Udaariyaan 18th June 2022 Written Update Jasmin’s plan

Udaariyaan 16th July 2022 Written Update Jasmin's goal

Udaariyaan 18th June 2022 Written Update Jasmin’s plan Fateh calls off his upcoming marriage with Jasmine. Gurpreet asks Fateh what rubbish he is talking about. Fateh tells Gurpreet that he isn’t talking rubbish but telling the truth. He asks how he can marry anyone else when his Tejo has returned. This shocks everyone, especially Jasmine. Nimmo aske Fateh if some joke is going on as only 5 days are left for his and Jasmine’s marriage. She reminds Fateh that even his and Jasmine’s marriage card have been published. Nimmo tells Fateh that already people are making fun of their family and family issues. She asks Fateh if he wants to give more content to society/people to make fun of them.

Jasmine tries to control her anger. Gurpreet tells Fateh that he can’t step back from Amrik’s child’s responsibility. Fateh tells Gurpreet that he is just stepping back from marrying Jasmine, not from his responsibility towards Amrik’s child. Jasmine pretends to be nice and requests Gurpreet to not force Fateh. She says all this can be discussed later on. Jasmine asks everyone to try to understand Fateh’s situation after seeing Tejo’s condition. Jasmine says Fateh has only been handling Tejo since the last 8-10 hours. She says they should do what Fateh pleases. Rupy says Jasmine is right and thus they should postpone Fateh and Jasmine’s marriage for 15-20 days.

He says they will be able to make the right decision, if they will get time to think about the ongoing situation properly and thoroughly. He says he cares about Tejo and Jasmine both. Khushbeer agrees to Rupy’s decision. He says he doesn’t care about the world but no wrong decision should be made this time. Satti asks Fateh to have some rest by going to his own home. Fateh asks what about Tejo. Rupy asks Fateh to not worry, saying that he will take care of Tejo. He tells Fateh that he will call him, if needed. Jasmine feels jealous seeing Fateh’s caring attitude towards Tejo.


At night, Jasmine determines to use Amrik’s child and Gurpreet against Fateh and Tejo’s reunion. At Virk house, Fateh asks his family, how they even thought that he will marry someone else, when his Tejo is alive and has returned. Gurpreet tells Fateh that he can’t run away from his responsibility towards Amrik’s child as otherwise Jasmine can harm Amrik’s child. Fateh says even Tejo is his responsibility and everyone has seen her present condition. Gurpreet reminds Fateh that he made a decision to marry Jasmine in front of Tejo. Fateh tells everyone that it was Tanya, not Tejo, who didn’t show any issues with his and Jasmine’s marriage.

He says while agreeing to marry Jasmine, he didn’t know that Tejo was alive. Fateh says Tejo forgot everyone, even herself but not him. He asks how he can forget Tejo, when Tejo remembers only him. Fateh requests Gurpreet to try feeling that her son’s love, Tejo has returned to his life. He requests everyone to try feeling that their favorite, dear and loveable Tejo has returned. He reminds Khushbeer how confided in him about his unconditional love for Tejo. Fateh says he can’t marry Jasmine and betray Tejo. Khushbeer tells Fateh that he can understand his decision. Even Simran and Mahi seem to be standing in Fateh’s support just like Khushbeer.

Fateh’s grandmother asks Fateh what about his decision of taking Amrik’s child’s responsibility. She screams in tension, saying that Jasmine will harm Amrik’s child, if Fateh won’t marry her. Gurpreet explains to Fateh that mentally unstable Tejo won’t be able to keep him happy. She says now Tejo has become like a little child, who will need motherly care, affection and love. Gurpreet asks Fateh if he will now take care of Tejo like a mother. Fateh screams and declares that he will take care of Tejo like a mother. He says he will cross even this test of love. Fateh’s decision stuns everyone.

At Sandhu house, Rupy goes to meet Jasmine. He tells Jasmine that he can understand her situation and pain. Jasmine tells Rupy that he can’t understand her pain and situation. She says she has got stuck between her fatherless child and mentally unstable sister. Jasmine pretends nice and tells Rupy that she wants to get anything she can by sincerity, not by her old evil ways. She tells Rupy that she is worried about how to ask someone to get her married to Fateh, because the world will think that she is selfish and wants to take her mentally unstable sister’s place.

Jasmine also tells Rupy that she is the happiest person with Tejo’s return but her happiness can’t be seen on her face, because she is also worried about her fatherless child. Jasmine smirks evilly seeing Rupy tensed and in dilemma. At Virk house, Gurpreet remains adamant on words that now Tejo is not worth being Virks daughter-in-law and Fateh’s wife. Gurpreet asks Fateh to think that giving Amrik’s child a father’s name is more important. She tells Fateh that everyone else can handle Tejo. Gurpreet asks Fateh to marry Jasmine and take care of Tejo after marriage as no one will stop him from doing so.

