Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th June 2022 Written Update Armaan revelation

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th June 2022 Written Update Armaan revelation

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th June 2022 Written Update Armaan revelation Revati follows Prisha to a cafe. She wonders if Prisha came to meet someone. Prisha enters the cafe and asks its manager, the directions of the table booked on her name. She gets shocked seeing that it’s Armaan, who texted to meet her. Prisha starts leaving but Armaan stops her. He tells Prisha to leave after hearing some urgent information that he wants to tell her. Prisha reminds Armaan that he turned out to be worse than her enemy, while she thought of him to be her friend and well-wisher.

She starts leaving but Armaan stops her asking her if she won’t listen to the dying man’s last words. Prisha stops in shock. She turns and Armaan walks to her. He convinces Prisha to listen to his urgent words. At Revati’s store room, her goons collect empty food plates from GPS. GPS thinks that now no one will come to him for at least, next 1 hour. He starts trying to make a call to Prisha. GPS hides the phone hearing some footsteps coming near him. Armaan tells Prisha that he is very apologetic towards her for hurting her with his obsessive love. He says God might have punished him with cancer for doing bad with her. Revati and Prisha both get shocked hearing this.

Armaan tells Prisha that he doesn’t want Anvi to become an orphan after his death. He reveals that he just has a few months of life left. Armaan reminds Prisha that in the past too she lived with him, treating Anvi as her own daughter. He requests Prisha to take care of Anvi after his death as no one can take care of Anvi like her. Armaan requests Prisha to not punish Anvi because of his faults and accept her. He tells Prisha that he won’t even bring his face in front of her till he is alive. Armaan tells Prisha that he can just trust her with Anvi. Prisha asks Armaan about Anvi’s whereabouts. Armaan tells Prisha that Anvi is in the hostel and he didn’t want to bring Anvi before talking to her. He requests Prisha to agree to take care of Anvi, taking it as a dying father’s last wish. Prisha agrees and promises Armaan that she won’t let Anvi get alone after his death and will surely take care of her. Revati clicks Armaan and Prisha’s photographs when Armaan thankfully holds Prisha’s hand. She decides to get Armaan’s details and information. Revati leaves the cafe. Prisha tells Armaan that she is doing all this for Anvi, as she actually treated Anvi like her own daughter. She asks Armaan, when she can meet Anvi.


Armaan thanks Prisha and tells her that he will bring Anvi with him next time. Revati asks her junior to get Armaan’s full information and details. She smirks thinking that she has got one of Prisha’s biggest weaknesses in her hands, which she can use against Prisha. Next morning, Prisha wakes up and thinks of telling Rudra about Armaan’s situation. Ruhi comes and asks Prisha to help her shampoo her hair. Prisha takes Ruhi inside the bathroom. Her back gets hurt/a cramp while picking up the bucket full of water. Rudra enters the room with almond milk for Prisha. He runs to Prisha hearing her painful voice.

Prisha tells Rudra that she got a sudden cramp and can’t even move in pain. Rudra asks Prisha how she suddenly got a cramp. Prisha tells Rudra that it sometimes happens in pregnancy. Rudra picks up Prisha in his arms and makes her lie on the bed. Prisha stops Rudra from calling a doctor. Ruhi asks who will help her take a bath as she is getting late for school. Rudra tells Ruhi that today he will help her take a bath. Ruhi reminds Rudra how badly he made her hair in Rohtak. Prisha smiles hearing this. Rudra tells Ruhi that Prisha is pregnant and hence he will do everything that Prisha does for her.

He asks Ruhi to not worry as Prisha trained him fully and properly. Prisha confirms this to Ruhi. Ruhi tells Rudra that today is his test. She also tells Rudra that if he fails in getting her ready, Prisha will beat him in punishment. Rudra tells Ruhi that he will do everything so perfectly that she and Prisha will give him kisses only. He keeps a hot water bag behind Prisha’s back. Prisha gives a peck to Rudra on his cheek. Ruhi tells Rudra that she will give him a kiss only after he gives her a good bath. Rudra and Ruhi play with water, while bathing. Yeh Hai Chahtein Title song plays in the background. Prisha smiles seeing Rudra making Ruhi ready for school.

Rudra does everything perfectly. Ruhi passes Rudra in his test and gives him a kiss on his cheek. She calls Rudra best. Rudra gets happy and thanks Ruhi. Ruhi gets up from the stool to go to school and falls down. Prish fails to get up and reach Ruhi due to back pain. Ruhi scolds Rudra for tying the laces of both of her shoes with one another. Rudra apologizes to Ruhi. Ruhi asks Rudra to return her kiss as he failed in his test. She tells Rudra that he can’t do any work properly. Prisha enjoys the father-daughter banter. Ruhi leaves saying that she will get her shoes tied from Sharda. Rudra sees Prisha smiling. He tells Prisha that he can never win against his family’s female members and it’s a big tragedy of his life.

Revati interrupts Prisha from telling Rudra about Armaan’s situation. Rudra asks Revati why she is in tension. Revati tells Rudra that the singer who was going to sing in her police department concert, ditched at the last minute. She asks Rudra if he can sing for the police department. Revati tells Rudra that she was feeling reluctant in asking him as her police department concert might not match his standards. Rudra tells Revati that he will be very proud of singing for the police department. He asks Revati when is this concert. Revati tells Rudra that this concert is held tonight only. Rudra agrees to help Revati.

Revati asks Rudra if he doesn’t mind, can he meet backstage and band members in advance. Rudra leaves taking Prisha’s permission. Prisha looks at Revati with suspicion. Revati decides that she won’t let Prisha reveal Armaan’s situation to Rudra. She says she has thought something else (evil) about it. Flashback starts with Revati’s junior giving full-fledged details about Rudra and Prisha’s past with Armaan. Revati smirks knowing that Prisha was living with Armaan without marriage in the past. She decides to use Armaan against Prisha. Flashback ends. Prisha’s suspicion grows on Revati.

On the other hand, Revati’s goons hear a phone ringing in the store room. They rudely question GPS about the phone ring. GPS tells the goons that it might be someone else’s phone ringing outside. Goons leave suspiciously. GPS tries to make a call to Prisha once again. Goons tells Revati that they heard a phone ringing inside the store room. Revati says there is a landline connection inside the store room. She also says that GPS is trying to make a call from that landline by connecting the instrument to it. Goons goes to teach a lesson to GPS for being clever.

In the next episode, Revato will save Prisha from slipping on the floor in front of everyone. Later, Prisha will tell Rudra that Revati has kidnapped GPS and has hidden him somewhere. Rudra will refuse to believe Prisha’s accusations on Revati. He will remind Prisha how many times Revati saved her and their upcoming child. Later, Rudra will get shocked seeing Armaan hugging Prisha in a cafe.

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