Kundali Bhagya 29th June 2022 Written Update Reprisal

Kundali Bhagya 29th June 2022 Written Update Reprisal

Kundali Bhagya 29th June 2022 Written Update Reprisal Karan’s truth will be soon coming out. The entire family starts sensing Karan’s presence around them after the pandit told them that Karan is alive. The family gets a fresh lease of life and pray that Karan comes back. Karan visits the house, but doesn’t meet his family. He loves his family a lot. He doesn’t want to hurt them by his vengeance. He tells that he will just take his revenge on Rishabh and Preeta, who were clearly seeing each other and fooled him, who really plotted his murder by keeping him in darkness. He feels its so unfair, he will never forgive Rishabh and Preeta. Karan plans to not disclose his identity. He decides to meet Rishabh Luthra first and snatch the palace deal from him to give him the first strike of his revenge.

Earlier in the show, Preeta finds Rishabh busy on a work call. She tells Rakhi that she wants to complain. She asks Rakhi to scold everyone, who don’t have eating manners. She asks them to sit together and have food. Rakhi asks everyone not to anger Preeta. She scolds them in a cute way. She asks them to come and have breakfast at the dining table. Kavya and Rishabh tell that they finished the breakfast. Preeta tells that she didn’t have food till now. She asks them to have the meals at the dining table.

They agree to listen to her. Rishabh tells that they will go and drop Kavya to the school now. Rakhi blesses Rishabh and Preeta. She wishes that they don’t catch any bad sight. Shrishti feels lucky to get Rakhi. Rakhi tells that she is also lucky to get Preeta and Shrishti, and also Kavya who brought life back to the Luthra mansion. She misses Karan. She feels Kavya is Karan’s copy. Shrishti also misses Karan a lot.


Kundali Bhagya 29th June 2022 Written Update Reprisal:

Kavya asks Rishabh to buy candy floss for her. Rishabh and Preeta take her to the stall and buy some candy floss for her. Preeta leaves Kavya and gets busy in buying some bangles for herself. Kavya sees balloons and runs after the balloon seller. Rishabh and Preeta turn and see her missing. They rush to find Kavya. Kavya falls on the road. She shouts for help. Rishabh and Preeta see Kavya in the middle of the road. Karan is also around at the same time. He hears Kavya’s call from a mile away. He runs for minutes to cover the long distance and reach her. He finally saves her from the speeding truck. Rishabh and Preeta reach there and are relieved that he saved the girl.

Karan lectures them for their carelessness, who don’t deserve their daughter or anything in their lives. He angrily takes Kavya with him in his car. Rishabh and Preeta run after Karan’s car, but he leaves. Karan takes Kavya to the hospital to get her bleeding knee treated. He feels sorry that she is hurt because of her parents. She feels scared. He asks her to hold his hand tightly, he won’t feel fear when the doctors inject her. He asks her name. She says the Kavya Luthra. He remembers that he used to introduce himself as the Karan Luthra always. He asks Kavya her dad’s name. She names Rishabh.

She tells that her dad will give him a bonus for saving her. He tells that he doesn’t work for her dad. She tells that the world works for her dad, he is a big businessman and famous. She doesn’t like the hospital which has the smell of medicines. Preeta shouts to find Kavya. Rishabh promises her that he will find Kavya. He asks her not to panic. They track Karan’s car parked outside the hospital. They rush inside to find Kavya. They enquire about Kavya and run to the doctor’s cabin, where they see Karan. Preeta asks him where is her daughter. Preeta and Rishabh meet Kavya, and ask her if that uncle troubled her. Kavya tells that she isn’t a coward. Karan remembers Preeta’s words. Preeta cries and hugs her daughter.

Preeta lashes out at Karan asking how dare he touch her daughter. Rishabh asks Karan what did he think before doing this. He tells that he shall bear the consequences. Karan tells that even he decided that Rishabh won’t bear the consequences of his deeds. He remembers how Rishabh and Preeta tried to kill him. Kavya introduces her parents to the doctor. Doctor tells that Kavya is fine, because Arjun had got her to the hospital on time, her knee was badly injured, the veins could have got damaged if not treated in time. She asks them if they were at the office. Karan tells that they were in the market.

Preeta tells that he did wrong, she followed his car and reached him. Karan tells that she followed his car but reached 25 mins late, her car was stuck in the parking lot, he saw Kavya hurt and took her to the hospital. He asks Preeta to think of her daughter, if anything happens to Kavya, then what would she do. He lectures her. He advises them to be good parents, be good at something. Rishabh stops him after hearing his long lecture. He calls him a strange man who almost kidnapped his daughter for getting her treated. He tells that he wanted to kill him to punish, but he is thankful that he saved his daughter. Karan tells that he didn’t like them at all, their image is really bad in his eyes. He gives his upright opinion.

Rishabh asks Karan if he has any daughter. Karan says no. Rishabh tells that just a father can leave everything and run to save the daughter. Karan tells that its fate that they met, there would be some reason. He adds that he wants to know the reason for their meeting. He throws tons of attitude and leaves from there, after shutting up Rishabh and Preeta. Kavya asks Preeta to take her home. She asks Rishabh to give bonus to that uncle. Rishabh agrees. He asks Kavya to practice cricket. Preeta asks for the billing. Doctor tells that Arjun has paid the bill already. Rishabh gets Sameer’s call. He thanks Sameer for following up on the auction work. Sameer tells that its his duty. Rishabh tells Preeta that an auction is organized tomorrow.

They take Kavya home, while Karan keeps an eye on them. Shrishti and Sameer have a cute argument. She tells that its Karan’s death anniversary. She is upset that he forgot to tell her about it. He asks her not to create an issue and fight all the time. He apologizes to her and makes a leave. She calls him a big mistake of her life. He comes back to tell the same to her. She keeps yelling at him.

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