Yeh Rishta 9th June 2022 Written Update Abhi lashes out

Yeh Rishta 9th June 2022 Written Update Abhi lashes out

Yeh Rishta 9th June 2022 Written Update Abhi lashes out Mahima scolds Akshara for coming to meet Neil, without telling Birlas. Akshara tells Mahima that she is misunderstanding her as she had immediately left for Goenka house, knowing that Neil is here. Swarna calms Manish, when he feels angry witnessing Mahima’s rude/harsh behavior towards Akshara. She also requests Mahima to calm down. Mahima gets silent but gives an angry glare to Askhara, which worries the latter. Abhimanyu comes and says that Neil doesn’t want to return home with him at present.

He requests Goenkas to take care of Neil and let him stay at their house for some time as he doesn’t want to see his brother wandering on roads/streets. Kairav asks Abhimanyu to not worry as they will take care of Neil. Everyone gets shocked when Abhimanyu and Mahima leave without taking Akshara with them. Akshara gives strength to Goenkas and leaves behind Abhimanyu and Mahima. Manish gets worried for Akshara and the troubling situation, in which she got stuck in. At Birla house, Anand tells Harsh that Mahima informed him that Neil is at Goenka Mansion.

Harsh says thank God Neil didn’t do anything stupid, otherwise Neil’s supporters would have gone further crazier. Anand looks at Harsh angrily. Harsh notices it and changes the topic. He apologizes to Anand and says that right now he is only worried about Birla hospital’s reputation. Harsh says he knows that very wrong happened but he is worried thinking that public and media gossip will ruin their years long reputation, if they will reach the truth. Anand says that there is only one way to save Birlas reputation. Harsh requests Anand to tell him the solution as he is ready to do anything he says.


Abhimanyu, Mahima and Akshara reach outside Birla house. They get shocked to see a lot of media personnel outside their house. Inside Birla house, everyone is seen tense tackling the public’s phone calls, texts and questions. Mahima asks Abhimanyu to reverse the car and get inside through the back gate. Before Abhimanyu could do so, the media personnel sees Abhimanyu and everyone runs to his car. Media personnels start questioning Abhimanyu about Neil’s whereabouts and DNA. Irked Abhimanyu reverses the car and gets inside Birla house from the back gate.

While going inside Abhimanyu saves Akshara from falling down. He immediately leaves Akshara and goes inside the house, ignoring her. Akshara feels hurt but chooses to remain silent. On Manjiri’s questions, Abhimanyu tells Manjiri that Neil will return soon but later. Manji feels bad hearing this. Parth suspects Shefali for giving a tip to the media about Birla’s family issue. Shefali asks Parth to keep little faith in her as she won’t give a tip to the media against her own family. Angry Anand shuts down Parth and Shefali. Abhimanyu says they should reveal the truth to the media as otherwise media personnels won’t leave from outside their house.

On Anand’s insistence, even being reluctant, Harsh apologizes to Manjiri for everything bad he did to her till now. Harsh’s words stuns everyone, except Anand. Manjiri asks Harsh to not apologize. Abhimanyu understands Harsh’s real motives and starts clapping and laughing. Abhimanyu’s behavior and tone stuns everyone. Birlas overhears the media saying that they are almost sure that Neil is Harsh’s son and truth won’t remain hidden for long. Media says they will get Neil and Harsh’s DNA test, if police won’t get it done. They also ask Harsh and Birlas to stop their drama of being innocent, gentry and reputed.

Abhimanyu reveals that Harsh is doing a brilliant act of being apologetic towards Manjiri. He refuses to believe Harsh’s apology. Anand asks Abhimanyu to not ruin the opportunity of saving Birla’s reputation. Abhimanyu asks Anand can’t he see his mother’s condition or expressions after hearing Harsh’s fake apology. He tells Harsh that he can imagine how much he must have ill-treated Manjiri in past years, that today even his sorry felt like acid to Manjiri. Anand asks Abhimanyu, why he is interfering in the matter of husband and wife. Abhimanyu tells Anand that today Harsh will have to answer all questions of Manjiri, which she never had the strength to ask Harsh.

