Bhagya Lakshmi 30th June 2022 Written Update Lakshmi wins

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th June 2022 Written Update Lakshmi wins

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th June 2022 Written Update Lakshmi wins Neelam tells Gautam’s parents that Lakshmi doesn’t deserve their love and affection, she doesn’t deserve to be Rishi’s wife, she is pregnant with a goon’s child. She insults Lakshmi and shouts no. She leaves from her engagement ceremony. Rano and Shalu come to attend the engagement function. Neelam taunts Rano for being the reason for the bad omens occurring in the house. Rano asks her to mind her tongue. Dadi asks Neelam and Rano not to argue, and just see the situation.

Rano asks them if they called her to insult in front of their guests. Dadi asks them to calm down. Rano tells that she will soon take a revenge for her insult. The judge tells Rishi and Lakshmi that her decision is final, they are getting divorced. She takes the stamp in her hand, while Rishi and Lakshmi stand silently waiting for a miracle. Ahana reaches there to stop the divorce, and reveals her pregnancy truth to Rishi in front of the judge, thus clearing Lakshmi’s name completely.


Earlier in the show, Ahana feels she is doing wrong with them. Gautam apologizes to her. He tells that he couldn’t talk to his parents. He adds that he will really try to talk to his parents. Ahana throws her phone in anger. Gautam tells the family that Ahana is trying to talk to Lakshmi. Neelam asks Ahana to let Lakshmi go. The family takes Ahana for the engagement ceremony. Gautam’s mum asks them to let Ahana talk to Lakshmi if she wants to, there isn’t any issue. Neelam tells them about Rishi and Lakshmi’s divorce, there is a big reason behind the divorce. She doesn’t want to hide it. Karishma grows worried. She thinks Gautam’s family can break the alliance.

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th June 2022 Written Update Lakshmi wins:

Karishma and Virender ask Neelam to talk to the guests later on. Neelam tells that Gautam’s family are their relatives now, its better that they tell the truth to them before they know it from someone else. She tells that Lakshmi isn’t a nice person, she is a characterless woman, when her truth comes out, then they won’t like to see her face, Ahana shouldn’t talk to her, Lakshmi doesn’t deserve Rishi and their family. She tells that she must tell the ugly truth to them. She adds that Lakshmi is Rishi’s wife, but she is pregnant with a goon’s child. Gautam and her parents are shocked. Gautam didn’t know about such an accusation on Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Rishi and Lakshmi think of ordering the food.

He asks Lakshmi to check the menu and tell him what would she like to have. She asks for wada pau with a spicy chutney. He tells that she has acidity, she can’t have the junk food. They start arguing. He tells that she should stay quiet instead arguing. She insists that she will have the food of her choice. Rishi tells that she can do anything she wants. He also gets rigid. Neelam tells Gautam’s family that the goon was their driver before, Rishi fired that driver, but Lakshmi continued her affair with her ex lover. Gautam’s mum asks her what is she saying about Lakshmi’s character.

Neelam tells that Lakshmi is a liar, she has crossed all the limits this time, she was trying to give Rishi’s name to her child. Gautam’s mum tells that Lakshmi won’t get forgiven for this crime. Neelam tells that the judge knows this truth too, finally the divorce will happen, the characterless girl will be out of the house soon, they will never see her face again. Malishka asks Neelam to forget it and focus on Ahana’s engagement. Ahana and Gautam lose their smile, and sit worried, while the families remind them to exchange the rings. Ahana gets scared after hearing the opinion of Gautam’s mum about Lakshmi. She freezes.

Everyone asks Ahana to just forward her hand. Ahana shouts no. She refuses for the engagement and goes away. The family is in shock over her refusal. Rishi and Lakshmi have sweet moments at the Dhaba. Karishma tells that she doesn’t understand why Ahana refused for the engagement. Gautam’s parents ask him if he knows the reason. Karishma tells that Ahana doesn’t react like that ever. Ahana leaves her phone at home, when she goes out. Rano doesn’t like the drama. She feels hungry. She asks Shalu to get the food for her. Neelam sees Rano, Neha and Shalu. She insults them for bringing bad luck to them. Rano tells that Ahana has run away, its not anyone’s fault but their bad values. Karishma warns Rano against saying anything about her daughter. Neelam asks Rano did she come to enjoy the food, when the family is dealing with a problem. Virender and Dadi ask Rano to end the matter.

Rano tells that she is Lakshmi’s family, she is poor, but she does has some respect. She doesn’t want to face an insult. Ayush intervenes. Rano asks Neelam to handle Ahana, and ask her why did she run away. She tells that maybe Ahana likes some other guy. She spreads the nuisance around and hurts their sentiments. She tells that she will soon take revenge for her insult. Gautam and his parents worry. Rano asks Shalu and Neha to walk out with her. She tells that she will not spare Neelam. Moreover, Rishi and Lakshmi meet the judge after the break. The judge regrets that Rishi and Lakshmi aren’t valuing their togetherness and relationship. Lakshmi values Rishi a lot. She thinks of their moments.

She values him like the reason for her life. She really respects their marriage. She wants to be with Rishi to protect him from Markesh. She really loves him. She wants Rishi to understand her love. The judge tells that she can’t give them more time. She asks them if they have to say anything to her before she announces the decision. Lakshmi thinks Ahana’s engagement would have happened till now. Balwinder stops Rano and asks her why did she come to Oberois. She vents her anger on him. He tells that he will become her son in law. She warns him to stay away from Neha.

He tells that he will marry Lakshmi. The judge tells that there is nothing left to say. She adds that they both know the decision already, they will get divorced. She takes the papers to stamp and hand it over to them. Rishi and Lakshmi feel sorrowful to the core that their marriage is breaking. The judge stamps the divorce and signs the papers. She feels Lakshmi can’t do anything wrong, but since she has no proof, nothing can help her. She announces that their relation is over, their marriage is now over. Ahana reaches there and stops the judge from concluding the already granted divorce.

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