Udaariyaan 3rd June 2022 Written Update Fateh misses Tejo

Udaariyaan 20th June 2022 Written Update Jasmin's evil

Udaariyaan 3rd June 2022 Written Update Fateh misses Tejo Jasmine tells Tanya that she doesn’t care about her strategy. She also tells Tanya that she cares only about the deal. Jasmine further tells Tanya that she wants only Fateh to be her child’s father. Tanya tells Jasmine that her child will be the first child, who will take birth by choosing his/her father himself. Jasmine says it’s cool. Tanya says it’s very cool. Jasmine tells Tanya that she wants whole’s family’s love and affection for her child. She also tells Tanya that Amrik’s grandmother is yearning to see her great grandson’s face.

Jasmine reveals to Tanya that Virks sent ladoos for her and must send panjiri for her today. She says she wants to enjoy this affection with Virks by living at their house. Tanya tells Jasmine that she will ensure that Virks are left with no option but to get Fateh married to her. Jasmine requests Tanya to make her plan go faster as they have only today’s time left with them. Later, in Gurudwara, Gurpreet recalls Jasmine’s condition to keep Amrik’s child alive. She prays to God to help her by showing her some way. On opening her eyes, Gurpreet sees Tanya and gets happy, taking her to be Tejo.

Tanya asks Gurpreet what she and Virks thought about Jasmine’s condition. She tells Gurpreet that Jasmine is very stubborn and no one can stop her from doing what she pleases. She says it’s only Fateh, who has stopped her till now. Tanya lies to Gurpreet that she saw Jasmine talking to the doctor. She says the doctor has told Jasmine that she can abort the child within two days. Tanya tells Tense Gurpreet that they will have to make a quick decision as 1.5 months of Jasmine’s pregnancy have already gone. Gurpreet requests Tanya to take out some solution, like she always takes out everyone from problems.


Tanya asks Gurpreet to not feel bad with her solution. Gurpreet asks Tanya to tell her the solution. Tanya tells Gurpreet that no one else can be a good father than Fateh for Jasmine’s upcoming child. Tanya’s words shocks Gurpreet. Jasmine asks her grandmother where Tejo is. Grandmother says Tejo must have gone to college. Jasmine thinks that Tanya won’t even wander near college. Sattii asks Jasmine to come for a walk with her. Jasmine rudely tells Satti that she can’t walk and doesn’t even want to. Jasmine thinks how dare Tanya every time leaves home, without telling her.

Gurpreet asks Tanya if she said yes for marriage to Fateh. She happily asks Tanya if she and Fateh will accept Jasmine and Amrik’s child after marrying each other. Tanya tells Gurpreet that she is talking about Jasmine and Fateh’s marriage. Shocked, Gurpreet asks Tanya what she is saying. She reminds Tanya (taking her to be Tejo) that Fateh loves her a lot. Tanya tells Gurpreet that time changes situations and relations. She also tells Gurpreet that after the fire incident, she is not able to accept Fateh as her life partner, even after knowing that he never tried killing her. This shocks Gurpreet badly. Gurpreet tells Tanya that her wound will heal in some time.

Tanya tells Gurpreet that her wounds will take a very long time to heal but Jasmine doesn’t have much time. On the other hand, an irritated Jasmine scolds Dilraj for irritating her more. Through Dilraj Jasmine gets to know that he saw Tejo going to Gurudwara. Jasmine wonders since when Tanya started visiting Gurudwara. In Gurudwara, Tanya tries convincing Gurpreet to get Fateh and Jasmine married to each other. She tells Gurpreet that there is no guarantee that some other groom that they find for Jasmine will give love to Amrik’s child as much Fateh and Virks can give. She says to be tension free and happy, the only solution is to get Jasmine married to Fateh.

Gurpreet tells Tanya that she can’t sacrifice Fateh’s happiness. She also tells Tanya (thinking her to be Tejo) that Fateh already suffered a lot for her and will suffer whole life but won’t marry Jasmine, forgetting her. Gurpreet breaks down in tension. Tanya requests Gurpreet to at least think about Amrik and his upcoming child. Jasmine smirks seeing Tanya doing her evil work. At home, Gurpreet hugs Fateh and tells him that Tejo asked her to get Fateh married to Jasmine to solve all of their problems. This shocks Fateh badly. Gurpreet asks Fateh why Tejo said all this to her. She asks Fateh for what reason, Tejo wants to get separated from him.

Gurpreet asks Fateh why he and Tejo can’t accept and handle Amrik’s child by marrying each other. Fateh thinks how to make Gurpreet understand that he can’t marry Tejo because she is actually Tanya Gill, not their Tejo. In Barnala, Tejo wonders when Fateh will come to take her. At Virk house, Fateh tells Gurpreet that it’s fine if Tejo doesn’t want to be with him, but he won’t marry anyone else. He requests Gurpreet to never talk about his and Jasmine’s marriage ever as it is not possible. Next morning, Fateh grabs Tanya angrily on the ground.

He asks Tanya how dare she suggest her mother get him married to Jasmine. Fateh asks Tanya by what rights, she is doing all this. Tanya tells Fateh that she did what he asked her to, to reduce his mother’s pain. She also tells Fateh that Tejo would have done the same thing. Fateh says Tejo would have done the same thing. He tells Tanya that she can’t ever become Tejo. Tanya tells Fateh that Tejo won’t ever return to his life. She asks Fateh what is his problem, as by marrying Jasmine his family will get Amrik’s child and Jasmine will get security for her child by making him her child’s father. Fateh tells Tanya that he doesn’t love Jasmine.

Tanya reminds Fateh that he used to love Jasmine in the past. She asks Fateh to marry Jasmine for his family’s happiness and also to think about his brother’s widow. Tanya asks Fateh to not be so selfish. Fateh tells Tanya that he won’t ever marry Jasmine. He warns Tanya to not repeat her cheap act/mistake. Tanya angrily asks Fateh what he will do if she again tries to convince his family to get him married to Jasmine. Tanya’s way of challenging and scolding him, makes Fateh recall Tejo. He gets lost in Tejo’s memories. Tanya pushes him and asks him what he will do. She leaves telling Fateh that she will do anything she pleases.

Fateh stops Tanya by grabbing her wrist. Fateh warns Tanya to stop interfering in his life matters. He tells Tanya that he will anyhow make her away from his matters. Tanya asks Fateh, when he will let her go as she already completed the work he and Jasmine assigned to her. She tells Fateh that she also wants to leave now. On the other hand, Jasmine falls off the stairs, while calling Tanya. The Sandhu family gets worried for Jasmine. Jasmine asks Sattii to save her child. The Sandhu family informs Fateh and Tanya that Jasmine fell from the stairs. Worried, Fateh and Tanya run to City Hospital. Jasmine at the hospital requests everyone to save her child.

As the hospital staff leaves, Jasmine asks Tanya to save her child as she can’t lose her love Fateh. She requests Tanya to help as her child is the last means left with her to get Fateh back in her life. Tanya starts understanding that Jasmine doesn’t care about her child and is just using her and her own child to get Fateh. She decides to keep a watch on Jasmine from now onwards. Virk also leaves for the hospital to reach Jasmine on knowing that she fell off the stairs. Fateh walks outside the hospital and wonders why everything bad is happening to her. In Barnala, Tejo wishes clouds for rain. Both Fateh and Tejo enjoy rain. Fateh and Tejo talk about how much both of them like getting wet in rain. Fateh recalls his moments with Tejo, because of the rain. Tejo on the other hand jumps and enjoys the rain. Fateh cries a lot, missing Tejo.

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