Hotstar Aashiqana 24th June 2022 Written Update

Hotstar Aashiqana 24th June 2022 Written Update

Hotstar Aashiqana 24th June 2022 Written Update Jaggi Raja’s sniper keeps Chikki at gunpoint and asks her where Yash and his family members are. Chikki remains silent. After asking Chikki two more times, the sniper gives her a last chance to speak and threatens her. He shoots as Chikki doesn’t speak up. The bullet passes from near Chikki, scaring her badly. Chikki closes her hears recalling her father’s suicide commit. Suddenly, a lot of petrol flows around and under sniper and goons feet. They don’t realize this. Sniper tells Chikki that next time his bullet won’t miss his target.

Sniper asks Chikki why she is risking her life for people, whom she doesn’t even know properly. He keeps asking Chikki about Yash and his family’s location/whereabouts. Yash comes there and asks the sniper and goons to directly question him. Snipers and Goons turn towards Yash’s direction. Yash lights a chair and asks the sniper and goons to let Chikki go. Snipers ask Yash what he will do as he is alone standing against 10 people. Yash asks goons and the sniper to see what is below them. They get shocked and scared seeing petrol under their feet.


Yash tells the goons that usually people’s dead bodies are burnt after their death but they will get burnt alive and then die. He pushes the burning chair a little near the goons and petrol. Goons asks Yash to stop. Yash makes goons lower down their guns. He asks Chikki to come to him. Scared Chikki doesn’t respond to various calls by Yash. Sniper rudely asks Chikki to go, otherwise Yash will kill them. Yash asks goons and the sniper to leave. Goons and the sniper runs away. Yash looks at the scared Chikki with a little confusion in his mind. He goes to Chikki and picks her up in his arms.

Both Yash and Chikki look at each other with unrealized love. A particular area of petrol pump blasts and burns. Yash takes Chikki to his car. Later, while riding in the car, Chikki apologizes to Yash for failing to bring medicines easily. She says she never imagined that she would get badly trapped between the goons. Yash asks Chikki if she is apologizing for showing courage, saving his, his family and Rajkumar’s life. Confused and stunned, Chikki again says sorry. Yash asks Chikki why she is apologizing, when he is praising her. Chikki asks Yash if he is praising her or yelling at her.

She asks Yash if this is the way to praise someone. Chikki explains to Yash that his “sorry” and “praises” sound similar to mother and maternal aunt. She says both are different, yet of the same type. Chikki asks Yash to praise her properly, if he really wants to praise her. Yash starts to praise Chikki, properly. Chikki interrupts and tells Yash that she got very scared from the gunshot. Yash asks Chikki if she can’t hear own praise quietly. Chikki asks Yash to praise now. Yash says leave it and tells Chikki that he doesn’t want to praise her now. He tells Chikki that she deserves to be yelled at.

Chikki says, “what kind of a guy Yash is? Can’t even praise her”. Yash praises Chikki by telling her that she did a good job. Copying Yash’s tone, Chikki thanks Yash. At the farmhouse, Raj checks unconscious Rajkumar’s pulse. He tells everyone that Raj Kumar’s pulse is getting weaker. Suddenly, the Farmhouse’s doorbell rings a lot of times. Yash’s family gets worried, scared and shocked. Raj stops his family from opening the door. He reminds his family that Yash left telling them that he and Chikki will knock, not ring the doorbell on returning.

Yash calls on the farmhouse’s landline. He tells his grandmother on call that he and Chikki will reach the farmhouse in 5 minutes, with medicines. Yash’s scared Grandmother asks him, who is at the house door, if not him. Farmhouse door breaks open with a loud noise. Landline instrument falls down from Yash’s grandmother’s hand. Yash pulls off the car breaks. Worried, Yash keeps asking what happened, but doesn’t receive any response. Chikki also gets worried. Jaggi Raja and his goons enter the farmhouse. He puts Yash’s whole family at gunpoint.

Jaggi Raja picks up the landline instrument and asks Yash to come soon. He also tells Yash that he won’t enjoy killing his brother in his absence. Yash warns Jaggi Raja to not dare touch his family. He threatens Jaggi by telling him that he won’t spare him, if he will harm his family. Jaggi Raja disconnects the call. Chikki tells Yash that her maternal aunt says, “those blessed by the grace of Lord Shiv never have any doubts”. Chikki tells Yash that he does not need to fear anything, when he has Lord Shiva’s blessings with him. Yash tells Chikki that she is right that God won’t let anything happen to his family.

