Bhagya Lakshmi 9th June 2022 Written Update Rishi madness

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th June 2022 Written Update Rishi madness

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th June 2022 Written Update Rishi madness Lakshmi asks Rishi why did he give her dreams and be so good towards her, if he didn’t want to spend his life with her, but with Malishka. She is disappointed with him. She asks him if he has done wrong. Lakshmi and Rishi share a moment. Lakshmi speaks to Gautam’s mother, who sings her praises. Gautam’s mother tells Lakshmi that the family has been just talking about her, since they came. Dadi asks Rishi and Lakshmi to take Ahana to the Kuldevi temple, without having any food. Malishka tells that even she can go along. Dadi tells that its Kuldevi puja, just a Suhaagan bahu can do this puja, that too with her husband. Lakshmi, Rishi, Malishka and Ahana reach the Kuldevi temple. Lakshmi gets dizzy. Karishma tells that she will show Lakshmi her real place. Lakshmi faints down. Rishi shouts Lakshmi and runs to her rescue, while Malishka watches his madness.

Earlier in the show, Malishka gets the continental food. Dadi tells that the guests loved the Indian food made by Lakshmi. The Oberois are surprised when Gautam’s family fixed the Roka early. Dadi gives her approval. Gautam asks Lakshmi to prepare the same Indian food dishes in the roka. Lakshmi agrees. Rishi looks at her.

Malishka takes the continental food in anger and trashes it. She gets Kiran’s call. She tells that the guests didn’t eat the continental food, but the Indian food, Gujrals are fake NRIs, they are having the Indian food and praised Lakshmi a lot. Lakshmi reaches there and sees Malishka dumping the food. She rebukes Malishka for wasting so much food. She tells that she won’t let Malishka commit this sin in her house. She adds that Rishi is her husband. She doesn’t take Malishka’s anger. Malishka taunts Lakshmi, who keeps her calm and questions the former’s intentions.


Bhagya Lakshmi 9th June 2022 Written Update Rishi madness:

Malishka wanted to insult Lakshmi. She thinks she wished to get praised by the family, but Lakshmi stole the show. She tells that she has got the food just for Ahana’s sake, she wants to keep the family respect in front of the guests. She asks Lakshmi to think anything she wants. She goes in anger. Ahana hugs Lakshmi and tells that she will learn cooking from her. Malishka finds Rishi there. She asks him if he has got time to talk to her. He asks her why is she stressed. She tells that he doesn’t stop Lakshmi from insulting her. She asks him to make their relation legitimate by scolding Lakshmi and showing her place. Rishi asks her what he should do, how should he behave. Ayush finds them quarrelling.

Malishka tells Ayush that Lakshmi was going to get insulted. Ayush asks them not to fight, else Lakshmi will succeed, Lakshmi is claiming a wife’s rights. He asks Malishka to understand that Rishi needs her support, he is doing everything for her sake, he has married Lakshmi for her sake, when they realized that Lakshmi has no solution for the Markesh, then Rishi agreed to divorce Lakshmi. He asks her to just be with Rishi and understand him. He tells that they should hug and make up. Malishka tells that she just wants Rishi to support her in front of Lakshmi. Rishi tells that he is already with her. She messages him sorry and leaves. Ayush tells that its his magic that she apologized to Rishi. Karishma tells Dadi that the roka is decided after two days.

Karishma complains about Lakshmi. Virender and Karishma tell that Neelam got her foot twisted because of Lakshmi, Neelam is taking rest now. Dadi wants to have sweets. She eats the sweets. They say that they don’t want to involve Lakshmi in Ahana’s functions. Dadi tells that she is going to send Ahana with Lakshmi to the Kuldevi temple. Rishi thanks Ayush for convincing Malishka to say sorry. Ayush gives him some tips. He asks him to act pitiable and make the girl feel guilty. He tells that Malishka has sent him the sorry message because of guilt. Rishi asks Ayush why doesn’t he have a girlfriend till now.

Ayush tells that he is smart and doesn’t want any tension. He doesn’t want any guy to reject Ahana, because of Lakshmi’s conspiracies. Lakshmi asks Rishi why didn’t he come for dinner. Rishi scolds her in anger that she was going to spoil Ahana’s alliance. She defends herself. She tells that the guests liked the Indian food dishes. She asks him if Malishka told him anything. They get into an argument. He calls her wrong, that she faked her goodness in front of others. She asks him did he do wrong to show her dreams and then break it. He tells that even his dreams broke. She tells that he can still marry Malishka someday. He asks her to answer the call. She takes the call from Gautam’s mother, who praises her for the amazing food. Lakshmi talks to her with affection. She tells that she will cook the food for her.

She shares the Rajma recipe with her. Gautam’s parents really like Lakshmi, and wonder why is Rishi divorcing her, because of Malishka. They get negative vibes from Malishka. Lakshmi and Rishi’s argument goes on. Dadi tells them that Lakshmi has to accompany Ahana to the temple tomorrow. Virender tells Karishma that Neelam fell asleep. Dadi asks them if they are backbiting about Neelam. Virender jokes on her love for Neelam. She tells that her order will work in the house, they have much work lined up. Lakshmi makes the preparations for the puja. Malishka joins them for the breakfast. Lakshmi asks Malishka to have food if she wants. Dadi asks Rishi to sit in the puja with Lakshmi. Rishi agrees to Dadi. He tells Malishka that its important to go with Ahana. Malishka also wants to go. Dadi tells that just a married woman can conduct this puja.

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