Anupama 10th June 2022 Written Update Barkha’s drama

Anupama 10th June 2022 Written Update Barkha's drama

Anupama 10th June 2022 Written Update Barkha’s drama Anuj tells Barkha that it’s not possible that his Anupama will not be available for him, at times of need. He says right now he is going to pick up Anupama from Shah house. Before leaving, he asks Barkha and Ankush to call Anupama and ask her to transfer money to them, if they will need it. Ankush asks Barkha if she saw the results/consequences of her restlessness. Barkha asks Ankush didn’t he see that neither Anuj is so naive nor Anupama is so straightforward. She tells Ankush that they wouldn’t have to return to India, if he would have handled business in the US properly.

Barkha reminds Ankush that they have returned to India, not to beg in the temple, but to get his rights in Kapadia Property and Business. She tells Ankush that she will anyhow get his share of property and business in Kapadia Property and Business. Ankush feels angry as well as confused. At Shah house, Anupama asks Baa about her mother and Mamaji. Baa tells Anupama that her mother is fine now and Mamaji is with her as he wanted to stay with their mother for some more time. Vanraj tells Anupama that it’s strange that Anuj never told her about his family’s existence. He immediately tells Anupama that it’s fine and good as now she has her own family.

Anupama tells Vanraj that the Shah family is also her family. Vanraj tells Anupama that he understands and meant something else. Anupama asks Kinjal to inform her about her next appointment with the doctor, adding that she will accompany her. Vanraj asks Anupama to not worry as they will handle. Anupama signs in okay. Anupama starts telling Baa that she thought of gifting something to Meenu on her birthday, which is arriving soon. Baa interrupts and asks Anupama to not worry thinking about Meenu’s birthday gift as she has already thought of giving silver anklets to Meenu.


Baa and Vanraj’s behavior seems odd to Anupama, Bapuji and Samar. Baa even stops Anupama from making tea. She asks Anupama to sit peacefully as Pakhi is making tea. Anupama asks Baa why she can’t make tea. Baa tells Anupama that people don’t make their guests make tea. This shocks and hurts Anupama. Anupama asks Baa if she is a guest of the Shah family. She also asks Baa to not make her a stranger. Baa asks Anupama when she and Vanraj said that she is a guest. Samar and Bapuji tell Baa and Vanraj that their way of talking/words makes it feel like Anupama is a stranger or guest for them. Paritosh asks Baa and Vanraj to taunt Anupama but not make her feel like a stranger.

Vanraj tells Paritosh that it’s not what he is thinking. He tells Bapuji that at present Anupama is Kapadia family’s daughter-in-law and some difference will be seen. Anupama asks why her being Kapadia’s daughter-in-law changes her relationship with the Shah family. Baa asks Anupama to not increase the matter as they didn’t mean what she is thinking. Before Anupama could say anything further, Anuj arrives at Shah house. Everyone says hi to Anuj. Samar tells Anuj that he should have arrived a little late as Anupama doesn’t come to Shah house daily.

Anuj tells Samar that he can’t explain to him how he and his heart spent the day alone. Anuj makes everyone have sweets. He tells everyone that this sweet is in the happiness of his and Anupama’s new house/home. He invites Shah family to the Griha Pravesh pooja of his and Anupama’s new home. On Anupama’s questioning, Anuj tells her that they are shifting to their new home, the next day only. Kavya congratulates Anuj. Anuj requests the Shah family to be his guest. He also tells Bapuji that he wants to make the Shah family meet his family. Anuj says that by God’s grace, Anupama has two families.

Baa and Vanraj feel upset. Anupama feels a little emotional, while leaving the Shah house, but Anuj takes her with him. Later, Anupama feels emotional and angry recalling how Baa and Vanraj treated her like a guest/stranger. Anuj stops Anupama from hurting herself through her bangles in anger. On Anuj’s questioning, Anupama shares with Anuj that she felt like a stranger/outsider in Shah house. Anuj tells Anupama that he understood what she wanted to explain to him. He tries to calm Anupama by telling her that the situation could be the opposite of what she felt as she went to Shah house after many days. Anuj cheers up Anupama by asking her not to cry as he, his family, Bhavesh, Bhavesh’s son, Kanta and the whole Shah family belong to her.