He asks Manjiri to ask Harsh if he is apologizing to her for betraying her, for not ever respecting her, for ill treating her, for always taunting and making her cry. Abhimanyu asks Harsh to tell him what thing he is apologetic about. Akshara asks Abhimanyu to stop, saying that all this is hurting Manjiri. Abhimanyu says that Manjari cannot be hurt as much as Harsh has hurt her till now. He asks Harsh to keep his fake apology to himself. Abhimanyu tells Harsh that he knows that he is not even a bit regretful of his mistakes. Anand requests Abhimanyu to understand that increasing this matter is not meaningful. Abhimanyu tells Anand that pressing and hiding this matter is also not meaningful.

He says if Harsh had been even a bit regretful, he would have apologized to Manjiri initially, instead of blaming her for his mistakes. Harsh tells Abhimanyu that he doesn’t know anything and has never understood him. He says it’s between him and Manjiri. Abhimanyu says today it’s about his mother. Abhimanyu tells Harsh that he knows that he is apologizing to Manjiri, not being really regretful of his mistakes but to save his and Birlas reputation in society and media. He also tells Harsh that he knows his selfish nature well. Abhimanyu further tells Harsh that his reality will for sure, come in front of everyone today. This shocks and worries everyone.

He says he doesn’t care about anyone’s false image, reputation or scoldings. Abhimanyu says he won’t let Neil suffer anymore injustice or bad things. Manjiri stops Abhimanyu. Harsh starts requesting Abhimanyu nti not reveal the truth to the media. He also requests Abhimanyu to at least think about Birla hospital. Abhimanyu tells Harsh that he wishes that he would have ever thought/cared about home and family. Akshara and other Birla family members try to stop Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu walks past them and opens the house door for media personnels. Media personnel start asking various questions.

Abhimanyu reveals that Neil is Harsh’s son. Harsh thinks that everything is finished. Media personnel ask Abhimanyu if Neil is Harsh’s illegitimate son and if Manjiri knew about it. They keep asking cheap questions that hurt Birlas. Abhimanyu refuses to answer any other questions of the media and closes the door. Harsh breaks down. Manjiri gets worried about Harsh. She looks at Akshara with an accusing look. Akshara feels worried. At night, at Goenka house, Manish says they should not leave Neil alone even for a minute. He tells Swarna that he feels that they got Akshara married in the wrong family.

Manish says every time Birlas puts one or other allegations on Akshara. He says Birlas even doesn’t try to know if Akshara really did wrong or not and starts accusing her of doing wrong. Manish also says that he feels that Kairav is right when he gets angry at people like Birlas. Swarna tells Manish that relations are fragile and anger can make the situation worse. He says nothing is more tender/fragile than his daughter Akshara’s heart. Manish says he will burst out at Birlas, if they increase his anger anymore. He asks how Birlas can hide such a big truth from their children. Manish asks Swarna if truth can ever be hidden forever. He says it’s the truth’s nature to come out in front of everyone, one day.

Manish reminds Swarna even the truth they hid for long came out in front of everyone. He says he had a lot of expectations from Abhimanyu, but can’t understand what happened to him now. Swarna says she wishes Abhimanyu keeps supporting Akshara, then everything will get handled. Manish says he hopes the same. At Birla house, in her room, Akshara tries to cheer up and explain herself to Abhimanyu in a romantic way. Angry Abhimanyu ignores Akshara, but the latter keeps on trying.

In the next episode, Akshara will explain to Abhimanyu that sometimes a person fails to see the truth near him/her because of an increased amount of anger in comparison to love. Later, Abhimanyu and Manjiri will find Akshara secretly helping in preparation of the havan, they kept for Neil.


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