Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2022 Written Update News for Pranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2022 Written Update News for Pranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2022 Written Update News for Pranbir Stanley informs Ranbir about Prachi’s leaving. Ranbir rushes to meet Prachi at the location sent by Stanley, and convinces her to return home with her. He tells her that he has a big surprise for her, and just wants some patience from her side. Rhea faints down after Ranbir brings her back to the party by sobering her up. He doesn’t tell her that she has signed the divorce papers in her intoxicated state. Rhea doesn’t know that Ranbir wants to divorce her. She stays mistaken that he is going to propose her. She wants to know when will he actually profess love to her. She manages to draw Ranbir’s attention again. Prachi is angered that Ranbir had kissed Rhea.

Ranbir and Prachi see Rhea fallen down and rush to help her. The Kohlis worriedly take Rhea to the hospital. Pallavi and Aaliya get stressed about Rhea. The doctor comes to them after examining Rhea. He tells them that there is nothing to worry, they don’t need to keep upset tensed faced but they need to smile instead. The doctor discloses a good news that Rhea is pregnant. Doctor asks them to smile, because its a good news. This shocks the entire Kohli family. Pallavi and Aaliya are super happy for Rhea, thinking Ranbir is going to settle down with Rhea. Ranbir is moved by this truth. Prachi loses faith on Ranbir once again, recalling that Ranbir had spent a night with Rhea. Ranbir was on cloud nine that he really got rid of Rhea, but falls into a new trap. How will Ranbir prove his innocence this time? Will this shatter Pranbir again? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir feels freed from Rhea. He happily dances. He tells that all the problems will get aside, he has divorced Rhea and now just Prachi is there in his life. He wants to tell Prachi what she means to him. He looks for Prachi. Vikram asks was he finding him. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t need to find his dad. Vikram is happy. He asks Ranbir why is he worried. Pallavi comes. Ranbir tells that he was looking for Prachi. Vikram tells that Prachi went upstairs. Pallavi tells that Ranbir is going to propose Rhea, why is he confused. She wants Vikram to clear the misunderstanding, Ranbir has realized that he loves Rhea. Prachi and Shahana leave the Kohli house. They reach their old house. Stanley follows them. Ranbir reaches Prachi’s room. He is shocked to see her empty cupboard.


Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2022 Written Update News for Pranbir:

Ranbir finds Prachi gone from the house. He gets Stanley’s message. He gets Sarita’s address. He realizes that Prachi has gone with Shahana. He goes and collides with Aaliya. She asks him where is he going hurriedly. He tells that he will tell her in sometime. He leaves. She gets delighted to see Prachi’s empty cupboard, and realizing that Prachi left. Prachi talks of Ranbir, even when she has come away from him. She tells Shahana that she used to find Ranbir irritating, he used to do anything to convince her of his love. She recalls their moments. She tells that she felt life will be beautiful, but everything got messy, she couldn’t stay happy in love, she couldn’t live without him, but his love never existed for real, she wanted such love which had faith and respect, but she didn’t find this in Ranbir’s love.

She asks Shahana if she is doing wrong, she just wanted love, but anything much, she just wanted some faith and respect, she now feels that there was no love at all. She cries. Shahana consoles her. Prachi and Shahana get surprised to see Ranbir at the door. Ranbir asks Prachi to listen to him once, else she will misunderstand him. She asks him not to talk if there is so much risk in talking. He tells that he has come to request her. He asks her to give her some hours of her life without asking him anything, she will get the answers herself. She tells that his words are confusing her. He tells that her confusion will be cleared. He pleads with her to come home with her. She refuses to return home. He struggles and convinces her to come along. Ranbir takes Prachi home with him.