Ankush gets angry, when Barkha tells him that she called business and the Kapadia empire related people/guests to the next day’s house-warming party. He asks why she did this. Barkha tells Ankush that it’s needed as they have equal rights on Kapadia Sadan as well as Kapadia Business. She angrily says all business related guests should know that they also have rights on Kapadia business and property. Anuj and Anupama feel excited about their new house’s grih pravesh. Barkha tells Ankush that they will first infiltrate Kapadia Sadan and then Kapadia Business before upcoming Grih Pravesh.

Baa and Vanraj feel angry when Pakhi shares with Kinjal that she is feeling apologetic towards Barkha for saying that she might have got botox done. Pakhi thanks Kinjal for giving her a designer bag and dress for tomorrow’s party. She requests Kinjal to give her a classy look and make-up for tomorrow’s party. Vanraj tells Pakhi that she doesn’t need to apply make-up as she is already naturally very pretty. Baa asks Pakhi to get ready for her husband after the wedding, not now. She also asks Kinjal to not pamper Pakhi so much that she gets spoiled. Baa further asks Kinjal, what is the need of giving an expensive bag to house kids. She tells Pakhi that it’s not her age to do all this.

Pakhi reminds Baa that she always tells her that she has become an adult and now saying that she is a kid. Vanraj tells Pakhi that everything is done according to age. Pakhi tells Vanraj that this is her age of applying make-up. She angrily leaves saying that she is not a kid anymore. Baa says Pakhi gets agitated like this only, these days. Kinjal tells Baa that Pakhi is almost 20 and children do apply make-up in their college days. She asks Baa to not worry as she will explain Pakhi. Kinjal leaves to explain Pakhi. Baa tells Vanraj that she understands that he is feeling awkward about going to Anuj and Anupama’s new house, but still they will have to go.

At Kapadia Sadan, Anuj tries to calm a nervous Anupama as she shares her nervousness about various things with Anuj. At Shah house, Vanraj tells Baa that there was a time when Anupama’s maternal home and family had no status match in front of them but today Anupama’s in-laws’s status is very high. He gets angry while saying all this. Vanraj tells Baa that it would be better for them to maintain a good distance with Kapadias. On the other hand, Anuj tells Anupama that he will handle it, if something goes wrong. Later, Anupama finds a gift from Anuj. She gets surprised seeing a big diamond necklace as a gift by Anuj. Anuj tells Anupama that she is the most precious diamond to him.

He makes Anupama smile through his jokes. Anuj tells Anupama that he wants his wife to look the most sparkling in the next day’s party. Anupama thanks Anuj for the gift. Anuj stutters when Anupama asks him about the diamond necklace’s price that he gifted her. Seeing this, Anupama gives her oath to Anuj. Because of the swear, Anuj reveals to Anupama that the diamond necklace that he gifted her costs Rs. 80 Lakhs. Anupama faints in Anuj’s arms hearing the diamond necklace cost. Anuj wakes up Anupama by spraying water on her face. Anupama asks Anuj how she will wear such a costly necklace in her middle class neck.

Hearing this, Anuj immediately puts the necklace in Anupama’s neck and both of them smile seeing themselves hugging in the mirror. Next morning, Anuj tells Anupama that everyone went outside for some of their work. He starts helping Anupama with packing. Anuj and Anupama praise each other’s looks. Anuj reminds Anupama to call the Shah family again and ask them to come to Grih Pravesh pooja. Anupama calls and requests Vanraj to not refuse, coming to Grih Pravesh pooja of her and Anuj’s new home. Even Anuj requests Vanraj to arrive at his and Anupama’s new home’s Grih Pravesh pooja.

Kavya overhears everything and convinces Vanraj to attend Anuj and Anupama’s new home’s Grih Pravesh pooja with the whole family. Vanraj shows branded and expensive cufflinks, which he got gifted in the past, but never wore. He tells Kavya that he has decided to give it to Anuj as a gift. Vanraj hopes everything goes fine at Kapadia’s Grih Pravesh pooja. Anupama prays to God about the same.

In the next episode, Anuj, Anupama and Kapadia’s will reach outside their new home. Media will ask Anuj if he will show his new house to the press/media. Anuj will ask Barkha to stop and wait for the Shah family as this way, they would enter together. Barkha will not listen to Anuj and enter the new home. This will shock Anuj and Anupama. Later, Manager will tell the Shah family that their name is not on the guest list. Vanraj will angrily ask the manager to confirm from Anuj and Anupama. Barkha, unaware of the Shah family, will humiliate Shahs for creating a drama outside. Anupama will come and defend the Shah family, revealing that Shahs are her family.

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