Anupama 1st July 2022 Written Update Anupama stunner

Anupama 1st July 2022 Written Update Anupama stunner

Anupama 1st July 2022 Written Update Anupama stunner Anupama says she and Rakhi both have equal rights on Kinjal and her upcoming baby. She lets Rakhi first perform the ritual with Kinjal, Paritosh and their upcoming child. Rakhi performs Kinjal, Paritosh and their upcoming child’s aarti. Through Kinjal’s ears, Rakhi asks her upcoming grandchild to have a class and taste like her. Baa overhears this and asks Rakhi what she told Kinjal’s baby. Rakhi tells Baa that she asked Kinjal’s baby to go on her, not his/her paternal great grandmother. Baa asks Rakhi why she is making their house’s upcoming child like her. Rakhi tells Baa that she is overreacting.

Both Rakhi and Baa indulge into a heated argument. This stuns, worries and irritates everyone. In a loud voice, an irritated Anupama asks Rakhi and Baa to continue arguing and fighting, forgetting the important ritual and ceremony. She sits aside angrily. Anupama asks Rakhi and Baa to continue fighting, if it’s more important to them than Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony. Anuj smiles secretly, seeing Anupama smartly tackling and scolding Baa and Rakhi. Anupama asks Baa and Rakhi to let their upcoming grandchild know that his/her maternal grandmother and paternal great grandmother are champions in fighting verbally and arguing.


Baa and Rakhi feel embarrassed. Rakhi and Baa apologize to everyone. Anupama warns Baa and Rakhi telling them that she won’t spare them if they start arguing again. Anuj asks Baa and Rakhi to be careful. Baa says she will be careful, otherwise Anupama will give her a 5 page lecture. Anupama tells Baa and Rakhi that her 5 page lecture is ready for both of them. Kinjal says her baby wants his/her maternal grandmother and paternal great grandmother to become friends by sorting out their issues quickly. Rakhi and Baa smile and become friends, being helpless. Ankush and Barkha perform the ritual next. Ankush asks the baby to take birth as a happy and healthy baby.

Barkha asks the baby to not give much labor pain to his/her mother (Kinjal) and also not trouble Kinjal. Kinjal gets emotional and thanks Ankush and Barkha. After initial gifts, Barkha gives a jewelry box to Kinjal. Kinjal tells Barkha that it’s very expensive. Barkha says they are Kapadias, not like others who give just fruits and flowers. She indirectly insults the Shah family by indirectly calling them poor and shabby. Rakhi smiles hearing this. Baa feels angry while others get worried about the consequences. Dolly gives Kinjal and Paritosh a long term FD papers that she and Sanjay got made for Kinjal’s baby.

She makes everyone smile by teasing Paritosh. GK also performs the ritual. While giving a gift to Kinjal, GK asks the baby to take birth with values like Anupama. Adhik and Sara start arguing cutely while giving gifts to Kinjal, Paritosh and their upcoming baby. Next Pakhi comes and performs the aarti. She gets emotional while talking to Kinjal’s upcoming baby. Samar teases her. Pakhi asks Kinjal’s baby to be safe and give a lot of happiness to his/her parents. Adhik gets amazed seeing that Pakhi is emotional too. Anupama asks Samar to get ready for performing a special ritual. Pakhi asks why only Samar got the opportunity to perform a special ritual.

Samar teases Pakhi calling her a jealous girl. Everyone laughs, rejoicing the cute argument of brother and sister. Anupama explains that this special ritual is performed by the younger son of the house as he is considered “Ladoo Gopal” of the house. Pakhi asks who she is, if Samar is Ladoo Gopal of the house. Samar teases her by calling her Kans. Pakhi gets a little angry. Mamaji asks if Pakhi is Kans, the who Baa is. Everyone laughs hearing this. Anupama explains various relationships and their importance to everyone. Everyone smiles hearing Anupama’s cute and emotional explanation about the importance and value of relations.