Kohlis get to see the cake Ranbir had ordered for the party. Dida angers Rhea and Aaliya by her taunts. Aaliya tells that she can’t tolerate Dida. Rhea asks her if she can see Ranbir. They see Ranbir bringing Prachi and Shahana home. Prachi gets to see the special cake. Ranbir wants to surprise Prachi. Ranbir sees the clock striking 12. He raises a toast and tells everyone that he has a big surprise, sometimes they surprise the life and sometimes life surprises them. He tells that he was lucky in the college to do anything without worrying for the result, when he grew up, he has understood the consequences. He adds that he has planned a lot for a special person, he is going to tell the person his feelings.

Shahana realizes that he is talking about Prachi, he is going to propose her. Ranbir tells them that they get many chances because of love, love always gives them chances to fix their mistakes. He romantically sees Prachi. Rhea thinks why is he going towards Prachi, is he going to propose Prachi. She turns tensed and excuses herself. Ranbir tells Prachi that he wants to tell her, that he has done everything for… Rhea collapses down when the clock strikes 12. Aaliya runs to her. The entire family checks on Rhea. Prachi suggests that they don’t waste time and take her to the hospital. The Kohlis bring Rhea to the hospital. Aaliya is too worried. Vikram tells that the doctor will attend Rhea.

Aaliya pities Rhea who was too happy and expecting a surprise from Ranbir. Ranbir feels Rhea has fainted down because of the spiked drink. Prachi prays for Rhea’s recovery. She tells Shahana that Rhea is her sister. Dida stops seeing Ranbir and Stanley having a secret talk. Ranbir asks Stanley not to let anyone know about their plan, whatever they planned to surprise Prachi. Stanley tells that he will not say anyone. Ranbir hugs him and thanks that Stanley supported him. He tells that the plan was going well, but Rhea spoiled it, good things take time, he will start afresh tomorrow. Shahana asks Prachi not to worry, Rhea will get fine. She understands that Prachi can never hate Rhea.

Prachi tells Shahana that Ranbir was going to tell her something important, like he knows about her pregnancy and wants to make a new start with her in that rented apartment, where they had their old memories. She tells that he didn’t say this, but she felt everything, looking into his eyes. Prachi tells that she wants to hear it from Ranbir, that she and their baby are his world, he would make everything better for them. She emotionally cries. She is afraid that the truth can be bitter and break her heart. Shahana consoles her. She tells that Rhea fainted at the wrong time, else Ranbir would have told his feelings. Ranbir comes to meet Prachi. He asks her not to worry for Rhea, they got her to the hospital in time. He wants to tell her something, but adds that the place and time aren’t right to talk. He tells her that he was aware of her.

Aaliya interrupts him and asks him to come along, Pallavi is urgently calling him. Pallavi rebukes him for roaming around with Prachi. Dida asks her to stop the drama. Pallavi and Aaliya are upset with Ranbir for his careless attitude. Ranbir tells that Prachi is concerned for Rhea. Doctor comes to them with the good news of Rhea’s pregnancy. The Kohlis are surprised, and congratulate Ranbir. Ranbir is shell shocked. Prachi turns upset and puzzled. She goes away. Aaliya and Pallavi ask Ranbir to go and meet Rhea. Ranbir wonders how is this possible. He recalls the night he had spent with Rhea. He gets a shocker of his life, realizing he can’t divorce Rhea now.

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  1. So this facking show is all bout rhea?
    rhea commit crimes never disclosed or jailed.now she pregnant.when the fack we wil get s facking break from rhea?
    this is shit now.

  2. My opinion is that the writers drag out story line and makes the viewers loose interest. Prachi is pregnant for so long yet her stomach is still flat…also fed up with Rhea and her aunt. Give us a nice family serial. Hate all this class status business.

  3. If they wanted this pregnancy track why did they not have a leap and let Prachi start a new life and they are hiding Prachi,s pregnancy why so Kholi,s will not know that Prachi is pregnant and Ranbir did not reveal as well i cannot understand where this story is going hope they not doing a abhighiya tract again disgusting Zee wake up stop showing these serials showing indians in a bad light writer is disgusting as well


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