Udaariyaan 20th June 2022 Written Update Jasmin’s evil

Udaariyaan 20th June 2022 Written Update Jasmin's evil

Udaariyaan 20th June 2022 Written Update Jasmin’s evil Tejo tells Fateh that she has freshened up. Fateh with love tells Tejo that her teeth are looking very beautiful. Tejo asks Fateh to make her hair. She tells Fateh that in the ashram the caretaker and her friends used to make her hair. Seeing Fateh worried, Satti tells Tejo that she will make her hair. Tejo says only Fateh will make her hair. Fateh signs Satti that he will do what Tejo wants. Jasmine angrily leaves to pick up the call arriving on her phone. Everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

Jasmine talks to Gurpreet. The latter tells Jasmine that she has kept ardaas for her and Fateh. She asks Jasmine to come to Gurudwara with Fateh. Jasmine disconnects the call saying okay. Fateh makes Tejo’s hair but the latter doesn’t like it and complains. “Jaane Kyun” from the film “Dostana” plays in the background. Fateh once again makes Tejo’s hair. This time hair turns out to be fine. Tejo starts jumping and twirling in happiness. Fateh convinces and stops Tejo from twirling continuously. Fateh hides from Tejo and scares her by appearing suddenly. Already worried, Tejo gets scared and scolds Fateh. She asks Fateh to check that her heart is beating faster.

Fateh apologizes to Tejo. He writes his/Sandhu house’s address on a piece of paper and makes a boat out of it. Fateh explains to Tejo to show it to people nearby whenever she will get lost. Tejo says okay. Fateh leaves Tejo playing with a paper boat. He comes downstairs and tells the Sandhu family that they will have to remove/hide all dangerous things from the house, just like they do in case of handling small kids at home. He says Tejo’s mind works just like a kid and thus they will have to handle her like one. Satti asks Fateh why he is spending his precious time on handling Tejo. Fateh says he loves Tejo and Tejo would have done the same for him, if he would have been in her place.


Satti tells Fateh that her heart is bursting seeing Tejo’s condition. Fateh asks Satti to not worry. He tells everyone that he has talked to a doctor for Tejo. Fateh says he has got determined to make Tejo get back to normal and to take proper care of her Jasmine tells Fateh that Gurpreet has called them to Gurudwara. Fateh asks Jasmine to go with Abhiraj and ignores her. This infuriates Jasmine. Fateh also tells everyone that Tejo is scared of fire. Jasmine smirks evilly and decides to use Tejo’s fear of fire (Pyrophobia). She goes to Tejo’s room and scares her using a lighter. Tejo gets scared of fire, recalling her fire accident from the past. Jasmine shuts Tejo’s mouth and threatens her to go downstairs and tell everyone that she doesn’t want to marry Fateh. Tejo agrees and runs downstairs.

Scared Tejo hugs Fateh. Fateh asks Tejo what happened, why she is scared. Tejo says Fateh belongs only to her and will marry her only, no one else. Jasmine comes from behind and asks Tejo to drink water. Tejo pushes away the water glass. She asks Jasmine to stay away. Jasmine asks Tejo why she is doing this with her sister. Tejo starts screaming that sisters are bad….sisters are bad. Jasmine cries fake tears in Satti’s arms. She runs and throws away everything kept in the kitchen. This shocks everyone. Jasmine thinks that she will have to be careful of Tejo and think of another way as Tejo will do exactly the opposite of what she says. Fateh caresses his hand in front of Tejo’s face. Tejo calms down. Fateh asks Tejo if she will come to a special place with him. Tejo says yes with a smile. Satti packs lunch for Fateh and Tejo. Fateh and Tejo sit on the former’s bike.

Fateh ties Tejo and himself on the bike seats with Tejo’s dupatta for Tejo’s safety. After this they start riding on the bike and have fun with each other. “Kyon” song from the film “Barfi” plays in the background. In between the way, Tejo gets down from the bike, seeing goats and calves. She runs behind goats and calves. Fateh also runs behind Tejo. He and Tejo again ride on the bike, which Tejo enjoys a lot. They stop at some farms and take out their slippers. Tejo initially feels reluctant but walks on the farm’s wet mud behind Fateh for Fateh’s happiness. As Tejo makes faces seeing her dirty feet, Fateh picks her up in his arms.

Then he makes Tejo clean her feet from a nearby flowing pipe. Fateh and Tejo enjoy spending time with each other. On the other hand, Jasmine puts up an emotional drama and fools Gurpreet. With few emotional words and lies, she manipulates Gurpreet against Tejo. Initially Gurpreet tells Jasmine that Virks have thought to give some time to Fateh to think and change his decision of calling off his marriage with her (Jasmine). She explains her and Nimmo’s plan to Jasmine. But when Jasmine manipulates Gurpreet more, Gurpreet in her thoughts decides to anyhow make Fateh marry Jasmine to save Amrik’s upcoming/unborn child.

On the other hand, Tejo wins the “Parantha eating competition” against Fateh. She expresses her happiness. Fateh tries to make Tejo remember how they used to sit, connecting each other’s arms and talk a lot in the farm, where they are presently sitting. He tells Tejo that their conversations didn’t end, even when the day used to end. Flashbacks of Fateh and Tejo sitting and having romantic and emotional conversations in the same farm are shown. Tejo finds it amazing.

They make grass dolls and call them Tejo and Fateh. On the other hand, Gurpreet asks Jasmine to not take any wrong step and Fateh will come to her himself soon. Jasmine smirks evilly on successfully manipulating Gurpreet. Fateh and Tejo on the other hand spend a lovely time with each other.

In the next episode, a baba who motivated Fateh earlier will visit Sandhu house. Tejo will show her hand to baba and ask him to tell, when she will get married. Satti and Rupy will ask baba to tell what is written in Tejo’s fate, will she get normal again. Baba will say that not everything happens as we think. Satti will ask Baba if he means to say that Tejo will never get normal again. Baba will tell Fateh or Satti that no one can do anything in front of God’s wish. He will ask everyone to make their heart stronger. Later, Tejo will be seen lost and searching for Fateh, screaming his name. A girl will be seen running and passing from behind Tejo. Tejo will ask who it is. On not getting any reply, Tejo will scream Fateh’s name, expecting help.

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