and thinks to use Ram and Laxman’s love in her favor. Karan agrees to Rishabh. Rishabh goes to meet Rakhi. Karan gets thinking about Preeta. He goes to see her. He gets kiddish and tells that Preeta did his complain to Rishabh. Natasha reaches them. She doesn’t understand Karan’s love for Rishabh and Preeta. She wants his excess love to break everything, his anger will make him go against himself, he will become his old enemy one day. She eyes Karan. She gets his attention by acting hurt.

She apologizes to him on Sherlyn’s behalf, saying she got to know what all wrong Sherlyn did with Rishabh. He tells that its not her mistake, she shouldn’t apologize. She asks him not to get offended, Rishabh is his elder brother, he has come back, and maybe he can take over all the properties, business, office, house and even Preeta. Karan asks her to just shut up and not say a word against Rishabh. She thinks one day, this poison will ruin Karan’s senses, then Karan will abandon Preeta and come to her. She thinks what to do to execute this plan. Karan goes to Preeta, and finds her upset. Preeta avoids him in anger. Karan remembers Rishabh’s words. He thanks her for getting Rishabh back. He tells that she created many problems for him. She asks him what problems did she create.

Karan asks Preeta to give an answer to him, else he can marry Natasha even now. He doesn’t apologize to her, and goes. Next day, Rishabh drags Sherlyn to the living room and asks her to leave. She asks him to let her stay in the house. He asks her by what right will she stay here, she should leave with dignity, he has no option than to oust her. He warns her of the police. He tells that she won’t get insulted, but her mom will get insulted, he respects Sanjana because he has seen his parents suffering because of her. He tells that he knows the parents pain. He asks her to just leave, she has spread the dirt in the house, he will clean the dirt. Bani tells that nobody will help Sherlyn this time. Sherlyn runs to get Kareena’s help.

Kareena rebukes her. She snatches the mangalsutra from Sherlyn’s neck. She tells that she felt Sherlyn is the perfect girl for Rishabh, she cheated him and framed him in the false drug case, she has done too bad by having an affair with Prithvi, who is Kritika’s husband. She tells that Kritika is also suffering because of Prithvi. She asks Sherlyn to leave the house, else she will punish her. Sherlyn wants another chance. Preeta tells that even she gave a chance to Sherlyn, but the latter didn’t reform. She taunts that Sherlyn can never reform in her life. Sherlyn begs her for a last chance. Preeta tells that she can’t give her a chance to hurt the family again. Rishabh asks Sherlyn to get out. Sherlyn ends her drama. She tells that she will ruin their peace, they will never stay happy. She curses them before leaving.

Rishabh asks her to get out if she is done. She leaves angrily. Rakhi gets scared that Sherlyn’s curse can get true. Kareena tells that nothing bad will happen with them. Preeta asks Rakhi not to get worried, curse of the evil people don’t affect the good people. Rishabh tells that it was just Sherlyn’s frustration. Sameer tells that Sherlyn left and even Natasha has to leave. Karan and Preeta argue about Natasha. Rishabh asks them not to fight. Preeta cares for Rishabh. She asks him to go and take rest, there is much noise in the living room. Karan tells Rishabh that he has to get ready and go to office. Sameer tells that Karan visits office sometimes. Natasha tells that she didn’t see a gem like Rishabh till now. She is glad that she didn’t get punished for Sherlyn’s mistake.

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Thanks for writing something worthy of watching. Finally my interest has been peaked to new heights. This change has been long overdue. Thank you Rishab for making my dreams come through.

  2. We want karan redemption this time. He should be aware of Natasha true intentions and thrown her out of his life and house. We want a new girl for rishab a man for kritika shristy and sameer marriage and new villain. We are fed of prithlyn and Natasha. Make karan a real hero for preeta

  3. What is game Natasha want to play please writer sherlyn and prithvi didn’t go to jail but this Natasha should finish in jail. We want karan to be aware of her true intentions and use it against her preeta should be pregnant now, rishab should fall in love with a new girl, sameer and shristy should have their track and luthra family deserve a happy life for sometime. Please don’t replace DD he is the one and only who can play TKL


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