Fateh tells everyone that he is the reason behind Tejo’s present condition. He leaves, saying that he won’t leave Tejo’s support at any cost. This increases Gurpreet and her mother-in-law’s tension for Amrik’s child. At Sandhu house, Rupy asks Jasmine to not worry as he is with her and cares about both her and Tejo. He tells Jasmine that Fateh won’t step back from his responsibilities. Rupy asks Jasmine to just take care of her health as everyone is with her. Jasmine smirks evilly on successfully fooling everyone emotionally. On the other hand, Fateh recalls that Tanya called him to Barnala to make him meet Tejo. He wonders where Tanya vanished suddenly.

Fateh thinks of calling Tanya. Lovely overhears Tanya’s phone ringing in Jasmine’s bag. She goes and returns Jasmine’s bag to her, telling her that her phone is ringing. Jasmine gets scared and immediately snatches her bag from lovely. When Rupy tells Jasmine that her phone is kept on the bed near them, Jasmine lies to Rupy that it’s her friend’s phone ringing in her bag, which she forgot. Satti decides to sleep with Tejo today. Fateh keeps trying to make a call to Tanya. Jasmine disconnects Fateh’s call from Tanya’s phone. She sends a text to Fateh from Tanya’s phone and as usual smirks evilly.

Fateh reads the text from Tanya’s number telling him that she doesn’t want to talk to him now as her work has been completed. Text also reads Tanya telling Fateh that she won’t ever meet him now as he and his family have got the real Tejo. Text further reads, Tanya asking Fateh to give her remaining work amount to Jasmine as she will collect it from her. Fateh finds it strange but believes it that Tanya is saying all this to him. He thinks that Tanya might not be wishing to face Sandhus and Virks after whatever happened. Fateh texts Tanya thanking her for whatever she did for him. He tells Tanya that he understands her discomfort about facing Sadhus and Virks. At last he tells Tanya to contact him, if she will need his help of any kind, in whole life.

Next morning, Tejo wakes up and gets panicked, not seeing Fateh near her. She runs and searches for Fateh in the whole Sandhu house. Satti tries to calm Tejo. Tejo fears that Fateh will leave her alone. Satti asks lovely to call Fateh. Tejo calms down a little. Satti tells Tejo that she has prepared breakfast for her and Fateh as Fateh will arrive soon. On the other hand, Jasmine tries manipulating Gurpreet against Tejo using lies. Nimmo questions Gurpreet what Jasmine told her that made her tense. Gurpreet tells Nimmo that she is just worried, thinking that Fateh has forgotten Amrik’s child and is busy taking care of Tejo.

Nimmo asks Gurpreet to let Fateh take care of Tejo. She tells Gurpreet that soon Fateh will get tired and realize that he won’t be able to take care of Tejo. Nimmo also tells Gurpreet that this way Fateh will come back to her and marry Jasmine according to her wishes. She further tells Gurpreet that this way she will get Amrik’s child and Tejo will return to Sharan Ashram. Nimmo also calls Tejo mad. At Sandhu house, Tejo decides to cook breakfast for Fateh. She enters the kitchen and decides to prepare to cook potato fritters for Fateh. Satti gets worried seeing Tejo cutting potatoes. Everyone at Sandhu house tries to stop Tejo, thinking that she may hurt herself with the knife.

Tejo shows a knife to everyone, asks them to stay away and let her prepare breakfast for her Fateh. Jasmine sees this and plans to use Tejo’s mental illness in her favor. She pretends to be nice and tries to stop Tejo. Tejo gets angrier seeing Jasmine. Tejo shows a knife to Jasmine and asks her to stay away from her. According to her evil plan, Jasmine intentionally goes near Tejo again and again. She pretends to be scared of Tejo. Jasmine decides to prove to everyone that Tejo is dangerous for everyone, especially her and her upcoming child. Fateh arrives at Sandhu house and Tejo runs to him. Tejo hugs Fateh and tells him that everything is troubling her.

She also tells Fateh that no one is letting her prepare fritters for him. Fateh gets a little worried seeing the knife in Tejo’s hand. He calms Tejo. Fateh smartly takes the knife from Tejo’s hand. Satti hides the knife from Tejo. Fateh, Satti and Rupy convince Tejo to have Satti’s prepared breakfast. Fateh tells Tejo that they have a food eating competition. He takes Tejo to her room, to help her in getting ready and freshening up. Jasmine grows envious seeing Fateh and Tejo’s bond. She decides to quickly do something to separate Fateh and Tejo.

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