Chikki and Yash together take Lord Shiva’s blessings by touching his idol set up in Yash’s car. Their hands come in contact with each other. Chikki and Yash get awkward but feel a connection. They reach and enter the farmhouse. Jaggi Raja’s goons grab an angry Yash. Jaggi Raja tells Yash that just like he would have many aspirations for his brother’s future and marriage, he too had many aspirations for his son. He also tells Yash that like he snatched his son from him, he will snatch his brother from him to settle their scores. After saying this, Jaggi Raja points a gun at Raj’s head.

Yash asks Jaggi to kill him as he is his real enemy, not Raj. He again tells Jaggi Raja that he didn’t kill his son. Jaggi Raja refuses to believe Yash. Yash’s grandmother cries and requests Jaggi Raja to not kill her grandson. She reveals that their family shattered after losing one of their grandsons in the past. Yash’s grandmother says their family will be devastated by losing another grandson. Seeing his grandmother crying and folding hands in front of Jaggi Raja, Yash asks her not to do so. Yash tells his grandmother that her tears won’t affect an animal like Jaggi Raja.

Jaggi Raja says he will show everyone who is an animal he or Yash. He plays CCTV footage on the laptop and asks everyone to see how Yash brutally killed his son. Jaggi Raja says Yash snatched his only son, for whom he was living. Yash tells Jaggi Raja that he is regretful of his son’s death. He repeats that he didn’t kill Jaggi Raja’s son. Jaggi Raja asks Yash, how can he lie, even after watching the proof. He points the gun at Raj, scaring Yash’s family. Chikki stops Jaggi Raja and tells him that the CCTV footage he showed has been edited from between. She says even a person with limited knowledge about computers would know/understand that there is a loop in this video.

Chikki says a part is missing from the CCTV footage. Jaggi Raja refuses to believe Chikki. Chikki says she isn’t lying and can prove it. She requests Jaggi to give her a chance to prove her words. Jaggi allows Chikki to prove her words. Chikki signs Yash to relax as she will handle it. She takes the laptop and starts applying bandages to it. Yash asks Chikki what she is doing. Chikki tells Yash that she can’t work if any computer doesn’t look identical to hers. She starts retrieving the missing part of CCTV footage. Chikki tells everyone that there is a 2 second loop in this CCTV footage.

She says that she is trying to revive a part, which has been deleted from the CCTV footage video. Jaggi Raja refuses to believe Chikki. Chikki explains that, when someone deletes a video, some of the cruces get left behind. Jaggi Raja angrily tells Chikki that she has just 30 seconds to prove her theory. He points the gun at Raj and threatens to shoot him if Chikki fails. Yash’s family gets worried. Chikki makes the retrieval process quick. Jaggi Raja starts back count from 30. Everyone’s face can be seen filled with fear. Chikki says done at last remaining 1 second.

She plays the missing part, which shows and proves that someone came and killed Jaggi Raja’s son, before Yash and his team’s arrival. Chikki tells Jaggi Raja that some already knew that there were cameras installed in his house. She also tells Jaggi Raja that the real culprit shot his son and left after deleting the footage. Jaggi Raja breaks down and gets numb and silent. Yash’s police team arrives and leaves after arresting Jaggi Raja and his goons. Yash stops his team from shooting Jaggi Raja. He says that life has already punished Jaggi Raja severely.

Yash’s whole family hugs Yash. Chikki gets emotional and teary eyed seeing Yash’s family moment. She wipes her tears and walks outside the farmhouse. Chikki is seen narrating everything she went through and faced to her maternal aunt and Payal. Chikki’s family gets stunned hearing this. Yash comes outside the farmhouse with his family. All of them look at Chikki talking on the phone. Raj’s mother folds her hand and thanks Chikki for saving her son and family. Using her eyes and expressions, Chikki signs Raj’s mother that she accepted her thanks.

Yash comes to Chikki and asks her where she is going alone and wounded. Chikki asks Yash to not worry about her as she is used to it and will manage herself. She takes a step forward and stumbles. Yash saves Chikki from falling down. They feel a connection because of the touch and their proximity. Yasu and Chikki separate from each other, realizing that there are many people in front of them. Later, Yash is seen tending to Chikki’s foot wound. Yash asks Chikki to walk carefully. He also asks Chikki why she doesn’t take care of her. Chikki and Yash stare at each other with love in their eyes. “Oh Sajna” song plays in the background.

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