Udaariyaan 9th June 2022 Written Update Tejo gets spotted

Udaariyaan 6th July 2022 Written Update Fateh saves Tejo

Udaariyaan 9th June 2022 Written Update Tejo gets spotted Fateh’s Grandfather tells Virks that maybe all this was written in their fate. Fateh returns home with Jasmine. Everyone except Khushbeer and Mahia smiles seeing Jasmine and Amrik’s child safe with Fateh. Fateh tells his family that Amrik’s child will take birth in Virk house only and address him as his/her father. Khushbeer and Mahi get shocked. Jasmine starts beating the dhol in happiness. Everyone stays silent in irritation. Their shock increases when Fateh reveals that he will marry Jasmine and take Amrik’s upcoming child’s responsibility.

Khushbeer questions Fateh’s decision. Fateh tells his father that he made this decision by thinking a lot. Gurpreet confirms this from Jasmine if Fateh is really ready to marry her. As Jasmine confirms, Gurpreet happily tells Amrik that his elder brother is taking all his responsibilities. Jasmine smirks evilly. Khushbeer wonders how Fateh can even think of marrying someone else, especially Jasmine, forgetting Tejo. Tanya overhears everything secretly and relaxes thinking that Amrik’s child will at least get a father now. She leaves and Tejo’s earring falls on the entrance of Virk house from her dupatta.

Fateh runs to his room and cries, locking his room. Fateh says Tejo is the reason that he is living and loves only Tejo. He says his fate never cared about his wishes and happiness. Fateh says Tejo will understand the reason behind his decision. He wonders how he will make his heart understand the reason behind his decision. Fateh says only Tejo will remain in his heart forever. On the other hand, Ashram caretaker and Tejo’s friends ask Tehi why she is feeling so low today. Tejo tells her friends that today she is feeling like someone has taken her heart out. Tejo’s friends try to cheer up Tejo asking her to get ready as soon as possible as “her Fateh” is coming tomorrow with his wedding procession to marry her and take her with him.


Tejo signs in yes but still remains upset feeling that something wrong is going to happen. At the same time, Khushbeer asks Fateh if he is happy with his decision of marrying Jasmine. Fateh says Tejo is love and life will forever be. He tells Khushbeer that he is marrying Jasmine, only to fulfill Amrik’s responsibilities. Khushbeer asks Fateh, why he is once again sacrificing his own happiness for others. Fateh tells Khushbeer that he is marrying Jasmine for everyone’s happiness. He also tells Khushbeer that Tejo will always be connected to his heart. Fateh hugs Khushbeer tightly and cries profusely and says that he will never forget Tejo. Khushbeer feels helpless and bad for Fateh. Tejo also hugs her friend and cries.

Seeing Tejo’s restlessness, Tejo’s friend wonders if Fateh is waiting for Tejo or not. On the other hand, Jasmine dances on Sandhu house’s terrace in happiness. She thanks God for making her happy, by listening to her wish. Jasmine decides that she will now marry Fateh and then take him to Canada with her forever. She smirks evilly and reveals that she has had only two dreams since beginning, Canada and Fateh. At the same time, Tanya tells Sandhu family that Jasmine has decided that now she won’t ever think about aborting her child. She informs everyone that Fateh has agreed to marry Jasmine. She says it’s good as now Amrik’s child will get a complete family as Jasmine wanted.

Seeing Tejo’s grandmother crying, Tanya hugs her and says that she is happy with this decision of Fateh. Rupy tells Tanya that he knows that she isn’t happy with this decision. He blames himself for making Fateh and Tejo sacrifice their happiness and hugs Tanya. Later, Tejo prepares her wedding outfit and jewelry for herself and keeps them safely. At the same time, Tanya’s mother arrives there and addresses Tejo as Tanya. She asks Tejo where she went, leaving her mother.

Tejo tries to explain to Tanya’s mother that she is Heer, not her daughter Tanya. Tanya’s mother tells Tejo that she is lying and she is her daughter only. Ashram’s caretaker comes and tells Heer that Tanya’s mother keeps on waiting for her daughter, calls every girl her daughter. Tejo asks Tanya’s mother to not worry as soon her Fateh and her Tanya will come to take them. Caretaker takes Tanya’s mother away and leaves.

Later, Jasmine meets Fateh and asks him why he called her. She asks Fateh if he changed his decision to marry her. Fateh tells Jasmine that no one can change his decision. Jasmine smirks evilly and thinks only Tejo can change Fateh’s decision and she is not alive now. She tells Fateh that they should fix marriage date soon as Gurpreet wants her and Amrik’s child to live with her in Virk house as soon as possible. She says even she and her upcoming child needs care of Gurpreet. Fateh agrees to Jasmine’s words. Fateh tells Jasmine that he has decided to reveal Tanya’s identity to his and her family.

This shocks and worries Jasmine. Fateh tells Jasmine that Khushbeer and Rupy aren’t happy with their marriage. He explains to Jasmine that this way they can reduce both families guilt. Knowing that Tanya isn’t in his city/district, he drives off to reveal her identity to Sandhu and Virk family. Jasmine gets worried thinking that this way her plan to marry Fateh and leave to Canada with him forever, will fail. On the other hand, Tejo makes a mess at Ashram as her friends and caretaker didn’t called priest or got her ready as bride to marry Fateh. She tells her friends that Fateh will leave without her, seeing her not ready as his bride.

Tejo starts screaming and calling caretaker. After, reaching home, Fateh tries to reveal Tanya’s identity to them but Jasmine stops him. Jasmine tells both Virk and Sandhu family members that she and Fateh has decided to get married after 7 days. This shocks Fateh. On the other hand, in Barnala, Tanya gives clothes for her mother to Ashram caretaker. There she gets shocked seeing Tejo screaming out Fateh’s name and throwing Ashram stuff here and there. She gets confirmed that this girl is Fateh’s Tejo. Tanya decides to unite Fateh and Tejo. In the next episode, to calm Tejo, Caretaker will make Tejo talk to Fateh on call. Fateh will get shocked hearing Tejo’s voice on call. Both Tejo and Fateh will get restless.


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