Paritosh requests Anupama to say two lines for him too. Kinjal says that Samar has supported her through thick and thin. She thanks Samar for filling the empty place of a brother in her life. Paritosh thanks Samar for always being with Kinjal like a good brother and brother-in-law. He also thanks Samar for making him realize his responsibilities towards the family, Kinjal and their upcoming child. Samar gets emotional and hugs Anupama. Ankush tells Anuj that he can’t talk emotionally but his feelings are very similar to Paritosh. Anuj hugs Ankush. Samar starts performing the special ritual.

While performing the special ritual, Kinjal and Samar get indulged into an emotional conversation. Rakhi gets emotional and wards off the evil sight from Kinjal, Samar and Paritosh using a bundle of money. Bapuji says now it’s Anuj and Anupama’s turn to perform the ritual. Anuj asks Pakhi to make a video call to Kavya and Vanraj to make them also witness the baby shower ceremony. Rakhi says let Kinjal’s baby also know that he/she is going to take birth in such a complicated family. She says the baby will get the USA feeling in Ahmedabad only. Baa shuts Rakhi by telling her that she has made her own husband disappear. She asks Rakhi to bring her husband to Shah at least once.

As Pakhi says that Vanraj isn’t picking up the call. Bapuji says Vanraj may be busy with work. He tells Baa that they can stop the ritual and should go ahead. Pakhi gets worried seeing her phone memory full. She thinks that she will have to delete pictures to send ceremony videos to Vanraj. Pakhi worries thinking that Vanraj shouldn’t miss any moment from Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony. Anuj says he and Anupama will perform the ritual two times, once from their side and other from Vanraj-Kavya’s side. Samar makes everyone laugh through his joke. Anuj and Anupama perform the ritual firstly from Vanraj and Kavya’s side.

Barkha says here relations are so complicated. Anuj tells Barkha that people fail to fulfill responsibilities of even their simple relations but Shah family fulfills their responsibilities towards even their complicated and tough relations. Mamaji asks Anuj and Anupama to continue performing the ritual. Anuj acts like Vanraj and blesses Kinjal and her upcoming baby. This makes everyone laugh and get emotional as well. Anupama acts like Kavya and blesses Kinjal and her upcoming baby. This makes everyone laugh. Baa thanks Anuj and Anupama on Vanraj’s behalf for handling everything properly. She blesses forever happiness and togetherness to Anuj and Anupama.

Now Anuj and Anupama perform Kinjal, Paritosh and their upcoming baby’s aarti as themselves together. Barkha and Adhik get worried when Anuj tells Kinjal’s baby that his house will always belong to him/her too. Anuj asks Kinjal’s baby to come to his and Anupama’s house for sure, whenever he/she feels like it. He also tells Kinjal’s baby that he will always be his/her best friend, who can do anything for him/her. This makes Barkha more worried. Anupama gets emotional and says that Kinjal is going to get the biggest promotion of her life by becoming a mother. She starts explaining about the importance of a mother in her child’s whole life.

This makes everyone emotional. Anupama thanks Kinjal’s baby for giving Kinjal the biggest happiness by making her, his/her mother. She tells Kinjal’s baby that his/her grandmother loves him/her a lot. Kinjal says the baby loves his/her grandmother equally. Rakhi wipes her tears and says that Anupama makes everyone cry a lot. Baa tells Rakhi that this way they get to know that even she has a heart inside her. Barkha goes outside to attend a call. As Barkha disconnects the call, Rakhi brings juice for Barkha. Inside, Anupama gives juice to Kinjal. She goes inside Kinjal’s room to bring a pillow for Kinjal. Anuj comes there and tells Anupama that he wants to take revenge from her.

Flashback shows Anupama not letting Anuj kiss her in their own room. Flashback ends. Anupama gets nervous seeing Anuj’s excitement. Anuj hugs Anupama. Anupama scolds Anuj for getting romantic in a home, where the whole family is present. Anuj and Anupama get a little romantic. In the next episode, Kinjal will enjoy watching Anuj, Anupama and family dancing on the song, “Didi Tera Devar Deewana”. Rakhi on the other hand will try manipulating/instigating Barkha against Anupama. She will tell Barkha that Anuj is mad behind Anupama. Rakhi will also tell Barkha that Anupama wants each and everything expensive from Anuj. Anupama will overhear this and say that she wants everything. Rakhi and Barkha will be shocked.

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