Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update Ranbir proposes Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update Ranbir proposes Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update Ranbir proposes Rhea Prachi shares her sorrow with Shahana. She tells that the anniversary day is the same day when Ranbir left Rhea in the mandap and came to her/Prachi. She tells that Ranbir is going to propose Rhea at sharp 12, just to make it up for his mistakes. Prachi and Shahana go to keep an eye on Rhea. They are shocked to see Ranbir on his knees to propose Rhea. Ranbir sits to rehearse the proposal for Prachi, while Rhea thinks he is going to propose her. She blushes and gives her hand to him, asking him to make her wear the ring.

She tells that maybe its getting tough for him to say, it will get easier for him once he puts the ring. She gives her reply to the proposal beforehand. She tells that her reply is yes, even if he loses courage to say, he can get her positive reply. Ranbir gets puzzled on hearing her. She tells him that she knows that the ring in his pocket is for her. Prachi waits to hear Ranbir’s response to Rhea. She looks on the romance drama, getting hyper. What will be Ranbir’s reaction? Will he see Prachi around and propose Rhea deliberately to make the former jealous? Would he hit his own foot with an axe yet again? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Vikram feels he isn’t a good husband. Ranbir cheers him up. They have a sweet talk. Ranbir tells that Prachi gets jealous and angry also. Vikram tells that it’s a sign of good wives. Ranbir asks what’s the sign of a good husband. Vikram answers that men become fools after marriage, if a woman gets angry on a man’s foolishness, then they are husband and wife. Ranbir tells that he has a truth to share. Rhea thinks the envelope will be having the divorce papers. Aaliya asks Rhea about the legal papers, whose divorce papers is it. Rhea tells that everything is happening in her favor, Ranbir has bought that rented flat for her, it means he wants to give her a chance that she removes Prachi and Ranbir’s memories from that flat, that she fills new memories of Ranbir and her. She gets high hopes.


Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update Ranbir proposes Rhea:

Rhea tells Aaliya that Ranbir wants his new memories with her, she will change everything in that house, he wants her to redesign the house by her choice, he is giving her liberty to wipe out Prachi and his memories. Stanley gets his normal avatar to talk to Pallavi. Aaliya tells that the property papers are for Rhea. Rhea tells that the divorce papers will be for Prachi, Ranbir wants to make her/Rhea happy by gifting the property. She adds that Pallavi gave her the envelope to keep it in the cupboard. Aaliya asks her to check it when nobody is around. Rhea tells that she is sure that it’s a gift for her. Pallavi reaches there. Rhea drops the envelope. Aaliya covers it up and lies to Pallavi.

Stanley keeps an eye on them. He attempts to get the envelope. Aaliya and Rhea go out of the room with Pallavi. Stanley enters the room to get the divorce papers. Prachi reaches Dida to tell her that she is leaving the house. Shahana hears Prachi. She tells that Dida is resting after she got drunk. She asks why is Prachi leaving the house. Prachi tells her that Ranbir is proposing Rhea, he is going to gift the rented flat for Rhea. Shahana tells that its good that he will send away Rhea there. Prachi tells that the house has her memories, he should never gift that house to Rhea, he wants to wipe off their golden memories. She wants to know why is he doing this. She hugs Shahana and cries. She tells that she will leave the house herself, before anyone asks her to leave.

She regrets that Ranbir would be making Rhea wear the ring tonight, he wants to marry Rhea and spend life with him. She doesn’t want to care. She tells that she doesn’t want to face this drama, she doesn’t deserve this torture. She asks Shahana to help her in packing. Other side, Vikram knows that Ranbir’s personal life is messed up, but it will eventually get okay. He asks Ranbir what does he want to say. Ranbir remembers his promise to Prachi. He tells Vikram that he is going to divorce Rhea. He admits the truth. He tells that the baby has come in his life, and explained him what to do, Prachi is pregnant, he wants to stay with Prachi and his child. He confesses that he is going to become a father. He finds Vikram asleep. He tells that Vikram is going to become a grandpa. He goes to talk to Rhea.

Stanley picks the envelope and hides. Aaliya and Rhea return to the room to get the phone. Aaliya sees someone hiding. She sees Stanley and threatens of calling the police. Ranbir introduces Stanley and saves him. He asks Stanley what is he doing, Rhea is very smart, she will not leave him. Stanley tells that he has stolen the papers from Rhea. Ranbir keeps the papers. Stanley tells that Rhea was going to check the papers, but now the papers are safe, the secret is still a secret. Ranbir tells that Rhea has to sign the papers. Stanley tells him that they already decided to spike Rhea’s drink and get her signs.

Ranbir doesn’t like the idea. He wants to beg to Rhea and explain her why he wants the divorce from her, she will not question his decision knowing he is giving her a lot in return, if he tricks her and gets her signs, then she will attempt the suicide. He doesn’t want to upset Prachi, after all Rhea is her sister. He wants to tell the truth and be happy. Aaliya tells the guests that they are enjoying the party a lot. Rhea is happy and waits for the clock to strike 12. Prachi is sure that she has to leave the house alone, she doesn’t want to see Ranbir’s face. She finds Ranbir looking for Rhea.

Ranbir wants to talk to Rhea and end everything, then spend a happy life with Prachi. He doesn’t want Rhea to take any drastic step. he pities himself. Ranbir asks Rhea if they can have a talk, its urgent. Rhea thinks he is eager to propose her. He asks her to come. He holds her hand to take her. Pallavi and Aaliya get glad. Prachi wants to know why did he take Rhea along. She follows Ranbir and Rhea. Rhea asks Ranbir what is he saying. Ranbir calms himself. Prachi and Shahana guess what is he saying. Prachi tells that its his nature to mislead the other person. She wants to rebuke Rhea for expecting someone’s husband to propose her. She burns in jealousy. She hopes that she is wrong.

Ranbir gets on his knees to apologize to Rhea and beg her for divorce. Rhea blushes that he is going to propose her. Ranbir wants to request Rhea to divorce him. He thinks to look apologetic so that she doesn’t get angry. She asks him to just say it. Ranbir tells that he isn’t a bad person, but a helpless person. She tells that she knows he won’t lie. Prachi calls it the limit of hypocrisy. She asks why is Ranbir being so polite. Ranbir tells Rhea that things can be wrong for them when its right for someone else. He confuses her by his dragging talks. Prachi tells that Ranbir means he is right, and she is wrong, they should have not married, it means their marriage was wrong. Rhea asks Ranbir what is he saying.

Ranbir tells that he will explain, they should have not got married. He knows she has suicidal tendencies, so he wants to explain her. Rhea tells that he is spending a life in saying a simple thing. Ranbir tells that its actually complicated. Prachi tells that Ranbir is going to propose Rhea. Rhea tells that she knows what he is going to say, everyone knows it already. He asks who all know about it. Rhea gives her hand and asks him to put the ring on her finger, it will be easy for him to say, her answer is yes.

She tells that she knows he has a ring in his pocket, that’s for her, he has also bought a flat for her. Ranbir asks Rhea who told her. Prachi calls it enough and goes. Ranbir sees Prachi and rushes to stop her. Rhea gets angered that he went after Prachi. Prachi angrily throws the clothes on the bed. He asks her to enjoy the party. Rhea reaches there and smiles on hearing that Prachi is leaving the house. Rhea thinks Ranbir has asked Prachi to leave. She gets mistaken once again.

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