Hotstar Aashiqana 22nd June 2022 Written Update

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Hotstar Aashiqana 22nd June 2022 Written Update Chikki and Yash get shocked seeing the jammer attached to the drone. Yash tells Chikki that they will have to destroy the jammer before the snipers change their position or enter the house. Chikki picks up stones from a flower pot and starts throwing it towards the drone to destroy the jammer. Yash tells Chikki that she may draw snipers attention towards them this way. As a loud noise of a weapon is heard, it scares Chikki. Yash pulls Chikki towards him and hides. Chikki thinks of a brilliant idea.

She asks Yash to open her suit’s back’s thread. This shocks Yash. Chikki keeps on asking Yash to open her back thread. Yash tells Chikki that he knows that they had some physical proximity, while trying to save each other. He stutters and tries to tell Chikki that they can’t be so close to each other. Chikki asks Yash to shut up. She tells Yash that they have no other way to destroy the drone and jammer. Chikki asks Yash to tell her if he has some other solution to their problem. Seeing Yash confused and silent, Chikki stutters and asks Yash to open her dori (back thread) quietly.


Both Yash and Chikki feel awkward but work on their plan. Yash unties Chikki’s dori and hands it over to her (Chikki). After signing Chikki, Yash quickly runs and slides towards the drone. He takes the position and signs Chikki to come towards him. Chikki runs and Yash picks her up in his arms. He jumps and helps Chikki to reach the drone. Chikki twirls her dori in the air, like a rope. This way, Chikki pushes the drone with her twirling dori’s force. Drone falls down. Both the drone and jammer get destroyed. Yash puts Chikki down. He handles Chikki with care, when she stumbles a little.

Yash and Chikki feel a little relaxed on destroying the jammer and drone. Yash checks his phone and tells Chikki that the network returned. He immediately calls his junior Sachin. Yash tells Sachin that Jaggi Raja’s snipers have taken everyone hostage in his house. He asks Sachin to come to his house in 15 minutes with backup. Sachin replies “Yes Sir” and the call gets disconnected. Yash tells Chikki that his team will reach his house in 15 minutes. He also tells Chikki that snipers focus for now is inside his home. Yash asks Chikki to run away from the terrace stairs quickly.

He rudely asks Chikki to get out of his house. Chikki refuses to leave Yash and his family in danger. Yash tells Chikki that he won’t regret a bit if he would sacrifice his life while protecting his family. He also tells Chikki that he can’t put her life at stake. Yash requests Chikki to leave. Chikki starts leaving. Yash sees Chikki’s back visible and covers her with his jacket. He asks Chikki to escape carefully. Both Yash and Chikki feel something for each other but ignore their feelings. “Oh Sajna” song plays in the background. Chikki successfully escapes from Yash’s house. Chikki fears that something bad may happen before Yash’s police team will reach his house.

She asks God to show her some way to help Yash and his family. At the same time, Chikki sees a police car arriving. She runs in front of it. Police stop their car and ask Chikki if she has gone crazy. Chikki explains her and Yash’s problem to the police. She also explains to them that Yash and his family are in danger. After reached, Yash’s house, Chikki explains to the police about snipers being set all over Yash’s house. She knocks the door and Yash opens it taking some time. Police officers salute Yash. They tell Yash that Chikki told them that his house and family is under attack.

Yash calls Chikki mad. He tells police officers that everything is fine at his home. This shocks Chikki. Chikki reminds Yash that a few minutes ago they fired bullets using a hot pan. She also reminds Yash that he even untied her dori on terrace, destroyed the drone, saved everyone’s lives and gave her his jacket. Yash asks police officers why they came to his house believing Chikki. He tells the police officials that it’s not their mistake as they were just doing their duty. Chikki gets shell shocked, when Yash asks her to get herself treated by a good doctor. He asks Chikki to not waste everyone’s time like this.

Chikki asks Yash if everything is fine at his home, then why is it so dark inside. Yash’s paternal aunt comes and asks Yash to fix the fuse quickly. Chikki asks Yash why everyone is lying. Yash says he isn’t lying and everything is fine. He tells Chikki that she can take a look around the house, if she wants to. Chikki takes a look and sees a blood spot and footprints on Yash’s house’s floor. She observes every clue and understands what is happening inside. Chikki understands that Yash and his family are put at gunpoint. Chikki pretends to have a headache and tells police officials that she forgot to take her mental health pills today.

She apologizes to the police officials for troubling them for no reason. Police officers rudely ask Chikki to take her medicines on time as her imagination troubled them. He apologizes to Yash. Yash tells the police officials that it’s and they can leave now. Chikki stops Yash from closing the door. She thinks that Yash must know sign language being a police officer. Chikki asks Yash to keep everyone occupied till she finds help. Yash feels shocked by Chikki’s signs and closes the door on her face. Chikki requests police officials to give her a lift as she is having a headache.

Yash returns inside his house and feels angry seeing his whole family at gunpoint. He asks the snipers to leave his family as he did exactly what they asked him to. One of the Snipers asks Yash to not move, otherwise he will shoot his family members. Yash asks the snipers to kill him but not harm his family. Yash’s grandmother asks Yash to not say this as she had already lost her one grandson. Sniper screams and asks Yash to sit down. Yash sits on his knees with his head down. His family feels bad seeing Yash bending down to save them. One of the Snipers makes Jaggi Raja talk to Yash.

Jaggi Raja tells Yash that he is missing his son a lot. He also tells Yash that memories are more tormenting than death. Jaggi Raja tells Yash that now he will face the punishment that he is suffering from. He orders his snipers to shoot Yash’s brother in place of Yash. Yash’s family screams hearing this. Yash asks Jaggi Raja and his snipers to kill him but not harm his brother. Sniper tells Yash that he will lose his whole family, if he will move. He also tells Yash that he will lose only his brother, if she sits quietly. Sniper pushes away Yash’s sister-in-law aside.

Yash’s brother breaks down and sits on his knees. Seeing his family helplessly crying, tears fall down from Yash’s eyes. Before the sniper could shoot, a phone starts ringing. A sniper goes to search the ringing phone. Sniper sees a drone coming near him. Suddenly, he gets hit by a stick. This attacker turns out to be Chikki. Drone hits another sniper, shocking everyone. Yash fights the sniper pointing a gun at him. Chikki knocks a sniper unconscious. Another sniper runs away from Yash’s house. Chikki explains to Yash that she reprogrammed the drone using her phone. Yash gives Chikki a little thank you smile.

Yash’s Family runs to Yash’s brother and hugs him. Yash apologizes to his brother for failing to protect him and their family. Both brothers hug each other tightly. Chikki gets teary eyed seeing Yash and his family’s bond. Yash looks at Chikki, like thanking her for saving his family. Yash’s grandmother feels thankful towards God for saving them. Yash’s paternal aunt says God sent Chikki on time to save their family. Yash’s Grandmother gets shocked seeing Yash looking at Chikki with affection.

She asks Yash why Chikki is wearing his jacket. Yash and Chikki get stuck thinking how to explain and answer Yash’s Grandmother. At the same time, a phone rings and diverts everyone’s attention. Yash signs everyone to stay silent. He tries to decrypt where the phone is ringing from. Everyone looks at Yash being confused and worried.

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